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Welcome to 1968: 15th March to 25th July

This weeks [w/e 26th July ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-6d has on the front cover,Oxford Cheetahs Ronnie Genz and Bob Kilby

Fine goings at Sheffield. Jackie Biggs, a little upset at being "speared" by Bengt Larrson in heat 5, showed the Swedish lad where he'd made his mistake in good old Australian fashion with as nice a right hook, see picture below! Sheffield boss, Frank Varey, well known for his fisticuffs ability, promptly picked up little Jack by the seat of his leathers and heaved him away; up popped Len Silver, ready to defend Jack, and rushed between Frank Varey and the prostrate Jack. But Frank was on the warpath, and all Len got for his trouble was a punch in the teeth! "Well," said Jack afterwards, “at least the crowd got treated to a little bit of blood!”

Pictured by Wright Wood. From the book '1969 Speedway Star & News Parade' 

Sheffield • • • July 25


CONSIDERING that their star rider, Charlie Monk, was injured after only one ride, Sheffield did well to beat the league leaders by 8 points.
It was in the seventh heat when Monk, who was in front, appeared to get into a wobble, and be was thrown from his machine. He sustained a cut head and concussion.
The Sheffield riders rode in determined and, at times, daring fashion. They deserve congratulations for their brilliant team work. They took the lead at the fourth heat and were never headed despite a number of tactical team changes by their opponents.
The visitors owed a lot to their captain Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson. Between them they scored more than half of their team's points.
After the seventh heat, in which Monk was injured, Sheffield were only 6 points in front, and the outlook did not look too bright.
The home riders, however, responded brilliantly and at the end of the eleventh heat they were 10 points ahead! Hackney won Heat 12 4-2, and the points were shared in the last heat.


(British League)

Sheffield: B. Bales 8, B. Larsson 8, B. Maxted 7, B. Paulson 7, J. Dews 5, A. Haley 5, C. Monk 3.

Hackney: B. Jansson 11, C. Pratt 11, L. McGillivray 5, J. Biggs 4, M. Brown 3, D. Lukehurst 1, G. Everett 0

Ht 1: Monk, Pratt, Brown, Maxted 69.6
Ht 2: Biggs, Jansson, Haley, Dews 72.0
Ht 3: Bales, Larsson, McGillivray, Lukehurst. 70.0
Ht 4: Paulson, Maxted, Brown, Everett 71.4
Ht 5: Jansson, Larsson, Bales, Biggs 71.0
Ht 6: Dews, Haley. Brown, Pratt (nf). 71.4
Ht 7: Jansson. Maxted, McGillivray, Monk (f exc), 71.0
Ht 8: Biggs, Everett, Wells, Peterson 71.8
Ht 9: Pratt, Bales, Larsson, Brown, 71.6
Ht 10: Pratt, Haley, McGillivray, Dews (nf) 71.6
Ht 11: Maxted, Jansson, Paulson, Biggs (nf), 71.8
Ht 12: Pratt, Bales, Lukehurst, Haley 71.8
Ht 13: Larsson, McGillivray, Jansson, Paulson, 72.4

This weeks [w/e 19th July ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-6d has Ivan Mauger kissing his British Championship Trophy at Wimbledon.

Newcastle...July 22


THIS was a convincing win by the Diamonds and gave them ample revenge for their defeat at the home of the Hawks three days earlier. The Newcastle outfit were never in trouble throughout the match and although there was plenty of challenge from individual Hawks, this was soon brushed aside as the Diamonds rode to a comfortable win.
Main upset for the Hackney outfit was the failure of heat leaders Pratt and Janssen to master the track and it was left to "old man" Biggs together with Des Lukehurst and a hard-trying Gary Everett to keep the interest alive. .
The Mauger-Watkin pairing were in sparkling form claiming a 5-1 each time they were out (although Mike left it a bit late in Heat 11), Dave Gifford was again unbeaten by a visiting rider and sacrificed his "max" to see partner Alan Jay home in the ninth. Ole Olsen had three wins and then in his last ride, decided to test the elasticity of the safety fence. It was OK and so was he! A word of condolence for Alf Wells who once again suffered the frustration of having his machine pack up in his first ride.
A grand finale to tile meeting was provided in tile last race of the night when in the Scratch Race final, Olsen just made the gate on Mauger and then it was four laps flat out and try as he might, Ivan just could not get past the flying Dane who took the flag by a machine's length, and equalling Mauger's track record of 71.0



(British League)

Newcastle: I. Mauger 12, D. Gifford 11, O. Olsen 9, M. Watkin 8, A. Jay 4, A. Wells 1, G. Peterson 1.

Hackney: J. Biggs 8, D. Lukehurst 6, G. Everett 6, C. Pratt 5, B. Janssen 5, L. McGillivray 1, M. Brown 1.

Ht 1: Mauger, Watkin, Brown, Pratt, 73.2.
Ht 2: Olsen, Biggs, Jansson, Wells (ef), 73.1.
Ht 3: Gifford, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Jay, 73.3.
Ht 4: Everett, Watkin, Peterson, Brown, 75.5.
Ht 5: Gilford, Biggs, Jansson, Jay, 73.4.
Ht 6: Olsen, Pratt, Brown, Peterson. 72.3.
Ht 7: Mauger, Watkin, Lukehurst, McGillivray, 73.2.
Ht 8: Biggs, Everett, Wells, Peterson, 75.0.
Ht 9: Jay, Gifford, Pratt, Everett, 74.2.
Ht 10: Olsen, Lukehurst, Biggs, Wells 74.1.
Ht 11: Mauger, Watkin, Jansson, Brown, 73.2.
Ht 12: Gifford, Pratt, Lukehurst, Olsen (f), 74.1.
Ht 13: Mauger, Jansson, Jay, Everett, 74.2.

Maximum man Ivan Mauger and paid maximum man Dave Gifford discuss tactics. Picture from  http://www.newcastlespeedwayhistory.co.uk/

Hackney ••. July 19


CAREFUL substitution by Newcastle, involving Messrs’ Mauger and Olsen, brought this pair maximum points in Heats 9 and 11, reducing the deficit to just 2 with two races remaining. But with Bengt Jansson gating like an express train in Heat 12 and Colin Pratt doing a fine captain's job one race later, the Hawks scraped home.
Mind you, Alan Jay's exclusion for tape-breaking in that vital twelfth heat didn't help the visitors.
Olsen was a grand helper for Mauger while the all-action pairing of Lukehurst and Les McGillivray provided plenty of excitement.
Jansson gained a maximum and the way he sailed past British Champion Mauger in the sixth heat was tremendous.
Diamonds reserve Alan Paynter was taken to hospital suffering from a dislocated finger after he had been unable to avoid falling partner Mike Watkin in Heat 4.

(British League)
Hackney: B. Jansson 12, M. Brown 7, C. Pratt 6, J. Biggs 5, D. Lukehurst 5, L. McGillivray 5, A. Jackson 2.
Newcastle: I. Mauger 13, O. Olsen 11, D. Gilford 4, A. Wells 3, M. Watkin 3, A. Jay 2, A Paynter
Ht 1: Mauger, Watkin, Brown. Pratt (ef), 67.0
Ht 2: Jansson, Olsen, Biggs, Wells. (ef) 68.0
Ht 3: (re-run) McGillivray, Gilford, Lukehurst (f, rem) Jay (exe), 69.6
Ht 4: (re-run) Brown, Jackson, Wells, Watkin (f. exe) 68.8
Ht 5: Olsen, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Wells 68.4
Ht 6: Jansson. Mauger, Biggs. Watkin, 68.2
Ht 7: Brown, Pratt, Gifford, Jay. 69.0
Ht 8: Biggs, Wells, Watkin, Jackson. 69.0
Ht 9: Mauger, Olsen Lukehurst. McGillivray, 68.0
Ht 10: Jansson, Jay. Gifford, Biggs. 68.2.
Ht 11: Mauger, Olsen, Pratt, Brown 68.0.
Ht 12: Jansson, Mauger, McGillivray. Jay (exe), 67.8.
Ht 13: Pratt, Olsen, Lukehurst, Gifford, 67.6.

Len Silver Talking

Disappointment, that's what I felt after watching last Friday's slaughter of the Pole's. After seeing them perform tremendous deeds here at the Wick two years ago, followed by their fantastic win over the home side at West Ham in 1967 in which Colin Pratt saved the face of England, I must say that I expected a rip-snorted of a match with the result in the balance right to the very end.
Many people, including newspaper reporters, other promoters and countless fans, have asked my opinion on the debacle. "Why," they have asked "did the Poles not live up to their expectations?" The answer I have found very difficult to give. One possible reason is the fact that the British boys came to Hackney far more determined than ever before and really rode above and beyond their normal capabilities. This happened once before when Wimbledon found the Hawks in absolutely devasting form and went back to Plough home with their tails twixt their legs, much to everyone's surprise. Some of you may remember that? Well, the G.B. v. Poland Match MAY have been the same. Certainly the way that many of the British riders, most notably Terry Betts and Martin Ashby howled full throttle into the corners lends credibility to this.
Well, the match is just history now and we must not look back, only forward to the great things to come. The return to the League battle and how it's hotting up!
West Ham have now piped us for top spot, but only on race average our League points are identical at 30 each. I've often thought that race averages should not count in the League table because of the tremendous home advantage of some tracks that make big home wins more easily achieved. This disadvantage to teams with fair and easy tracks is obvious. Suppose, for example, Exeter were level in League points with say Leicester. It's easy to see that Exeter would take the honours on race averages. But would that be fair? I think not, and l'm going to -bring this point up at next winter's Promoters' conference and have a' full discussion on it.
Ivan Mauger used last week's international match as a "practice" for tonight, but I hope he didn't find all the wrinkles of the track, although judging by past performances here, he already knows them! With Newcastle well in the running for the League title, they having earned a similar number of away points as ourselves and West Ham, tonight’s match is liable to be critical to both teams. If the Diamonds can pull it off they put themselves in a very commanding position indeed- so our MAGNIFICENTSEVEN MUST pull out all the stops.
Many people have asked why Hackney were not allowed a "guest" rider when the team went to Newport with captain Colin absent due to his racing here in the British team. Well, there were two reasons. Firstly the S.R.A. have insisted that "guest" riders are OUT in all circumstances excepting where two or more heat leaders are absent. This seems a little unfair when absence is caused by international meetings and I think personally that the general public would welcome the use of "guests" in these circumstances. The second reason in the case was the fact that Newport were without THEIR third heat leader, Cyril Francis, which balanced things up a little. We've never ridden Newport particularly well and in the circumstances I think the score of 46-32 quite creditable.
You will remember when the Monarchs of Coatbridge the exiled Edinburgh team came-a-visiting here earlier this year; we only just scraped home by the skin of our teeth. Now Ian Hoskins was very cocky about this and wrote to me saying that the Scottish lads could have knocked spots off us if they'd have been up to full strength. Now 1 couldn't take that lying down and so, just to show "cocky" Ian Hoskins a thing or two I've invited them here for a return match next week. It will be for the London Scottish Cup put up especially for this match by our supporters club who reckons that the Monarchs match was the best thing this year. So, folks it's revenge night next Friday and I'll see you ALL then when once more we'll

Make it a date-Friday at Eight.


The secret is out, Don Smith, friend of Hackney, ex-rider and a Trials champion, has designed a completely new and revolutionary machine. BOTH frame and engine are new, the engine is a two-stroke, never before used in Speedway, and the frame is to a novel, bolt-up, design which will simplify replacement parts if a rider bends or twists one. The frame is definitely a success and Bengt tried one out in a secret practice here two weeks ago. The engine, however, still needs some experimenting to give it more horse power. Don is confident that he will achieve this within a few weeks and predicts a cost-cutting to riders of at least 50% on present day maintenance rates.
What a joke last Thursday when our promoter was informed that he had to meet the Polish speedsters at Dartford Tunnel at 4 p.m., they having crossed the Dover ferry at about 3 p.m. When by 6.30 they had not appeared, Len frantically phoned the Kent police who promptly put out an "all cars" call to search for the East Europeans. But they had vanished, not a sign of them in Kent at all!
Then the Metropolitan Police were brought into the picture, but STILL no luck. By now it was 7.30 p.m. and Len was a very worried man-had they been abducted? He had visions of an international incident. But when Len phoned his wife to tell her where he was she told him that the Poles were at Hackney Stadium! On Len's arrival here he found them all large as life in the stadium restaurant watching the Greyhound meeting and eating steak and chips!
Sidecar Racing at Rayleigh Weir Stadium last Saturday nearly caused a super rumpus. One of them careered across the centre green almost mowing down Promoter Len and one of the track staff-the crowd loved it but Len looked visibly paler after the incident!

The Peter Douglas Page

Boy, what a struggle I've had this week in my efforts to get meetings televised by either the BBC or the ITA. I thought I had struck oil when Ken Hawkes who edits "Sportsweek" for ATV told me he would definitely film the G.B. v. Poland match, only to find he thought it was on a Thursday! A Friday evening transmission does not fit in with his schedules, as the programme is shown in London at 7.30pm but the rest of the country after 10.00 p.m. So you're caught both ways-you can’t have a preview, as viewers would know the results by the time the 10.00 p.m. showing went on the air and our 8.00 p.m. start is too late for a live broadcast for the London screening. This is television planning gone mad, and I know the situation has been a source of annoyance to Ken since the arrangement started in January this year. 
My next call was to Alan Hart of BBC "Sportsview" and with a bit of luck we might have got three or four minutes on the following Tuesday's programme! Pressure of space is the plea here, with that entire exciting cricket to screen.
Whilst on the subject of television, I must report that we are still negotiating with London Weekend Television for coverage of Superama on 2nd August. I thought at first the problem was one of lighting and Len Silver promptly suggested we erect special lights. Now it seems there are a couple of "major sporting events" (unspecified) that might take precedence over us that week. More cricket? The mind boggles.
I mention all this not as an example of sour grapes, though one tends to get slightly bitter at so many attempts to get speedway on television and to make you aware of just some of the problems-technical difficulties, timing, lighting, competing events, programme schedules etc. It's a hard life.
At our weekly business meeting the other day, Len and I were talking over the problem of putting speedway across to the unconverted and we came to the conclusion that the public seem to place us somewhere midway between entertainment (like wrestling) and sport. We get into the sports pages, which wrestling doesn’t, but then there IS the case, often plugged in the speedway publications, for putting our own house in order.
But there again, whilst last week at Hackney a World League event attracted moderate attention, sidecars introduced at Rayleigh as a programme-filler got very wide press and the biggest gate of the season. You can't win!
Our own Gary Everett, booked in at Rayleigh tomorrow in the Eastern Counties Championship, seen casting a professional eye over the track last week, with him skipper Colin Pratt, but I can state definitely there are no plans for featuring Colin at Rayleigh just yet! Whatever became of Johnnie Owen? My thanks to Peter Oakes and Paul Parrish of 'Speedway Star' for invaluable help digging out information on the Polish riders last week, when official sources seemed to have dried up. Also to Paul again for loan of blocks which will soon be
Brightening up our programme...
I hope my fans duly noted my spectacular arrival in the Mayor's limousine last Friday-but photographer Alf Weedon was looking the other way!

It is with deepest regret that I have to announce the death of John Holt an ultra-keen Hackney fan, who followed the 'Hawks fortunes not only at home but 'far afield as well. As you may have read in a recent programmes John underwent a kidney transplant operation some weeks ago, but unfortunately passed away on July 6th. His sense of fun will be greatly missed by all who had the, pleasure of knowing him and to his family we express our deepest sympathy in there bereavement.

Good Evening Supporters,

I have had a letter from a staunch Hawks supporter who is in need of a few programmes to complete his personal collection. If you should have any of the following programmes that you don't require

Meeting No. 12 v. Long Eaton, June 25th, 1965,

             No. 13 v. Wimbledon, July 2nd, 1965,

             No. 19 v. Wimbledon, August 12th, 1966

             No. 20 v. West Ham, August 19th, 1966.

Please contact Mr T. Hirst at 77 Tyndall Road, Leyton, London, E.10

With the new Soccer season approaching, our own supporter’s club football team are swinging into action.  As some of you may know, the team operated very successfully last season to a series of challenge fixtures both locally and away from home. This season the football Secretary Mr Stan Jones has been able to book pitches for all our home matches, and this should mean a passport into one of the local leagues. If our application is accepted (we will let you know in this column just as soon as possible) then we shall be in need of extra players. Any budding footballers who would like a trial are invited to write to Stan Jones at 10 Hassett Road, London, E.9. Your support at these matches IS greatly appreciated, as a few cheers for the lads can work wonders. Watch this column in the near future for fixtures. 
Our charming Radio Goldhawk Miss Joy Edwards would like to receive more record requests from supporters. If you would like a record played on your behalf, just send it to Joyce c/o the Stadium, or alternatively, hand your request to one of our staff in. the kiosks or our sellers as they come around the stadium.
As you know our next away trip is to Coatbridge on SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd. If you would like to come along with us a small deposit will secure your seat.
The following THURSDAY, AUGUST 8th we propose
running a coach to Oxford if support is forthcoming. If you are interested please see one of the committee members in the kiosks as quickly as possible, so that we can ascertain whether a coach is required.
Tickets for our Summer Dance at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road (Near Stratford Broadway) on SATURDAY, JULY 27th, are on sale as usual this evening at 6/- each. Dancing from 7.30 to 11.30 p.m. is to the music of the Aces. 
I hope you have booked to travel on the coaches for our supporters club outing to Margate on SUNDAY, AUGUST 3rd. This is for club members only and the fare is 15/-. If you would like to come along but are not yet a club member enrol this evening for Just 1/-.
Draw tickets in aid of the riders equipment fund, are on sale as usual at 6d.each, three for 1/- or the bargain price of seven for 2/-. Help the boys mechanically; by digging out that loose change. Who knows? You may be lucky and win one of our very attractive prizes.

Last week's lucky winners were as follows:-
1st   prize-6386 S. Churchman, New North Rd, Islington.
2nd  prize-6228 Mrs.I. Smith Coopersdale Rd E 9
3rd   prize-5243 D. Johnston, Alfreds Gdns, Barking



This weeks [w/e 12th July ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-6d has a rather international flavor again. Phil Bishop chats with Russian Igor Plechanov with newcomer Boris Tsekhanovitch lookin

Newport ... July 12

CYRIL FRANCIS missed this match because of injury, With Norman Strachan pit bound as well, Hackney agreed to use Gary Everett in place of Colin Pratt and sportingly gave up their right to invoke the rider replacement rule. After a minute's silence, in is memory of Eddie Glennon, racing got under way on a heavy track, with rain clouds passing threateningly overhead. Torbjorn Harrysson and Bobby Hughes continued to develop their recently-formed partnership and Toby's team-riding was a JOY to watch. This pairing is the Wasps' strongest and their Heat 11 dead heat for first place illustrates just how well they work together.
Jon Erskine went like a thunderbolt to win his first three races and Jimmy Gooch was beaten only by Bengt Jansson Alby Golden was beset by engine problems, but went well in his two trouble-free rides.
Young Terry Shearer was unfortunate to pack up in second place in Heat 5. He borrowed Toby Harrysson's bike later on Dai Evans was given the reserve berth and rarely have I seen man try so bard without scoring a point. He's bound to find high scoring boots before long, and when he does, he'll make a lot of people sit up and take notice
The undisputed star of the Hackney Side was Bengt Jansson. who started slowly, but clicked into top gear after a pointless second ride. Jack Biggs and Les McGillivray impressed and Des Lukehurst looked a vastly improved rider.


(British League)

Newport: T. Harrysson 11.5, J Gooch 11 J. Erskine 10, B. Hughes 8.5, T. Shearer 1, D. Evans O.

Hackney: B. Jansson 9, J Biggs 6, L. McGillivray 6 D Lukehurst 5, M. Brown 3, A Jackson 2, G. Everett 1.

Ht 1 Harrysson, Hughes, Brown, Everett, 71.4.
Ht 2: Gooch, Biggs, McGillivray, Golden (et), 69.0.
Ht 3: Erskine, Jansson, Lukehurst, Shearer. 70.0.
Ht 4: Hughes, Brown, Jackson, Evans. 71.3.
Ht 5: Erskine. McGiIlivray, Biggs. Shearer (ef) 71.0.
Ht 6: Gooch. Golden. Everett, Brown, 70.3.
Ht 7: Harrysson. Lukehurst, Hughes. Jansson, 69.7.
Ht 8: Biggs, Golden. Jackson, Evens, 72.0.
Ht 9: Erskine. Jansson. Shearer, Brown, 71.2.
Ht 10; Jansson, Gooch. Lukehurst, Golden, 69.3.
Ht 11: Harrysson and Hughes (dead heat). McGillivray, Jackson, Biggs (exc), 71.9.
Ht.12: Gooch, Jansson, Erskine Biggs, 70.9.
Ht 13: Harrysson, McGillivray, Lukehurst, Shearer. 71.9.


WORLD LEAGUE Hackney, July 12


For the thousands who packed into Hackney remembering how brilliantly the Poles rode in East London last year, this World League match was the disappointment of the year. Hopelessly under-geared, the Poles were annihilated by as ruthless a British performance as I can recall.
Praise Britain for not easing up as we did against the Russians, for the Poles didn't attempt to spare our feelings when we rode there two years ago. The match was virtually over as a contest for World League points after only three heats, but Britain just surged on, and when Antoni Woryna ultimately won a race for Poland in Heat 12; there was not the slightest suspicion that the British boys liked having to give second best.
The encouraging aspect from the British angle was that Poland were ripped apart by a young British team where not one rider was over the age of 30!
Terry Betts, in quite his most impressive international performance, scored a full maximum.
Martin Ashby and Colin Pratt, who won the World League Plaque in the second half, were both unbeaten by the opposition. Oddly enough, Betts was at panic stations before the meeting, when his bike refused to fire for a full half-hour. A new mag cured the ailment and how Betts flew.
And Nigel Boocock and Norman Hunter, both still feeling the strains of injury, were paid for 11 and 9 points respectively, while Ivan Mauger, replacement for injured Barry Briggs, was paid for 10. Britain won 9 of the 13 heats by maximum points, Waloszek (twice) and Woryna (once) scored second places, and Woryna's win in Heat 12 forced the only shared race points of the night.
Woryna and Waloszek apart, the Poles didn't look likely to score more than third-place points. One couldn't help but doubt the wisdom of leaving the experienced Andrzei Wyglenda and Andrzei Pogorzelski back in Poland for so important a fixture.
The only other chink of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy night for Poland was Edward Jancarz. Only 1 point from four rides. Konstanty Pociejkowicz took no further part in the meeting after taking a nasty fall in his first ride.


(World League)

Great Britain: T. Betts 12, M. Ashby 11, C. Pratt 11, 1. Mauger 8, N Boocock 8, N. Hunter 7, R Wilson 3.

Poland: A. Woryna 7, P. Waloszek 7, S. Tkocz 3, E. Jancarz 1. K. Pociejkowicz 0, J. Trzeszkowski 0, Z. Podlecki O.

Ht 1: Ashby, Woryna, Mauger, Jancarz, 66.6.
Ht 2 (re-run): Pratt, Boocock, Waloszek, Pociejkowicz (f, exc), 68.2.
Ht 3: Betts, Hunter, Tkocz, Trzeszkowski, 67.6.
Ht 4: Ashby, Wilson, Jancarz, Podlecki, 67.4.
Ht 5: Betts, Waloszek, Hunter, Woryna. 67.0.
Ht 6: Boocock, Pratt, Woryna, Jancarz, 68.5.
Ht 7: Ashby, Mauger, Tkocz, Trzeszkowski (f), 67.5.
Ht 8: Pratt, Waloszek, Wilson, Podlecki, 67.5.
Ht 9: Betts, Hunter, Woryna, Jancarz, 67.6.
Ht 10: Pratt. Boocock, Tkocz, Trzeszkowski, 69.8.
Ht 11: Mauger, Ashby, Waloszek, Podlecki, 68.0.
Ht 12: Woryna, Hunter, Waloszek, Podlecki 68.2.
Ht 13: Betts, Mauger, Waloszek, Trzeszkowski(ef) 67.8


Wladyslaw Mazurek. the man behind the extremely successful Stal Gorzow side has been chosen as team manager of the Polish side. Mr. Mazurek has now built up the Gorzow team into a side capable of challenging the might of ROW Rybnik.
Following the spate of injuries that hit their tour last year the Poles are taking no chance and Kazimierz Pol from Czestochowa is coming on the trip as medical officer. We hope that Mr. Pol is the least busy of our Polish visitors. Mechanic is the vastly experienced Jozef Olejniczk from Leszno.
Also coming on the trip is secretary of the Polish Motor Federation. Mr. Zbigniew Puzio.
We trust that these gentlemen will have an enjoyable stay in Britain and take back with them many happy memories of their visits to British League tracks.





Whether it be for World League points or just simply for the honour of your country in an international series there is nothing to stimulate interest in sport as rivalry between nations.
Speedway is leading the way this year. The effort to arrange international visits from Sweden, the Soviet Union and now Poland has gone virtually unnoticed in many sporting circles and the initiative of speedway administrators abroad and in this country in formulating plans for the World League has not received the universal credit it has deserved.
The visit of our old friends from Poland will give us a chance to have a first hand look at the five riders who have qualified for the European Final in Wroclaw and will give our riders a chance to sum up the opposition for this important meeting.
We are also likely to see Poland back here in September when they will be out to regain the World Team Cup which they 'won in both 1965 and 1966.Whatever the outcome of the matches British speedway fans will be the winners for the Poles have always proved to be hard and fearless adversaries who learn the ins and outs of British tracks quicker than most.



BELLE VUE. Zoological Gardens. Hyde Road. Manchester
Saturday. 7 p.m.
COATBRIDGE. Albion Rovers F.C. Main Street. Coatbridge
Saturday. 7.30 p.m.
COVENTRY. Coventry Stadium. Rugby Road, Brandon, near Coventry.
Saturday. 7.30 p.m.
CRADLEY HEATH. Dudley Wood Road.Cradley Heath.
Saturday, 7.30 p.m.
EXETER. County Ground Stadium. Church Road. St. Thomas. Exeter.
Monday. 7.30 p.rn,
GLASGOW. White City Stadium. Paisley Road West. Glasgow.
Friday 7.30 p.m.
HACKNEY. Waterden Road, London. E.15.
Friday. 8 p.m.
HALIFAX. The Shay. Halifax.
7.30 p.m.
KING'S LYNN. Saddlebow Road. King's Lynn.
Saturday. 7.45 p.m.
LEICESTER. Blackbird Road. Leicester.
Tuesday, 7.45 p.m.
NEWCASTLE. Brough Park. Fossway. Byker. Newcastle upon Tyne. 
Monday. 7.30 p.m,
NEWPORT. Somerton Park Stadium. Somerton Park. Newport. Mon.
Friday, 7.30 p.m.
OXFORD. Cowley. Oxford.
Thursday. 7.45 p.m.
POOLE. The Stadium. Wimborne Road. Poole. Wednesday.7.45 p.m.
SHEFFIELD. Owlerton Sports Stadium.Penistone Road. Sheffield.
Thursday.7.45 p.m.
SWINDON. Abbey Stadium. Blunsdon. Swindon
Saturday, 7.30 p.m.
WEST HAM. West Ham Stadium. Prince Regent Lane. London. E.16.
Tuesday, 7.45 p.m.
WIMBLEDON. Plough Lane. London, S.W.17.
Thursday. 8 p.m.
WOLVERHAMPTON. Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton.
Friday. 7.30 p.m.


by PAUL PARISH who is the Editor of the weekly Speedway Star and News and the monthly Speedway Post.

A decidedly suspect thumb and even more damaged collarbone set Great Britain a problem when the time came to pick sides for the World League matches with Poland and the internationals between the English boys and the Poles that follow.
The thumb belongs to British skipper Barry Briggs, legacy of track crash against Sweden in an international last month. The collarbone belongs to Nigel Boocock, who broke it during the eventful and fateful meeting at Wolverhampton against the Swedes.
There are obviously lingering doubts about the absolute fitness of these two track giants, but after their courageous performance in qualifying for the British Final it was decided that both men must, initially, be put into the British team and that Nigel will skipper England.
Make no mistake, both men have serious and painful injuries and were forced to drop out of the running for places in the matches with the Russian tourists.
In their place went relatively young riders who performed well enough to make us almost forget that Barry and Nigel were absent from the squad.
Against the tough Poles and Britain is still smarting from the defeat she received from the Poles at West Ham last season, it is absolutely essential that our most experienced men should be available.
So Briggo is back, we trust, to meet everything that the Poles can hurl at him. And Nigel is there, too, to lend his vast experience to the proceedings as well as his considerable point’s potential.
Both men were due to ride in the British Final, the night before the first World League match with Poland and one must await the outcome
of that meeting before one can say with absolute certainty that they will be riding.
With four wins from four World League matches already tucked firmly away success in this initial pilot competition would seem virtually assured for Britain but the Poles can win the World League crown if they beat Britain.
There is plenty of confidence, despite the international setbacks against the Swedes, that our riders have the ability to complete a 100 per cent World League programme. The incentive of league points is just what our riders seem to have needed on these international occasions.
The majority of the men wearing the Union Jack in the matches with the Poles will have already had international experience this year.
Take Martin Ashby, for example. Prior to this year he was rarely in the international limelight but since the move to Exeter, Martin has become part and parcel of almost every international selection.
He will be there in both matches in the World League and almost certainly in all three matches for England. After fine performances against Sweden and Russia, Ashby gets his first chance in combat against the Poles and one fancies the Poles may well be in for a surprise.
King's Lynn skipper Terry Betts whose magnificent form for the East Anglian team has been one of the features of the last couple of seasons is rapidly becoming as consistent in international competition as he is in domestic speedway. He has ridden against both Swedes and Russians this year and seems to be striking up a very happy partnership with West Ham's Norman Hunter.
They went through the World League match against Russia at West Ham unbeaten and will be paired together again against the Poles at Hackney.
Hunter has burst back into the international spotlight this year and has ridden against Sweden and Russia. Two-fifths of a second sliced off the West Ham track record recently is another indication of Hunter's tremendous form.
Despite a nasty foot injury sustained in the Coventry match against Russia, Ray Wilson is chosen as reserve for both World League matches and will doubtless be-around for the English teams, too. Ray is beginning to show something like his old form after a period when he was finding it difficult to adjust to British tracks after a winter in Australia. Wilson was reserve for Britain against Russia at West Ham-and went through three rides unbeaten by an opposing rider. That's a team manager's dream.
At Hackney there could be no British side without Colin Pratt, skipper of the local Hawks. The disappointment of Colin not progressing to the British Final will be forgotten by his many supporters if Colin hits the point’s standard against the Poles. He's another who hasn't been short of international experience this year.
When international teams are picked it is impossible to by-pass the claims of a man like Ken McKinlay. He will be lining up for Britain at Coventry where he was once a high-scoring Bee and where he still scores well when visiting with West Ham.
Diminutive New Zealander Bill Andrew has been showing some pretty sensational form of late and he gets his chance in the Coventry match. Bill made a slowish start to the current campaign with Poole but has really perked up in the last couple of months...
And just in case Briggs and Boocock are not fit and in case-heaven forbid-there are still more injuries the selectors have got men waiting in the wings for their chance.
Men like Roy Trigg of Cradley and Reg Luckhurst of Wimbledon who have both proved in the past that they are of international ability. Jim Airey and Eric Boocock will also be under close consideration and possible for international opportunities on their home track are the likes of Col Cottrell at Coventry and Arnie Haley, Bob Paulson and Brian Maxted at Sheffield.




The team manager's task Is often overlooked. His use of a tactical substitute or of a reserve can turn defeat into victory. He also has to be a father figure who will be there should the riders need help in any way. He can encourage them, nag them or praise them as the occasion demands. Britain's team manager for the two World League matches is Promoters' Association Management Committee member, Wally Mawdesley. Wally knows speedway from both sides of the fence having been a rider in his younger days.
Now he is extremely active promoting at Exeter in Division One and Plymouth in Division Two besides the actual running of speedway which is involved in management committee work.
For the England versus Poland matches the managership changes hands on each occasion, At Newcastle Promoters' Association, chairman Mike Parker takes over the reins. He, too, has promotional interests in both divisions, at Newcastle, Newport, Wolverhampton, Nelson and Crayford.
Ronnie Greene has over 30 years speedway experience behind him and Wimbledon chief and another management committee member will be in charge of the English squad for the match at Poole.
In charge at Sheffield is Charles Ochiltree. mastermind of the Coventry set-up and accepted as one of the shrewdest men in the game. The C.O.Is also a management committee member.


Len Silver Talking.....

On behalf of the British Speedway Promoters' Association. I welcome you all to Hackney. It is an extremely proud honour to have been given the privilege of staging this first World League match between Great Britain and Poland, and in bidding welcome to you all, and to our European visitors tonight, and my thanks to my fellow Promoters for allowing Hackney fans to witness what I consider to be the most important match of the whole World Series.
Two years ago the Polish team raced on our slick little circuit, and it poured with rain just to make things a little more difficult. I remember then that once the Polish speedsters had got into the conditions after only nine races, they began to show the English lads their back wheels: Now tonight they ride with that experience still in their memories and I am sure that it will take every ounce of skill and daring on the part of the homesters to take the League points at stake.
After the match, just as they did two years ago, our Supporters' Club will be laying on an East End supper for the riders of both teams. I know how much the lads look forward to these gatherings, as I do myself, and I take this opportunity of thanking those hard-working people without whom our great sport would not survive the committee members of our Supporters' Club.
Many of you will be visiting Speedway and Hackney for the first time ever, and to you I bid a special welcome. I hope that you enjoy the racing which we present here and that you will come back again until perhaps one day you get really" bitten" by the Speedway bug, like so many of us have in the past.
Our weekly fare is well worth getting" bitten" for, I might add, and our Hawks or as we like to call them, The Magnificent Seven, put on some terrific every Friday. Currently sitting on top of the 19-strong British League table, the boys are enjoying their best ever season, and if they can keep up the terrific pace that they have set themselves, may well finish up as 1968 champions. However, I think that there will be some supporters from other tracks here tonight who may certainly have other ideas! And who can blame them! It's the partisan’s ship that makes Speedway the great family sport that it is and with the teams so level in strength the unpredictable often happens just to liven things up a bit.
We have lots of very attractive fixtures still to come here at “The Wick," and for those of you who are not regular patrons I would like to tell you some of the dates so that you can make a note of them. Our next big one is on August 2 when we stage an All-Star event featuring the top riders from all over the world called SUPERAMA, and we are expecting the TV cameras along on that night as well, Then, just one week later, on August 9 comes our second International fixture when our home team take on the national Czechoslovakian side “Prague," They rode here last year and endeared themselves to us East End folk with their never-give-up attitude and we all look forward to seeing them again. Then several local" Derby" matches with our neighbours from Wimbledon and West Ham follow on August 16 and 23. September brings two individual events of great note, first on 13th comes the oldest ever Championship, the London Riders' Championship, current title holder being our own skipper Colin Pratt. Then on 27th the meeting that proved so popular last year that we are now making it an annual event, the London Junior Championship, in which the young starlets endeavour to make a name for them and try to tear large lamps out of our safety fence in the process! Yes, the mind boggles at what is in store for the rest of the-season, and next week's important League date against the old “enemy" from Newcastle might turn out to be the classic of the lot,  see you all then when we'll,

Make it a date, Friday at Eight.



A year ago a British speedway crowd gave a standing ovation to foreign visitors after one of the most remarkable international matches of modern times.
Poland had just thrashed Britain by 30 points at West Ham and London fans justifiably gave them a huge reception for a memorable night's speedway.
Ultimately Poland were beaten 3-2 in the International series with Britain but it was by far their most impressive performance on British tracks. And it must make us wonder whether our visitors have improved even more since last year.
Their team is a mixture of old and new, youth and experience. And it is possibly significant that they can afford to leave behind such performers as Andrzei Wyglenda, Edmund Migos and Andrzei Pogorzelski, all of whom have shown their ability on British tracks in the past.
Leading the party and chosen at number one is Antoni Woryna. The quiet, deep-thinking man from Rybnik, who has done so much to put Poland among the World's top speedway nations. Woryna, who is 27, scored 17 points against Britain at West Ham in that memorable ' match last year even though he had to receive pain-killing injections for an arm injury all night long.
The Poles have a reputation for being a little wild on the track, but Woryna is certainly an exception. His smooth style took him to third place in the World Final in 1966, to two other World Final appearances, and already he is in this year's European Final.
Partnering Woryna is a newcomer to the Polish international squad, Edward Jancarz.
This 21-year-old has made an astronomic rise to stardom this season. Jancarz is hardly a surprise selection for he has already qualified for the European Final to be held in Wroclaw. Jancarz is a member of the Stal Gorzow outfit.
Pawel Waloszek is no newcomer to Britain having ridden for a short while for the old Leicester National League team. His return to the Midlands when the Poles ride at Coventry will be an occasion for a reunion with many of his old friends. But Pawel is unlikely to show much friendship on the track. Another 1968 European Finalist, Waloszek, who is 30, rides for Slask Swietochlowice in his home country.
At 36, Konstanty Pociejkowicz is the oldest member of the tourists but success has come late in the career of this spectacular little man from the Sparta Wroclaw team. He toured with a Polish side to Britain in the late 50s but didn't re-appear until the 1966 tour to Britain despite winning the Polish championship in 1961. Pociejkowicz an announcer's delight as qualified for the European Final this year on his home track!
The selection of 31-year-old Rybnik rider Stanislaw Tkocz may have come as a surprise to many people but the Poles are obviously taking into account the fact that he has proved to be a very successful rider on British tracks. He is a former World Finalist and Polish champion. Fifth of the Polish riders through to the European Final is tough 23-year-old Jerzy Trzeszkowski who made his first appearance in Britain last year and later rode in the World Final at Wembley. Trzeszkowski must be a favourite to reach this year's World Final as he is another member of the Sparta Wroclaw team. Jerzy made his international debut at the age of 18 and has been improving ever since. Ranked in Poland as having a fine chance of pulling off big individual honours in the years ahead.
For the last two years we have waited to see Zbigniew Podlecki in action in Britain but on each occasion injury has put him out of the squad that has left Poland. Podlecki provided one of the sensations of the sixties when he dashed to a European Final victory in 1964. But Podlecki didn't impress in the World Final and since then has been rather in the speedway shadows. Yet the Poles maintain a high opinion of this 28-year-old from Gdansk, and rarely exclude him from the international limelight.
Another rider of whom the Poles expect great things in the future is Bydgoszcz based Henryk Glucklich, Still only 23, Henryk has just missed out on the big occasions, but the Poles probably feel that the experience of a trip to Britain will do him a power of good. Completing the list of nine riders is Jerzy Padewski from Gorzow. Padewski, who is 29, is reserve for this year's European Final.



Facts first, as this, the fourth Polish tour at International level, gets underway.


1. Tuesday 3 June at Southampton              England 83 Poland 25

2. Thursday 5 June at Ipswich                      England 77 Poland 30

3. Friday 6 June at Leicester                        England 84 Poland 24



1. Friday 29 July at Hackney                        Great Britain 61 Poland 47

2. Monday 1 August at Coventry                  Great Britain 57 Poland 51

3. Thursday 4 August at Sheffield                Great Britain 76 Poland 32



1. Tuesday 18 July at West Ham                 Great Britain 39 Poland 69

2. Wednesday 19 July at Poole                   Great Britain 59 Poland 49

3.  Friday 21 July at Wolverhampton           Great Britain 66 Poland 42

4. Saturday 22 July at Halifax                      Great Britain 53 Poland 55

5. Monday 24 July at Newcastle                  Great Britain 77 Poland 30

It had, of course, happened in the old National League days. And it had, of course, happened ill the old Provincial League.
But the birth of the current era of speedway with the formation of the British League in 1965 had the effect of wiping all the record slates clean. So we'll look back, in this instance, no further than season 1965. In particular to Friday, 14th May, 1965 at Newport. Where the Oxford Cheetahs were the visitors in a British League match. The match as a whole was distinctly unmemorable – with Newport gaining a comfortable ten point victory, and with Ron How and Jimmy Gooch contributing, between them, all but five of the losers 34 point score.
But, memorable or not, it was a night on which British League history was made. Look at heat 2. Won by Oxford's Jimmy Gooch, 2nd Newport's Dick Bradley and in third place, following his team-mate home, came Newport's unassuming second-string, Geoff Penniket.
On to heat 6. Won by Oxford's Ron How, 2nd Newport's Dick Bradley. And, in third place, following his team-mate home, Geoff Penniket.
Heat 8 - won by Ron How who slipped in as a tactical substitute. Second came the Newport reserve Bob Hughes. And, in third place, following his team-mate home, came Geoff Penniket.
Finally, heat 10. Won by Dick Bradley, and I expect you're ahead of me by now and following his team-mate home, came Geoff Penniket.
Now it could well be that great hearted trier that he is, Geoff Penniket will never appear in speedway's record books again.
But nobody, nowhere, no how, can take this one away from him. That he was the first man in British League history to record four bonus points in four rides in an official fixture.
Since that day more than three years ago other riders quite a few in fact have managed to
But only one man West Ham captain Ken McKinlay has bettered the Penniket performance in British League racing. On October 3rd last year  riding on his own track,  Ken had five rides. His own scheduled four, and one as a rider replacement for the absent through injury Sverre Harrfeldt. And five times out of five, Ken McKinlay, team-man without peer, brought his partner home ahead of him.
Five rides - five bonus points. With Newport, coincidentally, being on the receiving end this time.
Four bonus points from four rides. Great team work.
Five bonus points from five rides. Even better team work.
What then, can one say about a man who records SIX bonus points in SIX rides?
And not only that, but does it in a full-scale International match, away from home. And against the best opposition that Great Britain could provide.
Seems incredible. But in speedway the incredible can happen. And it did.
Six times the Polish pairing of Antoni Woryna and Andrzej Pogorzelski went out together. And six times Pogo followed his 
partner home.

The date, Tuesday, July 18th, 1967, the place? West Ham Stadium.

5-1 to Poland. 5-1 to Poland. 5-1 to Poland. 5-1 to Poland. 5-1 to Poland'.

Those were the results of their first five rides together. Speculation ran rife. Could they manage that sixth maximum heat win to become the first pairing to keep a perfectly clean record in a full-scale international match in Britain since the war? Freddie Williams and Jeff Lloyd had done it against New Zealand way back in the early fifties in what was labelled a "Trial Test Series:'
But Great Britain v. Poland 1967 was something quite different.
Five 5-1 in the bag. Could they make it six? And the answer, dear readers, was" NO!"
And the men who gave it was Colin Pratt who led both Poles home in a dramatic heat 16. But if the pairing's hope of a record was removed, Pogo's wasn't, As he came in third to Woryna's second. To complete a performance which may never be beaten? Six rides - six bonus points.
A most Polish-ed performance I

This weeks [w/e 5thJuly ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-6d has has a rather international flavor! Great Britain's Reg Luckhurst and Soren Sjosten about to leave the tapes in the Britain v Sweden test match at Wimbledon

Hackney .•• July 5


With maximum points from the final two heats Hackney's winning margin appears a tittle out of proportion for Belle Vue provided an excellent thrill-a-minute match.
Although the best race was a breath taking last to first gem by Des Lukehurst in the eighth heat in a blanket finish another Hawk, Bengt Jansson, was surely their trump card. "Banger" gained his maximum the hard way, from the back. With nonchalant brilliance he just eased past sometimes two, sometimes three opponents.
But the Aces, minus the injured Norman Nevitt, refused to yield an inch and their battling pack kept the crowd roaring until the end and only after Colin Pratt and Lukehurst had whipped past gallant Soren Sjosten in another magnificent scrap were they allowed a breather.


(British League)

Hackney: B. Jansson 12, C. Pratt 11, D. Lukehurst 9, J. Biggs 5, L. McGillivray 4, A. Jackson 4, M. Brown 3.

Belle Vue: S. Sjosten 10, T. Roper 8, S. Levai 6, C. Maidment 5, B. Powell 1, C. Pusey 0, K. Moss O.

Ht 1: Pratt, Levai, Maidment Brown 68.6.
Ht 2: Jansson, Sjosten, Biggs,  Powell. 67.0.
Ht 3: Roper, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Moss, 67.6.
Ht 4: Brown, Maidment, Jackson, Pusey 61.6.
Ht 5: Sjosten, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Powell. 69.4
Ht 6: Jansson, Levai, Biggs, Maidment. 67.4.
Ht 7: Roper, Pratt, Levai, Brown 68.0.
Ht 8: Jackson, Biggs. Powell, Pusey, 69.2.
Ht 9: Lukehurst, Maidment, Levai McGillivray. 68.6.
Ht 10: Jansson, Sjosten, Biggs. Pusey, 68.0.
Ht 11. Pratt, Sjosten, Roper, Brown, 67.8.
Ht 12: Jansson, McGillivray, Roper, Pusey, 68.2.
Ht 13: Pratt, Lukehurst, Sjosten, Maidment, 68.8

Len Silver Talking • •

We are in the middle now of what we might call the "International Season". Already British speed fans have enjoyed the thrills from the Swedish aces and have again seen the Russian team try to live up to their European reputation on. The Swedes, although very good, are not really strangers to us. After all, most of their top riders grace our raceways for the whole of the season anyway, and our own "Banger" thrills us every week, so their drawing power may be somewhat curtailed because of this. The Ruskies, excepting at the Exeter track, where they seem to revel, never ride as well as we expect them to. I think that perhaps our tracks are too "slick" for them, and they do not possess the fine throttle control needed to ride them. So it could be said that some fans might be a little disappointed with them. But next Friday, right here at our friendly, little. stadium, we shall have the privilege of seeing, for the first time this year, a team of riders who CAN and HAVE slaughtered the British team, who do not have riders who take part in our normal domestic programme. I refer, of course, to the mighty speedmen from POLAND.
During the last war, the Poles were noted for supplying the R.A.F. with some of their most daring and successful fighter pilots and perhaps they possess some natural attribute for dangerous living. Whatever the reason, I DO know their ability as Speedway riders, and without any question whatever, they rank among the finest in the World. The British team faces them here next week will have a formidable task on their hands, if we can keep the Poles within the bounds of our safety fence I think that we shall be treated to an evening of unrivalled thrills. .
As you are, no doubt, aware, we stage this meeting on behalf of the British Speedway promoters' Association who naturally have to foot the heavy bill of bringing the Europeans across to meet us. I feel most honoured and gratified that Hackney was chosen for this match, for of all the international fixtures, THIS is undoubtedly the PLUM, and many promoters argued that it should be placed at a stadium with larger capacity and a record of higher attendances. However, the powers that be smiled upon us and we were given the proud task. Naturally there will have to be substantial increases in the price of admission, partly to cover the enormous expenses involved (and these get more astronomical each year) and partly to demonstrate that Hackney financially qualified to stage such an important fixture. The prices will be as follows :
Adults 7/6 and 10/6. Children 4/- and 6/-, with a special 16 page souvenir programme priced at 2/-. Car parking of course will remain at the normal charge.
Every time we have a "Star" fixture I ask you all to co-operate with me, and, bless you folks, you always do. So once again I must ask you to PLEASE COME EARLY.
Particularly this applies if you use our free bus service. If everyone leaves it until the last moment some people are going to be disappointed. There is always plenty of room on the earlier buses, so to avoid the crush, and to make room for those who are unable to catch the earlier transport, please leave home just a while sooner than normal. In any case, the best positions in the stadium will be gained by the early-birds, and I’d hate to think that you'd lost your favourite position because you stopped to have that third cup of tea
As I write, I'm still waiting for the team line-up for the European (or is it World?) League match, so I'm unable to tell you much here. Undoubtedly Colin will be selected and I am also pressing for Les to gain honours, after all he is third in our averages and has demonstrated this year that he must be reckoned among the top English riders and just a personal wish, I'd just love to see him get stuck into those wild Poles  wouldn’t you? We will announce the teams over the P.A. tonight.
Enough about the international scene, what about our League campaign? Well, we still sit at the top of the table in spite of a slight loss of form by some of the team. All riders go through a period at some time or another when nothing seems to go right, when niggling little injuries seem to build up and affect the performance, or maybe, sometimes even without realising it, the motor just won't seem to go as well as normal. Or it can be that some personal reason not connected with the sport might affect a rider's points tally. Well, the Hawks have had them ALL over the last few weeks, and yet, in spite of, it all, there we sit, and still proudly keeping our rightful place at the top. Mind you, it's tough up there, every other. team wants to thrash you, just to show it THEY who should be there and not you, but the Magnificent Seven like it rough, and now they are beginning to get out of their problem period. Bengt has purchased a brand new engine in his bid for more steam, Des's leg, that most of you did not even realise was hurt, is now firmly on the mend, Jack's old back injury is now taking a back seat as his series of injections begins to take effect, and so I could go on. So you see why I am very confident about the rest of the season. We shall not spend time looking back and saying "If", we shall devote our energies to winning the important matches still to come, for in this, our "Green for Go" year, we intend to finish the season where we started, right at the top. And so, I hope, say all of us.
Not much room left, but I must say a big "Welcome" to Dent Oliver and his Aces from Belle Vue. Their line up looks the strongest that it's been for years, so the Hawks will have to really go tonight, and we MUST get those 2 league points.
Anyway, let battle commence and I'll see you all EARLY next week when
we'll a make it a date ... Poland at Eight!




Compliments for Rayleigh skipper Graeme Smith, the Corduroy Kid from Kiwi-Land when he visited, along with the rest of the Rockets, the new Nelson track last Saturday. They came from the A.C.U. referee Mr Greene who, after witnessing some terrifying crashes resulting from two or three large holes, one such crash resulting in a broken collar bone for new flyer Geoff Maloney, wanted to cancel the match after heat nine. Graeme would have none of it, however, and insisted that his team should continue for the sake of the public. His praiseworthy attitude went down very well with the Ref' who remarked that he wished that all riders carried their responsibilities so well

·           *           *           *           *           *           *          

Friend of Hackney, Don Smith the motorcycle "King" from Highams Park, has applied for a licence to operate Long Eaton in Division Two. A decision was made last Wednesday by the Promoters' Association, after this programme went to press. The application is being opposed by the Leicester management, who moved away from Long Eaton because of the difficulties resulting from sharing the track with Stock Cars. They feel, that they as experienced promoters were unable to cope with the problems, therefore a new man must run into trouble. View of our promoter is that If Don is prepared to take on the large amount of work involved, an if he can satisfy the other promoters that he has the ability to make Long Eaton a credit to the sport, then let him have a go.

*           *           *           *           *           *           *              

I hear that Maidstone United Football Club have engaged the services of the barrister who acted for the Ministry of Health in the case that the Ministry presented against the Gloucester Speedway during the public enquiry there. They hope that his expert knowledge gained and used while acting for the "Other Side" will go a long way towards helping them win their appeal to stage Speedway at the Kent venue. IF they win, the London Road stadium will prove to be one of the finest Speedways in Southern England, set in ideal surroundings and it will be a popular visiting place for London fans.

The Peter Douglas Page


One of the problems I've noticed in my comparatively short time around the speedway tracks is the plight of the youngster keen to enter the sport, but lacking the funds to buy the necessary equipment. Take for instance many of the keen young men you see in the pits at Hackney and Rayleigh, working as mechanics or just helping out when the need arises, and you will find that inside most of them is a frustrated rider trying to get out. Current market price for a second-hand machine seems to be about £80 and at that price a newcomer could be wasting his hard-saved cash on a load of junk that might not survive more than a few meetings. But until he starts riding and scoring points, the would-be entrant to speedway cannot earn the money to buy a machine. It is rare that an experienced rider will loan his bike to a newcomer. With commitments to full fill for his team and his living to earn-the team rider jealously guards his machine like a concert pianist looks after his hands: these are the tools of his profession.
So our frustrated young man spends his leisure time and pocket money -on rides at one of the training schools, improving yes, but getting nowhere nearer the goal he is aiming for. Unless he is a high wage earner, and very few young men under 20 take home pay at skilled rates, he cannot put by the necessary cash to set himself up in the profession.
What is the solution? To my mind, the advent of the Second Division is the best thing that has happened to the sport in years. Here young riders get a chance to star in their own right, and from the Second Division the hopes of the 1970's will emerge. But I think the sport should go further than this and actually sponsor young riders, who after a trial, look promising enough to win a Second Division team place within, say, a season. Assistance could be in the form of a loan to the youngster, guaranteed if necessary by his parents, and administered by the promoters of speedway or the supporters clubs. Clubs could sponsor individual promising youngsters and the interest aroused by watching the progress of a young protégée could generate new life for the sport.
Unlike other professional sports like football where you are put on the books and immediately become a wage earner, even as an apprentice player, the young entrant into. Speedway has to be entirely self-supporting from the word go. From the number of young men who have mentioned this situation to me in the last few months, I feel that the only way to keep speedway live is to actively foster new talent along the lines I have suggested. Not all promoters like dipping into their pockets when costs are continually rising, but to mind some sort of apprenticeship scheme, coupled with actual financial assistance, is an urgent priority that everyone connected with the sport should be looking at before the end of the present season. Nineteen sixty-eight has seen the start of the Second Division: can it also be the year that speedway laid solid foundations for the boom that is predicted in the next decade?


Good Evening Supporters,
Well, what a match it was against the 'Youth of the World' team the other Friday. Our home record looked in acute danger until we managed to force a draw in the last couple of races.
The St. John's Ambulance Brigade have asked me to thank you for your response to the collection that was taken on their behalf last Friday week. The total collected was £37.00 and I would also like to thank the riders for going around with the blanket, to assist an organisation, without whose presence Speedway, and for that matter various other sporting functions, would cease to exist
We have already taken bookings for our first visit to Coatbridge, for the British League match there against the Monarchs on SATURDAY, AUGUST 3rd. If you would like to come along with us, reserve your seat on the coach this evening. Departure time is 11.15 p.m., after our home meeting on August 2nd.
On Thursday, AUGUST 8th a coach will go to Oxford, for our British League match there against the 'Cheetah's', if enough support is forthcoming. Departure time will be 4.30 p.m. from Maud Road (opposite Ley ton underground station). If you would like to come along, let us know as soon as possible. A small deposit will secure your seat on the coach.
Tickets for our Summer Dance at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road (near Stratford Broadway) on SATURDAY, JULY 27th, are on sale again this evening. They are 6/- each and can be obtained from any of our kiosks. Dancing from 7.30 p.m. to 11.30pm will be to the music of the 'Aces'.
Another reminder that our supporters club outing to Margate, takes place on SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th. This function is for club members only. Fare is 15/- and departure time is 8.30 a.m. from Maud Road. If you would like to come but have not yet enrolled as a member, join this evening for the very modest sum of 1/-.
A very special offer for programme collectors. On sale at the kiosks and outside the speedway office (under the main stand) we have sets of the Australian/New Zealand v England Test Match programmes. These can be purchased individually or a set of 5 for 7/6d.
Draw tickets in aid of the rider’s equipment fund, are on sale as usual this evening. Dig out that loose change, for at 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/- you could win one of our very attractive prizes, as well as helping the boys to fight any mechanical gremlins that might lay them low.

Last week's lucky winners were as follows: -
1st prize 3743-Unclaimed;
2nd prize 5142-Mrs. I. Smith, Coopersdale Rd, E.9
3rd prize 5109-R. Rayment, Leicester Rd, E.11

Tonight we shall be presenting cheques to our riders to pay for engine repairs-in the case of 'Banger' it will go nicely towards paying for the brand new engine he has just invested in. So you see our tickets do help the lads in a very practical way.


Speedway Star and News reports


Lynn offer


KING'S LYNN co-promoter, Maury Littlechild, started his search for a replacement for Malcolm Simmons by taking out his cheque book.
He offered £2,000 for Hackney leader Colin Pratt [pictured below] but says: "Hackney turned it down. Perhaps they thought I was joking. But I was not. That's the 
kind of money I'm willing to pay for a man like Colin."
The offer proved a fantastic morale booster for Colin. It took place at Wimbledon during Hackney's losing league match.
Colin had ridden three times without a win. Then he went out and won his next two races brilliantly to, once again, end up top scorer for the Hawks.
Obviously Hackney could not accept a money-only offer for Colin. Without him their winning streak and league bid would fall right apart. Even with him they will he hard pushed to keep out in front of the others for the entire season.

West Ham have gentleman George Barclay and Hackney have gentleman Bengt Jansson! A letter appeared in the speedway star this week and it reads,

I SHOULD like to thank, through the "Speedway Star", Bengt Jansson for his help after the Wimbledon-Hackney match on June 20.
After the match my two friends and I who all go to speedway by bicycle, walked into the motor-cycle shed to get to our bikes and to our dismay one of our bikes had the back wheel unbolted. We wondered where we could acquire a spanner at 10.30 in the evening. We thought ... the riders! We dashed over to the riders' car park and started asking. After asking some other riders Bengt walked past. I asked him if we could borrow a small spanner for a few moments and without hesitation he took out a small adjustable angle-wrench. I dashed back to the cycle shed and together with my friends fixed the back wheel on. I gave Bengt his spanner back and after thanking him he got into his car and drove off.
It is little things like this that makes speedway such a grand sport and I think that everybody should know what a kind gentleman Bengt Jansson is. So a toast to Bengt….


This weeks [w/e 28th June ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-3d has Igor Plechanov  leading Barry Briggs on the front cover. The back cover is a team photo of our east end rivals the West Ham Hammers

Hackney ••• June 28

THIS was a curious affair. After eight heats the score was 24-24 and Poole appeared handily placed to become the first team to win a British League match at Hackney this season. Pirates won two and shared two of those opening eight heats. Then Hackney showed the form which has taken them to the top of the league and claimed a 5-1 win in four of the last five races.
The Russian tourists were interested spectators and they must have been impressed by the smooth team riding which saw Hackney to victory.
Skipper Colin Pratt was the top individual performer and he enjoyed excellent support from Les McGillivray and Des Lukehurst (both paid for 11 points) and Bengt Jansson.
Poole, who began so smartly, were particularly indebted to Pete Smith and Bill Andrews, while Odd Fossengen had his moments. But the visitors wilted against that late Hackney on slaught. The track, very greasy in some places, despite the application of sawdust following rain earlier in the day, provided its fair share of problems and Hackney mastered those problem ems much better.


(British League)

Hackney: C. Pratt II, L. McGillivray 10, B. Jansson 9, D. Lukehurst 8, J. Biggs 6, M. Brown 3, A. Jackson 0.

Poole: P. Smith 11, B. Andrews 9, O. Fossengen 5, B. Cribb 2, G. Mudge 2, T. Laessing 2, T. Bungay 0.

Ht 1: Pratt, Smith, Mudge,  Brown. 69.0.
Ht 2: Andrews. Jansson. Biggs, Cribb. 68.8.
Ht 3: McGillivray, Lukehurst. Fossengen, Bungay. 70.0.
Ht 4: Smith, Brown, Laessing, Jackson. 69.4.
Ht 5: Andrews, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Cribb. 68.4.
Ht 6  Smith, Jansson, Mudge Biggs. 68.6.
Ht 7: Fossengen, Pratt, Brown, Bungay. 68.2.
Ht 8: Biggs, Cribb, Laessing, Jackson (f),70.0.
Ht 9: McGillivray, Lukehurst, Smith. Mudge. 69.6.
Ht 10: Jansson, Biggs, Fossengen, Bungay. 68.5.
Ht 11: Pratt, Smith, Andrews, Brown, 69.2.  
Ht 12: McGillivray, Jansson, Andrews Mudge. 68.8.
Ht 13, Pratt, Lukehurst, Andrews, Fossengen (ef). 69.6.

Heat two action from last night’s meeting. Bengt Jansson [inside] Jack Biggs for the Hawks race against Bill Andrews and Bruce Cribb [outside] for Poole.

Len Silver Talking • •
To say that I am annoyed would be the understatement of the Century. I know that sometimes I get a little hot under the collar at what might seem to others quite trivial matters, but this time I feel justified in my aggravated feelings. I am referring to the report in last Sunday's "Mirror" by Don Clarke that skipper Colin has asked for a transfer. Not only is this story completely untrue, but Mr Clarke, efficient reporter though he is, declined to ask me whether it was true before he printed it! One would have thought such an important story should have been checked for truth. Peter Douglas and myself are pressing the Mirror Group for a printed correction and it will be interesting to see whether, in fact, this appears. .
How do rumours like this start? I often wonder. In this case I THINK I know. Colin of late has been a rather worried man due to his having been involved in a road accident which, due to the law concerning endorsements on driving licences, MAY mean the loss of his licence, even though the offence was not a serious one. He was under the mistaken impression that this may endanger his Speedway career and had a long conversation with me about it a couple of weeks ago. I was able to re-assure him and in fact made arrangements for him to have the benefit of the very best solicitor when the case goes to court. In telling you this I know that I am going to incur the wrath of Colin who naturally doesn't like his personal life made public. However, I'm sure he will forgive me in this case due to the seriousness of the allegation in Don Clarke's column. I can tell you all quite positively that Colin does NOT want a transfer and is very happy indeed here at the Wick.
Young Alan Jackson really cannot be kept kicking his heels in the Second Half any longer. His form of recent weeks decrees that he be given a chance to show his worth. As I have said before, the problem has been who to drop. Tonight I intend to solve the problem, or rather to have it solved for 'me, I have taken the rider with the lowest average, who happens to be Gary, and I have matched him against Alan in a special race before the match to decide on the number 7 spot. This has been my practice on previous occasions and I feel that it is fair to everyone, riders and Supporters alike.
Once again Lady Luck robbed us of points in a vital League match when, at Coventry on Saturday last, we went down by 41 points to 36. Unusual event was the exclusion of Colin for breaking the tapes in heat 9. The skipper was very upset about it because he felt that it was not entirely his own fault. Knowing how Colin normally sits as still as a rock on the starting line, I am sure that he is correct in his allegation. Young Alan Jackson, in the side due to the absence of Bengt, who was in the Swedish side racing at Coatbridge, was also unlucky in suffering an engine failure when placed in a vital second spot. With Malcolm riding with his dislocated finger all strapped up with a splint, 
Des, Jack and Gary all suffering from one niggling complaint or another, it says volumes for the fighting spirit of the Magnificent Seven that they came so close to victory. Mind you, Coventry are suffering their share of troubles too at the moment, and I cannot recall a previous season when the Midland side have had such a crop of injuries. The most serious blow, of course, not only to Coventry but to us all, is the collar bone damage to Nigel Boocock, captain of England. As I write, I hear that Nigel is going to attempt to ride in his World Championship Semi-Final. 'Having suffered a collar bone breakage myself, I know just how painful it can be, in fact I consider it to be the MOST painful of all bones when broken, even the slightest movement sending shots of agony through the nervous system. So I salute Nigel in his intention, I will be the most delighted man if I can announce tonight that he (and Colin by the by) have qualified for the British Final. The same can be said for Barry. Briggs, nursing a broken thumb sustained in the very same crash at Wolverhampton last Friday in a three man pile up with Hasse Holmkvist. 
I do not know whether Nigel or Barry will be in the British side that is due to meet Russia at West Ham tomorrow (Sat) evening. I DO know that our Colin IS in the side, and if his form against the Russians is anything like his form against the Poles last year, when, almost single handed, he staved off a debacle at the hands of the rough tough Reds, then he should be the outstanding member of the British team. A capacity crowd is expected at Custom House for this important European League match, and I expect that our folk will take up their normal position by the Pits to give Colin a special cheer when he makes his entrance.
As I am writing this on Monday morning, I have not yet had the information from the St. John's Ambulance Brigade concerning the amount collected for them last week. However, I want to take this opportunity of thanking you for your generosity in supporting what you all know is an extremely worthy cause. Especially worthy to us Speedway folk who would be much the poorer without them.
Next week the Aces of Belle Vue Manchester will come a-calling, hopeful of snatching a couple of League points from us. Their side this year contains a fiery Swede who, to the best of my recollection, has never graced our raceway. I refer, of course, to Soren Sjosten, the pint sized little balance artist who reminds everyone so much of the late, and sadly missed, Peter Craven. There is something magic about the name of Belle Vue that seems to fire the imagination and I always look forward to their annual visit, but, although I'm sure of a hard fought match, I'm hopeful that we shall further enhance our own League position. 
And now it's welcome time to the Pirates of Poole, and their Norwegian ace Odd Fossengen who performed so well here last Friday. With jockey Bill Andrews back in their team and Geoff Mudge continuing to put in his usual worthy performances, I think that the Dorset side may surprise us although I hope not TOO much!
Well, enough from me, let's get on with the battle and continue I hope our winning ways to the top of the table.
See you all next week when we'll,

Make it a date ... Friday at Eight.


One of our most ardent fans, young John Holt has written to us and asked us to send his best wishes to the Hawks and to his Speedway pals who know him as "Charlie". Not much unusual in that, you might say, but in this case "Charlie" lies in the Westminster Hospital, Dean Ryle St., SW1, in King William Ward recovering from a kidney transplant. He is keeping in touch with the Hawks performances by means of programmes and magazines, but would love some of his mates to visit him or write, so come on folks, how about dropping John a line to let him know that we are looking forward to seeing him back here at the Wick? Get well soon, John, and when you are able to make your Friday date again. We'll have to see about having a special "Welcome Back" surprise for you!
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
The Russians have announced their team to race at West Ham tomorrow night. Led once more by their "Merited Master of Sport" Igor Plechanov he is joined by Yuri Chakranov, Gennady Kurilenko, Gab Kadirov, Viktor Trofimov, Anatoly Belkin, Boris Samoradov. Some familiar names and some new ones. Not having seen the U.S.S.R. team since 1966 English fans will be looking forward to their visit with greater interest than ever. The British side at West Ham will be selected from Martin Ashby, Terry Betts, Trevor Hedge, Norman Hunter, Reg Luckhurst, Ken McKinlay, Colin Pratt, Ray Wilson. Hurri-Ken will be captain and a definite in the team proper will be Colin Pratt.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Heartening and unusual event at the new Reading Speedway. Instead of an enormous crowd at the very first meeting, dropping by about 25% for the second, which is the normal kind of crowd pattern for a new venue, the promoter there, Reg Fearman was very happy to find that his second meeting actually showed an INCREASE over his first. Shows that the Buckinghamshire public may have liked what they saw in meeting No.1. Incidentally if any of you want to go there, meetings are on Mondays at 7.30 pm, and there is an excellent fast train in addition to a good cheap coach service from Victoria. Both stop at Reading Station from where there is a first class bus service to the Stadium at Oxford Road, Tilehurst, just on the edge of town. By road, of course, it is one hour's drive along the M4, just 50 miles exactly from Stratford Broadway to the stadium!

The Peter Douglas Page

Last Friday's Motorcyclist of the Year competition gave me a few headaches, and I found myself asking if our efforts to brighten up speedway meetings were worthwhile! Seriously, though, you can imagine my feelings when by eight o'clock out of a dozen promised riders, I found only two pint-sized scooterists in the pits. Fortunately Don Smith was able to round up extra support, and then at the eleventh hour, eight more youngsters arrived and we had more contestants than we could handle. I have never put in so much leg work between the pits and the centre green during a speedway meeting, and I hand it to Len for taking it all so calmly during what was an important match without the added attractions! Well, I think the youngsters enjoyed themselves and the three winners went home happy. And Len Silver is one step nearer his M.B.E. for valuable services to Britain's youth.
Some of you may have noticed that during our challenge match last week I had a newsreel cameraman with me, who had come to film the motorcycle contest. But where did he disappear to? I last saw him going in the direction of the grandstand bar, but in spite of a call over the loudspeaker and an end to end search, the man simply disappeared. I don't know who slipped him a Mickey Finn (a rival from West Ham?) but to this day, I am none the wiser. So, sorry we are not on your screens this week.
My visit to Wimbledon last week to see the Hawks in action was somewhat marred by the attitude of the management there, who apparently do not set much store on the value of public relations. 1was grudgingly handed a pits pass so that I could have access to our riders (after all it's part of my job to keep them in the news, that's why I go to away fixtures wherever possible) but I was made painfully aware that I was regarded as an intruder. I may not have been in the business quite as long as some people would wish, but I have a job to do and it would help in future if the welcome mat was not laid down, then promptly whipped from under my feet!
Your friendly P.R.O. is often accused of criticising the various speedway publications but this week I have nothing but praise for the many excellent feature pictures that appeared, showing speedway riders out of working dress for once. I would like to think that someone's been heeding some of my suggestions, but maybe I'd better not press the point. But having seen samples of speedway youth in action here last week, I am more convinced than ever of the many fascinating personalities in the sport that are at our disposal, to sell the speedway story :
Terry Betts, Ray Wilson, Garry Middleton and our own Colin and Bengt, to name only a few.
Glad to see mohair suited Rayleigh speedster Geoff Maloney in the Hackney stand last week. Young Geoff's film star grin is wider even than Banger's . . . Ace mechanic blonde-haired Colin often mistaken for a brother of Bengt Jansson ... I hear that Les McGillivray's young son is starting early to follow in his dad's footsteps, by peddling round the garden on his tricycle with a miniature trailer in tow . . The efficient GPO sent a comedian to install the phones at our new office-cum-flat: at one stage we dialled a number we got my bedroom next door!


Good Evening Supporters,

On Saturday July 6th a Town Fair is being held at St. Johns Church Hackney, to be opened by the Mayor of Hackney at 12 noon. The Fair is of course for local charities, and Hackney speedway will be represented. Supporters who are free on this particular afternoon are cordially invited to come and have a look around.
There is quite a time span before our next away match, which is on Saturday, AUGUST 3rd, when we visit Coatbridge the new home of the Monarchs, for a British League match there.
On August 8th, a Thursday, we are at Oxford for a British League match. If support is forthcoming, we propose running a coach for this meeting. If you are interested, please see one of the committee members in the kiosk as quickly as possible, so that we can ascertain whether a coach is required.
Tickets for our Summer Dance at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford (close to Stratford Broadway), on Saturday, July 27th, are being sold very quickly. Dancing from 7.30 p.m. until 11.30 p.m. is to the music of the 'Aces'. Tickets at 6/- are on sale now. Both Hackney and Rayleigh riders have promised to attend.
Don't forget our Supporters Club outing to MARGATE on SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th.This is strictly for members only, so if you intend coming along but have not yet joined the supporters club, do so this evening. The cost of membership is just 1/-. The fare for the outing will be 15/- and the coaches leave Maud Road. (Opposite Leyton underground station) at 8.30 a.m.
Draw tickets in aid of the rider’s equipment fund are on sale as usual this evening at 6d. each, three for 1/- or 7 for 2/-.

Last week's lucky winners were as follows:-
1st DRAW
1st-4250: D. J. Keyes, Moorhouse Rd, W2
2nd-4156: J. Dipper, Kensington Ave, E12
3rd-3171: D. Pitcher, Barclay Crescent, Stevenage.

2nd DRAW
1st-3249 Unclaimed.
2nd-2976 Unclaimed
3rd-4049 G. Wright, Brockfield Ave, E17

Cheerio for now and enjoy your speedway.



TITLE-CHASING Hackney have categorically denied rumours that their skipper Colin Pratt has asked for a transfer. Pratt who joined Hackney in 1964 after a brief National League spell with Swindon led the Hawks into their initial British League season and has been improving steady ever since. A fairly regular choice when international honours come to be handed out. Hackney emphatically state that Pratt will not be leaving Waterden Road and deny there is unrest in their camp.
Editors Note: Perhaps the rumours started when Colin Pratt was pictured chatting with ex Hawk Roy Trigg!

Taken from this week’s Speedway Star, “Inside Speedway by Dave Lanning”.

GARY EVERETT, [pictured below in action ]Hackney’s so immaculately equipped young tail ender, qualifies as victim contender for the crazy injury of 68. Gary from Stamford-le-Hope injured his ribs at Poole in a fall. But not on the track. He slipped on his steel shoe on some dicey concrete and landed with rather a bump! Sounds very funny, but he was hurt enough to force an absence from the vital Hammers-Hawks league battle at Custom House.  

George Barclay, West Ham’s wounded warrior turned relations at Queen Mary’s hospital in Stratford upside down during his enforced two week stay there. Apart from the fact the entire amateur soccer team that George’s place for all arrived for one visiting session. A marked programme of the West Ham-Hackney British League clash was smuggled into George the same night immediately after the meeting. “I just had to know what happened” said George, “particularly as I could hear the roar of the bikes from my hospital bed” 

George Barclay [left] alongside Tony Clarke

Picture from www.

This weeks [w/e 21st June ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-3d has Gote Nordin and Torbjorn Harrysson on the front cover 

Coventry • • . June 22


ARE Coventry's injury problems never-ending? While they welcomed back Rick France, they grieved over news of Nigel Boocock's injury. And even in this match, the injury hoodoo struck again.
France damaged his shoulder yet again in Heat 12 but coolly put back the dislocation and rode in the second half. His colleague, Les Owen, wasn't so lucky. He was taken to hospital but later discharged himself.
But despite all this hardship, Coventry scraped home against a Hackney team that was without international Bengt Jansson.  Colin Pratt was their key man and only Col Cottrell managed to beat the Hawks skipper. Pratt had earlier defeated Cottrell, but this was the only point Cottrell dropped. It is still too early to make a firm judgement on Kasper. He scored 5 points and is obviously still settling down.


(British League)

Coventry: C. Cottrell 11, R. Hill 7, R. France 6, T. Ridley 6, A. Kasper 5, L. Owen 4, C. Harrison 2.

Hackney; C. Pratt 11, J. Biggs 9, D. Lukehurst 5, G. Everett 4,  M. Brown 3, L. McGillivray 2, A Jackson 2.

Ht 1: Pratt, Cottrell. Harrison, Brown, 66.4.
Ht 2: France, Hill, McGillivray, Everett. 68.4.
Ht 3: Owen, Biggs, Lukehurst. Kasper, 69.6.
Ht 4: Brown, Ridley. Harrison. Jackson (ef), 69.0.
Ht 5: Everett, Kasper, Owen, McGillivray. 69.4.
Ht 6: Pratt, Hill, France. Brown, 67.2.
Ht 7: Cottrell, Biggs, Lukehurst, Harrison. 67.2.
Ht 8: Ridley, Hill. Everett. Jackson (f), 69.0.
Ht 9: Kasper, Jackson, Lukehurst, Owen, 69.4.
Ht 10: Biggs, France, Bill, Lukehurst. 68.2.
Ht 11: Cottrell, Pratt. Ridley, McGillivray, 68.2.
Ht 12: Pratt, Lukehurst, France (ret), Owen (f), 70.4.
HI 13: Cottrell, Biggs. McGillivray. Kasper, 69.4.

LONDON LIGHTS previews Hackney v Youth of the World
LEN SILVER is nothing if not confident of the ability of the Hackney Hawks. Instead of fielding a London side to meet the Youth of the World in Hackney's special Futurama meeting this Friday, Len has plumped for his own Hawks. All the Hawks are free that night, but they should be in for one heck of a scrap against a most impressive visiting combination. The Youth of the World will be represented by Terry Betts, Wayne Briggs, Ray Wilson, John Boulger, Bengt Larsson, Odd Fossengen, with Hawks Alan Jackson as reserve. Invitations have been sent out to all affiliated clubs in the London and Home Counties of National Association of Youth Clubs to find the most skilful motor cyclists from the clubs. The youngsters will be faced with a very tough obstacle course mounted on the speedway circuit, which will incorporate some of the standard RAC tests for skill and safety.
Who better to judge the lads than trials champion Don Smith? I mentioned Alan Jackson just now. The young Hawks of whom is Silver expects big things is now back after breaking a wrist, but he will not be going to Rayleigh as was originally thought. Alan has decided to try to break into the Hawks team proper even though he was originally appointed captain of the Rockets outfit. Trouble will be for Alan to oust one of the league leading Hawks. There have been times when Jack Biggs, mainly through back trouble, Malcolm Brown and Gary Everett have not been getting big scores this season, but they have all come good at important times in recent weeks.

Hackney . . . June 21


GLANCING at the Youth of the World line-up it's not surprising that Hackney almost met with their first home defeat of the season. Against the first class opposition the Hawks found themselves 6 points in arrears after 11 heats but gained an almost perfect ending, winning the last two heats by 5-1 and 4-2 to give them a deserved draw.
Earlier, Malcolm Brown after two wins fell third time out, dislocating a finger, thus missing his last ride.
Les McGillivray featured in the best race of the night when he took Leicester team-mates Ray Wilson and John Boulger from the back to win the fifth heat in superb fashion with Bengt Jansson a disappointing last.



(Challenge Match)

Hackney: C. Pratt 10, B. Jansson 10, L. McGillivray 7, M. Brown 6, 1. Biggs 4, D. Lukehurst 2, G. Everett 0.

Youth: J. Boulger 8, T. Betts 7, R. Wilson 7, W. Briggs 5, A. Jackson 5, O. Fossengen 4, G. Middleton 3.

Ht 1: Brown, Pratt, Betts, Middleton (f), 68.4.
Ht 2: Wilson, Boulger, Biggs, Lukehurst (f), 69.0.
Ht 3: Jansson, Fossengen, McGillivray, Briggs, 68.1
Ht 4: Brown, Jackson. Middleton, Everett, 69.6.
Ht 5: McGillivray, Boulger, Wilson, Jansson. 69.2.
Ht 6: Betts, Middleton, Biggs. Lukehurst (f). 67.8.
Ht 7: Pratt, Briggs, Fossengen, Brown (f). 69.0.
Ht 8: Jackson, Biggs, Boulger, Everett (f), 70.2.
Ht 9: Jansson, Betts, McGillivray, Middleton. 68.2.
Ht10: Briggs, Lukehurst, Fossengen, Biggs, 69.0.
Ht11: Boulger, Pratt, Wilson, Everett, 68.8.
Ht12: Jansson, McGillivray, Betts, Fossengen, 68.0.
Ht13: Pratt, Wilson, Jansson, Briggs (f), 68.4.

5 points from Hackney assett Alan Jackson [pictured above] helped the Youth of the World in their 39 all draw at the Wick.

Len Silver Talking • •

Can you possibly imagine how I felt last week? I doubt it! During the afternoon I rung the London Weather Centre, as I usually do and asked about the chances of rain. No chance at all, I was told and so, with the track dry and dusty I proceeded to pour water on thick and fast, and as heat one was about to start down it came and ruined what undoubtedly would have been a first class match.
However, in spite of the rain, the boys of both teams put in a very commendable display and our thanks must go to them for their courageous efforts. When they asked to be excused racing on the dangerous surface for the last part of the programme, how could I refuse their request? I do not think any promoter in the land would have even asked them to consider riding under the circumstances.
So that you do not feel cheated it is my intention to put on an extra-long programme next week when Poole are our visitors, so tell your pals not to miss the extra entertainment on offer then.
Tonight we welcome as our very special guests a large number of young people drawn from Youth Clubs all over London and the Home Counties. They come to support their representatives in the "Motorcyclist of the Year" contest during the Second Half of tonight's programme. In the process I sincerely hope that they enjoy the racing of the First Half and perhaps many of them I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the people who have given assistance and advice in organising the motorcyclist competition tonight, Youth Club organisers, the Police, the R.AC. and A.A and of course our old friend Don Smith who designed the course. But the real credit should go to the-man whose brainchild it is, our controversial P.R.O., Peter Douglas. Peter, during his short Speedway career has established himself as a fresh-thinking man of Ideas and I consider myself fortunate in having him behind me.
The "Youth of the World" team has undergone one change since last week. It was found that Bengt Larsson of Sheffield was engaged in a League match at Glasgow tonight and so, of course, is unable to race here. His place IS taken by Garry Middleton who I'm sure will prove in interesting and adequate replacement. 
Last night the Magnificent Seven were over at Plough Lane for their League engagement with the Dons, I do hope we can announce a victory over the P.A. but as I write I notice that the recent results of the Wimbledon Side make It seem that their fortunes have taken a turn for the better. But with Colin eager to prove that he should have been picked for the British side that beat Sweden there last Thursday, and 'Banger already showing his liking for the new little bowl, it may be that victory will have been ours-in any event it won't be for the want of trying !
I notice from the National Press that World Champion Ove Fundin has expressed willingness to help an English track once again! I suppose I should not have been surprised really although he told me at the end of last season that he really was retiring for good. Fundin has retired so many times one wonders whether he is just a practical joker at heart. If he is given permission to ride and I say "If" not without reason then I hope we shall be able to see him in action right here at the Wick. His appearance here, to keep a personal promise to me made many months earlier, at our last meeting of 1967 was a huge disappointment to him because he was suffering a severe bout of migraine at the time and was unable to give of his best. Maybe he'll have a chance to show us what he really CAN do.
Whilst we have a respite from the rigours of the League battle tonight, the tough opposition will extend the Hawks to their limit and so without further ado get your cheering voices ready and I'll see you all next week when we'll
Make it a date-Friday at Eight!


Panic stations at Glasgow recently when the visiting team, Wimbledon made a very late arrival. Les Whaley, new boss man at White City, quickly organised some racing for the fans using Glasgow team men and juniors. Fortunately the Dons appeared during this racing and the match took place with a late start Final result of Glasgow 40 -Wimbledon 38 must have given Les Whaley a second moment of worry!
Huge sighs of relief from Reg Fearman when he was told that the Reading Town Council had granted a three year licence for Speedway Racing at the Greyhound Stadium in Tilehurst, The council made some very strict stipulations, one of which was "no music", so Reg quickly engaged the services of Speedway's only professional commentator, Peter Arnold, who currently speaks on Speedway for the new Radio Leicester.
I hear that an approach from the owners of a greyhound stadium at a very large North country city has been made to a group of Division Two promoters with a view to staging Speedway there. Sworn to secrecy as I am at the moment I cannot reveal any further details, but the city concerned has, in spite of its size, never had Speedway before and it should prove to be a real crowd-puller there. Mike Parker, controversial promoter of Newcastle and Nelson, recently stated in the National Press that he thought that Division Two tracks should be rough so as to train our English lads for the European circuits in the future. Judging from recent programme statements it looks as if he's got his wish at the Nelson circuit. 
Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, so they say, we at Hackney should be very flattered-the Wimbledon programme dated June 13th carried the slogan "Make it a date-Thursday at Eight" I Ah well, it just goes to prove even more that WE lead others follow!

The Peter Douglas Page

A BIG WELCOME to youth club members and particularly to contestants in our "Motorcyclist of the Year" contest. The planning of this evening's activities has not been without its headaches, but here's hoping it all goes well and we have a great night's entertainment.
After praising me to the skies in Speedway Star, my good friend Peter Oakes last week attacked me for almost everything. Good thing Peter and I are the best of friends -we meet over lunch during the week. However, I am a bit sad to see that a speedway magazine devotes as much space as this to me of all people. Surely the riders are the personalities in speedway who should be getting the coverage, and not the behind-the scenes men like myself?
Left on my own for a month, with my two co-directors sunning themselves on holiday, Eamonn Dunphy in Ireland and Les Barrett in Spain. It's a great life! Good to see Colin and Gary down at Rayleigh last Saturday, watching our young Second Division Rockets. Colin was most impressed with the atmosphere at Rayleigh. It reminded him of the old rebel Provincial League days, when there was a good spirit amongst riders that you don't get so much in the more competitive world of the First Division ... We moved our offices this week from Holborn to Victoria Street and I hope that Hackney files have all found their correct way back into the filing cabinets in our new home.  Our national protest leaflets should be ready soon. So anyone with his pen ready to sign will be welcome. Watch for loudspeaker announcements during the meeting.
The two TV men I bad with me at Hackney last week were most impressed with us and with the facilities we have to offer, and I hope we will be able to let you know soon that one of our major events will be covered on TV in the near future. What pleased me most was that these two experienced TV directors once they saw speedway in action realised that it's about the most televisual sport there is a doctrine we have been preaching since the start of the season. If it comes off, we shall have up to 45 minutes at a peak Sunday afternoon viewing time-which will be about the biggest boost speedway has had for some time.


Good evening Supporters,

At the time of going to press there are still a few seats vacant on the coach going to Coventry tomorrow, for our British League match against the 'Bees'. If you would like to come along with us, you can enquire at the Kiosks to see if these seats are still free. Fare is 16/- and the coach leaves Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 1.30 p.m. PROMPT.
Don't forget our double trip coming up shortly. On SATURDAY, July 6th the coach will leave Maud Road at 5 p.m., for Rayleigh, where we shall watch the meeting and then travel overnight to Weymouth, to witness the 'Rockets' in action there on the Sunday afternoon. Fare for this round trip is 25/-.
I'm sure you must all know by now, that the supporters club outing to MARGATE is on SUNDAY, AUGUST l1th. This function is for members only, so if you wish to come along, enrol as a club member this evening for the nominal sum of 1/-. Bookings are coming along nicely, so reserve your seat this evening if you haven’t yet done so. Departure time is 8.30 a.m. from Maud Road and the fare will be 15/-.
Our summer dance takes place at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road (near Stratford Broadway) on SATURDAY, JULY 27th. Tickets at 6/- each can be obtained from the kiosks. Dancing is from 7.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. to the music of the "Aces".
Good news for all you programme collectors. We now have a new batch of 1968 away track programmes. These can be obtained from the kiosks or outside the speedway office (under the main stand), at 3d. and 6d. each.
Draw tickets in aid of the rider’s equipment fund, are on sale as usual from our sellers around the stadium, Tickets are 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or the bargain price of 7 for 2/-.
Last week's lucky winners will be drawn for tonight in addition to tonight's draw.

Cheerio for now, enjoy your Speedway.


Wimbledon ••• June 20


IN view of Wimbledon's relatively poor form this year and the table-topping achievements of Hackney, one might have expected the Hawks to at least come close to victory. But a 5-1 in the first heat, followed by another four races later, put the seal on a mediocre meeting. In fact the monotony was only relieved by some splendid individual riding with Trevor Hedge giving what I thought was his best performance of the season. Luckhurst and Nygren were also in fine fettle and with visiting skipper Pratt only showing his true ability in the later stages there was little to get excited about.
Pratt came from the back to defeat Nygren in Heat 11 but Len Silver was probably more concerned with Bengt Jansson; his Swedish star reared at the gate and fell heavily in Heat 10 and then fell again in Heat 12. Fortunately Bengt escaped serious injury. The second half handicap meeting saw the Dons win 27 20.



(British League)

Wimbledon: T. Hedge 12, O. Nygren 10, R. Luckhurst 10, B. Dugard 5, G. Middleton 4, A. Cowland 3, J. Tebby 2.

Hackney: C. Pratt 10, M. Brown 7, B. Jansson 6, L. McGillivray 6, J. Biggs 3, G. Everett 0, D. Lukehurst O.

Ht 1: Nygren, Dugard, Pratt, Everett, 66.5.
Ht 2: Luckhurst, Biggs. Tebby, Lukehurst (f), 65.2.
Ht 3: Hedge, Jansson. McGillivray, Cowland, 64.1.
Ht 4: Brown, Dugard, Middleton, Everett, 65.9.
Ht 5: Hedge, Cowland, Biggs, Lukehurst, 67.1.
Ht 6: Jansson, Luckhurst, Pratt, Tebby, 65.2.
Ht 7: Nygren, McGillivray, Jansson, Dugard, 65.6.
Ht 8: Brown, Luckhurst, Middleton, Biggs, 65.5.
Ht 9: Hedge, Pratt. Brown, Cowland, 64.4.
Ht 10 (re-run):Luckhurst, McGillivray, Tebby. Jansson (f. exe), 65.3.
Ht 11: Pratt, Nygren, Dugard, Biggs. 65.4.
Ht 12 (rerun): Pratt, Middleton, Cowland, Jansson (f. ex). 66.3.
Ht 13: Hedge, Nygren, McGillivray. Lakehurst, 64.1


This weeks [w/e 14th June ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-3d has Ove Fundin and Barry Briggs on the front cover 

Hackney . • • June 14


A DELUGE of rain just after the meeting began ruled out the possibility of an exciting match and on a sodden track the riders wisely carried out safely first precautions.
A great pity, because both Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson were only .2 sec. outside their track record in the opening heats, and a fast, eventful meeting seemed assured. Jansson managed 11 points, being beaten from the gate by Charlie Monk in Heat 12, with passing impossible. Monk (12 points from five rides) and Arnold Haley (10 points from six rides-including one engine failure and a fall) shouldered nearly all the Tigers' hopes, and if their team-mates had shown a little more daring on the wet track, who knows what the score might have been?


(British League)

Hackney: B. Jansson 11, C. Pratt 9, L. McGillivray 7, J. Biggs 6, M. Brown 4, D. Lukehurst 3, G. Everett 2.

 Sheffield: C. Monk 12, A. Haley 10, B. Maxted 6. B. Paulson 6, J. Dews 1, B. Bales O.

Ht 1: Pratt, Monk, Brown, Bales, 66.0.
Ht 2: Jansson, McGillivray, Lukehurst, Haley (ef) 66.0.
Ht 3: Monk, Paulson, Lukehurst. Everett, 68.0.
Ht 4: Biggs, Brown, Dews, Bales, 70.4.
Ht 5: Haley,  Lukehurst, Everett, Bales 74.8.
Ht 6: Jansson, McGillivray, Monk, Paulson, 76.0.
Ht 7: Paulson, Pratt, Brown, Haley, (f), 78.0.
Ht 8: Biggs, Haley, McGillivray, Dews, 75.8.
Ht 9 (re-run): Monk, Haley, Everett (f ef), Lukehurst (f.ex), 78.8.
Ht 10: Jansson, McGillivray, Maxted, Paulson, 77.6.
Ht 11: Haley, Maxted, Pratt, Brown (ef). 77.4. 
Ht 12: Monk, Jansson,
Biggs, Paulson. 75.6.
Ht 13:. Pratt, Maxted, Paulson, Lukehurst. 76.2.

Len Silver Talking • •

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who reckon that last Friday's battle with tile "Heathens" of Cradley was the best match ever here at Hackney. Well that is a very bold statement indeed because we have certainly had a large number of "classics" on our little bowl. Nonetheless, I think those people who hold that extreme view may well be right! With Des mounted on borrowed equipment due to last minute magneto trouble, things looked unhealthy. But a great performance by Malcolm after a disappointing first ride largely compensated for that and with the Magnificent Seven really riding as a team, final victory was ours.
After the match I had to have a little inward chuckle. The racing had been superb and I went into the riders' dressing room to congratulate both teams on a terrific performance. Four of the visiting Cradley boys took me to one side and told me that they were delighted at the conditions of the track. "I was really able to give it all I'd got," said Bobby Andrews, a sentiment echoed by his team mates. Imagine my feelings and thoughts when at a gathering of the Hackney riders a little later on they complained to me about the track! "It's getting too 'slick'," they said, almost to a man. One voice piped up from the centre of the group, "Well-er to tell the truth I liked it." It was Malcolm! No wonder he put up his best performance so far this year! So-we must please our lads and a delivery of shale took place this week to give the boys a bit more grip, but we've left a little strip of the track bare just to please Malcolm.
With his wrist now mended, Alan Jackson continues to impress in the Second Half. As you know, it was my plan to loan Alan to Rayleigh for the season, but he asked me if he could stay here and try to force his way into the team. Always prepared to accede to the wishes of a rider if I can, I agreed and so here he stays unless he changes his mind. I feel a little sorry for Alan really because he is riding so well that he does deserve a team spot, but the problem is-who do you drop? Just as one man seems to be slipping low enough to lose his place-suddenly up he pops with a big score and some fine riding to keep himself in the Seven-three or four times this has happened involving different men this year. Meanwhile, chirpy Alan plugs merrily on waiting in the side lines for his opportunity. It is for this reason that I intend using him as the No.7 in the "Youth of the World" side next week. Maybe that will sort things out a bit!
Talking of the "Youth of the World" team, what a line-up we've booked! Terry Betts and Ray Wilson of England, John Boulger from Australia, Wayne Briggs from New Zealand, Odd Forsengen of Norway and Bengt Larsson from Sweden, with little Alan added for good measure! Really a Seven to match OUR Seven, I reckon. Add the "Motorcyclist of the Year" contest and a great evening's entertainment must be forthcoming.
Now we bid a warm Hackney welcome to the "steel" men of Sheffield, this year strengthened by the inclusion of high-scoring Charlie Monk. With 13 points from 11 matches they sit in a high position in the League table. Can they enhance their position tonight? I hope not, but they'll certainly try! If they give us a classic like we had last week, I shall not complain.
It's time to begin now, so play the music and off we go-see you all next week when we'll

Make it a date-Friday at Eight.


Down in Kent they've discovered a new form of white granite suitable for track surfacing, and it's being used at both Canterbury and Crayford. Our Len is watching tile use of it very closely-maybe our track is due to change colour soon?
The draw for the World Championship Semi-Finals has now taken place and the Rider’s and venues are as follows :

SHEFFIELD - JUNE 27th, 7,45 p.m.

W. McMillan, Bob Andrews, M. Broadbanks, B. Briggs, N. Boocock, Bill Andrews, N. Hunter, J. Squibb, I. Airey, T. Roper, M. Simmons, P. Vandenberg, C. Julian, B. Harkins, D. Younghusband, C. PRATT.

POOLE - JUNE 26th, 7.45 p.m,

G. Kentwe1l, C. Gooddy, E. Boothroyd, I. Mauger, M. Ashby, J. Boulger, T. Betts, W. Briggs, T. Hedge, J. Bond, G. Mudge, R. Luckhurst, E. Boocock, R. Wilson, C. Monk, R. Kilby.

I'd say that Colin has drawn the tougher of the two rounds, but fortunately his liking for the large Sheffield raceway is well known. 
Meanwhile, out in Sweden, Gunnar Malmqvist has received spinal injuries and if these prove serious enough to keep him out of action, our Bengt may yet get his chance in the Final because at the moment be is 1st reserve.
News of George Barclay at West Ham is that he is suffering from broken ribs and apparently keeping very cheery and although his injuries sound very serious in actual fact he is progressing very well indeed and is looking forward to racing again very soon.


Good evening, Supporters,
As you are surely all aware, we are now just over a third of the way through this 1968 season, and our very own "Hawks" are sitting pretty at the top of the British League. As I pen these notes we have just taken an away point from the Poole Pirates, and after fight we have kept our 100% home record against the Cradley "Heathens."
We have, corning up soon, a couple of very hard away matches against Wimbledon on 
THURSDAY JUNE 20th and Coventry on SATURDAY, JUNE 22nd. Your support at these away meetings is always helpful to the boys, and with our current form, away victories are very much on the cards. The coach for Wimbledon leaves Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 6.15 p.m. PROMPT and the fare will be 5/6.
The Coventry coach leaves Maud Road at 1.30 p.m. PROMPT. I would like to remind you once again, that our Supporters' Club outing (for members only) is to Margate on SUNDAY, AUGUST 1lth, Coaches leave Maud Road 
at 8.30 a.m. and the fare is 15/-. If you would like to come with us but haven't yet joined the supporters' club, you can enrol at one of the kiosks this evening for just 1/-.
Our Summer dance takes place at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road (just a couple of minutes walk from Stratford Broadway) on SATURDAY, JULY 27th. Dancing IS to the "Aces" and tickets are now available at 6/- each. In one of my earlier columns the price of tickets was shown as 5/-. Unfortunately, owing to the great increase in cost of 
hiring the hall and band for a Saturday evening instead of our usual Friday, we had no alternative but to slightly increase the price of admission, however we're going to have a great time so get your ticket tonight as numbers are restricted.
Draw tickets in aid of the riders' equipment fund are on sale as usual, at 6d each, three for 1/- or the bargain price of seven for 2/-. Get your tickets and help the boys to B.L. success, as well as giving yourself the chance of winning one of our very attractive prizes. Winning ticket holders are invited to collect their prizes from the speedway office immediately after tonight's meeting.

Last week's lucky winners were as follows:

1st prize ticket number: 177-B. J. Pratt, Tappesfield Road, S.E.l.

2nd prize ticket number: 2917-Mrs. B. Trim, Leyton, E.10.

3rd prize ticket number: 59-Mrs. I. Smith, Coopersdale Road, E.9.

We are organising a combined coach trip to Rayleigh and Weymouth on Saturday, July 6th, leaving Maud Road at 5.00 p.m. We will travel after Rayleigh through the night to Weymouth, fare 25/-. Those interested are asked to book their seat at one of the kiosks tonight.



The Peter Douglas Page


Next week, as you know, as part of FUTURAMA '68 we’re holding a contest for young motorcyclists drawn from youth clubs all over London, which we have organised in connection with the National Association of Youth Clubs. This IS the parallel organisation to the NABC, and includes girls and mixed clubs (that's an improvement!).
There are about 400 of these in the London area, and my footballing partners, Les Barrett and Eamonn Dunphy, have done quite a lot of good work for them in the past attending receptions, handing out prizes, coaching football teams and last week at Crystal Palace young Stuart Gibbs, the England table tennis player whom we also look after, put on a brilliant demonstration for the youngsters, as part of their national sports finals.
So we are very keen to see entries rolling- in from young motorcyclists and youth club members who are being specially invited to watch and I hope you will find it an exciting evening's entertainment. Len has lined up a first-class team of international youngsters to represent "The Youth of the World," who will prove more than a match for our Hackney boys.

This week 150,000 leaflets are being turned out by our printers as part of the national speedway protest that Len and I are organising. Once these are ready, they will be sent to supporters' club secretaries at each of the thirty British League tracks up and down the country, for signature and return to us. The leaflet is in the form of a protest to Hugh Carlton-Green, Director General of the B.B.C., at the recent decision of the Corporation not to publish speedway results in their news bulletins, on the grounds that speedway is a minor sport. You know my feelings about this, often expressed in this column so independently, Len and I have decided to do something. I hope that Hackney fans, and speedway supporters all over the country, will back us up.

Thanks to Peter Oakes for a nice write-up in Speedway Star. I like this "livewire" bit, wiry more like, I don't eat enough except when Snowy stands me a cup of tea and a cheese roll down at Rayleigh .... Attended the wedding of the year on Wednesday no, not Dennis Tanner, but our footballing client Gary Sprake of Leeds United. Gary tells me that he was much more nervous before this particular match than. Before an international. . . . Colin and Malcolm clocking up a few miles between here and -Ireland, with weekend fixtures in Dublin. Maybe Malcolm's sudden change of form means he's learnt a thing or two from the Irishmen? ... Hazards of a-P.R.- job-man's Department :
Returning late from our last Hackney fixture, I stopped off at the West End for a meal, before making my way across St. James' Park, which is virtually my front Garden, as I live in Westminster.I was promptly set on by two large men and promptly fled to the main road, where I got hold of a police car. We tore through the Park, trying to locate my attackers, but without success, but I got a lift home. Now Len is thinking of paying me danger money!

This weeks [w/e 7th June ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-3d has Halifax's Eric Boocock on the front cover.

West Ham . . . June 11


A REMARKABLE series of engine failures kept the score see-sawing in the early stages during a match in which thrilling racing and with close finishes abounded.
Sverre Harrfeldt gained a maximum, but the man Hammers can thank for their win was Brian Leonard, who fought his way from the back in all his races to fully deserve a paid maximum.
In fact, the pace of this match was so hot that the world's No.2, Bengt Jansson, could do' no better than LAST place in Heat 7, and it was this defeat that swung the result. But he made up for that by riding round Norman Hunter on the last bend of Heat 12 in magnificent fashion. Undoubtedly a match to remember, ranking alongside their KO Cup clash earlier in the season at Custom House when only three points separated the teams.
Now we all look forward to the London Cup matches.


(British League)

West Ham: S. Harrfeldt 12, N. Hunter 10, B. Leonard 9, T. Clarke 3, S. Stevens 3, K. McKinlay 3, B. Crowson 1.

Hackney: C. Pratt 8, D. Lukehurst 7, B. Jansson 7, J. Biggs 6, L. McGillivray 5, A. Jackson 3, M. Brown 1.

 Ht 1: Harrfeldt, Leonard, Brown, Pratt (ef), 74.2.
Ht 2: Hunter, Lukehurst, Biggs, Clarke, 74.6.
Ht 3:  Jansson, McGillivray, McKinlay, Stevens, 73.6.
Ht 4:  Leonard, Jackson, Crowson, Brown (ef), 75.4.
Ht 5: Lukehurst, Stevens, Biggs, McKinlay (ef), 75.0.
Ht 6: Hunter, Pratt, Clarke, Brown 74.4.
Ht 7: Harrfeldt, Leonard, McGillivray, Jansson, 74.2.
Ht 8: Biggs, Clarke, Jackson, Crowson, 74.5.
Ht 9: Pratt, McKinlay, Stevens, Jackson, 74.6.
Ht 10: Hunter, Jansson, McGillivray, Clarke, 74.4.
Ht 11: Harrfeldt, Leonard, Biggs, Lukehurst(f), 74.4.
Ht 12: Pratt, Jansson, Hunter. McKinlay, 74.0.
Ht 13, Harrfeldt, Lukehurst, McGillivray, Stevens, 74.2.

UNDERSTANDABLY we're not such Happy Hammers this week. It's always unpleasant to witness serious accidents, and the carnage last Tuesday was made all the more sickening because it involved our own George Barclay, a lad who has won a very special place in all our hearts. George, as you know, was trapped under the Pits Bend fence for ten minutes after a truly alarming collision with Newcastle's Goog Allan. Our thanks here must be extended to the St. John's Ambulance Brigade, our Track Staff and particularly Tony Clarke, who, armed only with pliers and a large screw driver, worked wonders in freeing George with the modicum of inconvenience.
George was taken to Queen Mary's Hospital, Stratford, with severe lacerations to his neck, chest injuries, and damage to a knee, wrist and thumb. He was detained, but, as we write, was stated to be "satisfactory". We sincerely hope that he is up and about by tonight.. .... indeed let us hope he will be able to be with us.
Goog Allan was apparently not seriously hurt and was reported to have departed with the Newcastle team for home territory the same night.
George's fate knocked much of the stuffing from the Hammers; we're a team unit and The Gent is possibly the most universally popular character around. We all suffered with him. His machine was a total write-off. Never by one crash. But we hope to be helping poor George out towards this end when we come to it: first job is to get him fit and well again. Terribly tough luck for a rider on the way up; a terrific team-man; a Hammer with a mammoth-size fighting heart. Get well soon, George.
IT'S OBVIOUS that it will be some time before George will be ready to resume racing. Rather a blow to our hopes, for the lads were beginning to knit together. But that is speedway. You must take the rough with the smooth. 
Circumstances force us to recall young Barry Crowson from Canterbury to fill in until George's return. We hate depleting the new Kent side in this way but we really have no alternative. - Barry has made marvellous progress this year and won't let us down.
Probably our greatest problem is the psychological effect of losing George. The heart went from the side last week; that was visible to all present. Even Sverre seemed one degree under in defence of his Silver Sash, although, in fairness. we doubt if there was a rider in the world who would have contained Ivan Mauger here last week.
TONIGHT WE HAVE got to find again our fighting mettle, because we have no small task in dealing with Hackney.
The Hawks have definitely come out well from the Winter Reallocations and are as we write, still sitting on the top of the British League. While we tag faithfully along, one place behind.
A great sight for East London devotees of speedway racing. And it gives tonight's tussle considerable added spice. We recall that nail-biting KO Cup Match here earlier, when we had to pull out all the stops to triumph. If anything our position is even more precarious tonight: with skipper Ken McKinlay not fully 100 per cent; no George (who quite certainly has the beating of the Hackney tail enders) and Barry plunging straight into the deep end after precious little experience. It's going to be a fight all right.
But we'll not moan. We'll not bleat. We'll not scream for replacements. We'll simply do the best we can, with what we've got.
We welcome Hackney as our greatest competitive rivals. Win, lose, or draw, we hope they go home feeling that they have been matched against sportsmen.

Up the Hammers.


WE WENT OUT of the KO Cup at Belle Vue. But we went out with our heads held high. Fighting all the way. After one of the greatest matches ever seen in Aceville, we now wish the Aces good hunting in the rest of the competition. The team that has beaten Hammers in the competition has always gone on to win the trophy. Belle Vue would be good winners.
REPAIR WEEK for the Track Staff. New Pit Gates. You've never seen such a tangled mess as the old ones, after Mr Goog Allan did his demolition job. One thought: how fortunate that we have a fence that "gives". Shudder to think of the consequences last week if we had a solid crash wall
ROARING JOHN ranted a bit when we told him we would have to recall Barry Crowson from Canterbury. But the Old Warrior really has a heart of gold. "It's all you can do", he said, when he'd softened a bit, "In fact, if you're hard up you can have ANY of my lads, Martyn Piddock included"! We're all good mates, y'know.
TOMORROW EVENING Crayford are scheduled to open and we'll be taking a keen interest in the destiny of our pals' across the River. Bill Bridgett has lined up a strong looking side for his new "Highwaymen",
But there's still room for one of our new juniors over there, we reckon ......
LOTS OF SILENT TEARS and a nightlong vigil by many fans at Queen Mary's Hospital last week for poor old Gentleman George. The lads were all mighty cut-up. Reckoned they would have a whip-round and send in the biggest basket of fruit in captivity. Then we remembered: George is a greengrocer. He'll have no shortage of fruit! So we worked out the lad would need assistance with his bike and we'll be looking after that when he's up and about again.
REMEMBER DON COX? An ultra-keen member of our Starting Line staff, who looked to be condemned to a lifetime in a wheelchair following an industrial fall some 18 months ago. Don has been to Lourdes and is now back in hospital for a lengthy operation which he hopes, hopes, hopes will work the miracle. "Probably be another three weeks before I can see another speedway match” he told us, Life won’t be worth living until I get back". So if you want to cheer up one of our greatest, and pluckiest fans, why not drop a line to: D. Cox, Ward 5X, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, Bucks.
DON'T FORGET: Our Free Holiday Contest (by arrangement with The Travel Club, Upminster) is still going strong. Lt's Hair Appointment Time tonight too. So if you girls want a month's free hair appointments at Peter's Place, Ilford High Road, all you have to do is send your name and address and any reference to "Peter's Place" to: 340 Eastern Avenue East, Gidea Park, Romford. We'll announce the winner next week.
OUR FLYING 15 YEAR-OLDS are making good progress. Did a bit of gating last week. Barry Thomas has now bought a pukka speedway bike (from dear old Cyril Roger, incidentally). So we'll be watching him in future. Yer watching World Champs in the making here after racing each week, folks.
SENTIMENTAL, MOMENT tonight for two of our most loyal fans: John and Veronica Fillery, of Forest Gate. This is the last British speedway they will see as they are immigrating to Perth, Australia, immediately after the match. We'll play a record for them (are you listening, Ted Sear?) and give them a car sticker and poster to remember us by. And don't be surprised if The Hurri-Ken looks you up while he's at his winter base in Perth, John and Veronica. And thanks for your continued support. God speed.
NEXT WEEK. Should be a whizzer. Exeter. Who feature the fabulous Martin Ashby, who we reckon is the most improved rider of the year. Plus Briggo Junior. Bluebeard Sqibby, Tom-Tom Sweetman. Our old mates Pete Lansdale and Wally Mawdsley, a hustling and a juggling to catch us on the hop. It’s a gas, gas, gas.
GET IN QUICK: for bookings for the Britain-Russia World League Match here on Saturday June 29th. It’s gonna be a bumper night. Make sure of your favourite seat. Once more into the booking office dear friends…….

First World League Match!

Great Britain   vs *Soviet Russia * at  WEST HAM         SPEEDWAY


19th June at 7.45 p.m.

Tickets on Sale To-night!

A & E Stands 10/6

B & Stands 11/6

C Stand – 15/-

Admission at Stiles for Popular

Enclosure: Adults 6/-, Children 4/-


Good evening Supporters,

Our match tonight against Hackney who are at present top of the British League, should be very close and interesting as we are still well in the running for the Championship especially after our win against Newcastle last Tuesday puts us in a closer position to the league leaders.
Have you brought one of our new club pennants yet? If not, why not do so tonight as the demand for them last week was overwhelming, these and all other club items can be obtained from the sellers who come around the stadium or from the club corner.
Coach bookings will be taken tonight for our away match at Coventry on Saturday 27th July, prices 17/6 for adults and 12/6 for children and O.A.P.s. Also if any supporters wish to go to either Wolverhampton on Friday 12th July or Exeter on Monday 15th July would you kindly let Jim Spurdens know when he comes around the track or Mrs May Hall will be pleased to take your coach bookings in the club corner in the main enclosure.
There will be another 8 prizes to be won in our Grand draw tonight, tickets are 3d. each or 10 for 2/-. Last week's winners were as follows:
No. 20913 N. R. Thompson, Touenharn.
Pyrex Casserole Set
No. 21409 Unclaimed
No. 21095 Unclaimed
No. 21257 Unclaimed
No. 25376 Mr. K. Griffin, Dagenham,
Addis Sink Set
No. 25897 B. Armistead, E.16.
No. 21010 Name Not Given
2 Boxes of 
No. 20523 Mrs. S. Allison, E.1O. Avon

We will have on sale again tonight tickets for the Great Britain v Russia European League match to be held at this Stadium on Saturday 29th June. Tickets are priced at 12/6 and 15/- each, obtainable from the TOTE booth to the right of the starting gate.
Cheerio until next week,

Seery's Statistics from the Speedway Star. That Ivan Mauger looks quite good !

Hackney ••• June 7


CRADLEY HEATH, determined to lose tile the unfashionable tag, served up' another spirited away show, but the all-round strength of league leaders Hackney proved too much. Even so, the result was in doubt until the final heat, but fine riding by Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson pegged back Cradley hope Roy Trigg. Former Hackney favourite Trigg rode extremely well and was excellent value for his 12 points from five rides. Bobby Andrews and Graham Coombes also showed a fair turn of pace for the visitors; but Ivor Brown hit by mechanical troubles, and Tommy Berqvist failed to muster a point between them, and this was Cradley's undoing.
While Pratt, an unselfish skipper was a prime mover in this Hackney success, a big vote of thanks is also due to Malcolm Brown. He ran a last in the opening race, but after that was unbeaten and his Heat 11 win over Trigg brought the house down.
Heat 8 provided its fair share of excitement too. Ivor Brown pulled out when his bike packed up; then Jackie Biggs and Ken Wakefield spilled together. Gary Everett stormed ahead to an easy win and all credit to Biggs and Wakefield, who picked up their machines and sped off in pursuit of the minor placings.



(British League)

Hackney: C. Pratt 9, M. Brown 9, B. Jansson 8. L. McGillivray 6, D. Lukehurst 5, G. Everett 4, J. Biggs 2.

Cradley Heath: R. Trigg 12, B. Andrews 9, G. Coombes 7, K. Wakefield 4, C. Julian 3, I. Brown O. T. Berqvist O.

Ht 1: Pratt, Julian, Coombes, M. Brown, 67.1.
Ht 2: Trigg, Lukehurst, Biggs, I Brown, 67.4.
Ht 3: Andrew, McGillivray, Jansson, Berqvist, 67.8.
Ht 4: M. Brown, Wakefield, Everett, Julian (f), 68.1.
Ht 5: Trigg, Jansson, McGillivray, I Brown, 67.0
Ht 6: Coombes, Lukehurst, Julian, Biggs, 69.0.
Ht 7: M. Brown. Pratt, Andrews, Berqvist, 68.0.
Ht 8: Everett, Wakefield (f.re), Biggs (f.re), I. Brown(f). 71.6.
Ht 9: Jansson, Coombes, McGillivray, Julian. 67.5.
Ht 10: Trigg, Andrews, Lukehurst, Biggs (ef). 68.2.
Ht 11: M. Brown, Trigg, Pratt, Wakefield, 67.4.
Ht 12: Andrews, McGillivray. Coombes, Lukehurst (f). 68.1.
Ht 13: Pratt, Jansson, Trigg, Berqvist. 67.8.

Len Silver Talking . . .

We could call, Whit Weekend of near misses. First of all Colin gets piped for top spot in the World Championship round here last Friday, having to give best to Barry Briggs. Then on Whit Monday in the W.O. & H.O. Wills Internationale at Wimbledon, Bengt had to be content with the runners-up spot to Nigel Boocock. Both meetings were full of thrills, but one of the thrills that I'm sure we enjoyed most was the exhilarating form of "Atom Bomb" Les when he scorched round here for thirteen well taken points last week. And how unlucky Les was not to qualify for the Semi-final’s, with the lowest qualifier at 30 points, our Les was just 2 short at 28. Colin, of course, sailed through as we all expected, with a total of 41 points dropping only 4 points in his three rounds, quite a feat when you think of all the scintillating talent that abound the raceways of England and Scotland. But still Colin has a long and tough way to go in order to qualify for the Final in Gothenberg. Our hearts must go with him as he battles on through the Semi's, the British Final, the Nordic Final, and the European Final and on to Gothenberg for the Final! Meanwhile, over in Sweden, Bengt had to qualify direct to the Gothenberg meeting via his Swedish rounds only, but, one slip and he sits on the fence to watch.
This slip he unfortunately made, scoring only 6 points in just one of his qualifying meetings instead of the 7 he needed to get through. All his other meetings he had ridden up to his normal form ... but one small error Bengt makes his first Gothenberg experience only as first reserve. Imagine the feelings of our brave little Swedish Bombshell when only a few short months ago he was sitting almost on top of the World with the runners up spot safely his! Such are the fortunes of Speedway Racing, and WHO would have it any other way? It's the complete unpredictability of the sport that makes it so exciting.
And it's the unpredictability of tonight's opponents that makes the meeting so exciting to the thoughts. Never before have Cradley Heath proved such a thorn to the other British League clubs. Their "Away" record is truly fantastic, and undoubtedly it has been the inclusion of our old favourite Roy Trigg, plus the added power of New Zealand emigratee Bob Andrews, that have put Cradley in this enviable position. It is going to take every inch of effort on the part of the Magnificent Seven to put us ahead this evening, and I do not say this idly. I remember the previous visits of the Heathens when, with a team that all and sundry were knocking spots off, they came here and almost pinched the League points. So you can understand my concern tonight. We A few other clubs, including our neighbours from Custom House, are now breathing down our necks ... how they'd love to see us slip up on our own circuit!
Now I want to tell you a few things about our meeting two weeks from today, on June 21st. Entitled "Futurama", it takes three parts. The first will be a match Hawks versus "The Youth of the World" and will feature our own boys taking on opponents who will be drawn from young' stars noted for their determination and spirited riding. The riders taking part are noted elsewhere in the programme; at least so far as I am able, since replies are still awaited from some, certainly we shall be able to announce the full line-up over the P.A. tonight. 
The second part of the meeting will take the form of a motorcycle trial of skill for the youth of London. Over 400 youth clubs have been invited to send participants along to ride in an obstacle race to discover the best all-round motor cyclist from their ranks. The Police Cadets, the Road Safety Committee and our old friend Don Smith, himself a famous trials rider, are joining together to design the course and Judge the event.
The third and last part will be a Mini-Match featuring the young starlets of the Second Division" completing an evening designed to cater for Youth. . .
Those of you who like matches with an international flavour are certainly in for a feast of entertainment this season, and the big events begin next Thursday at Wimbledon Stadium when Great Britain take on Sweden in the first ever European league match. No doubt many of you will be making the trek south of the River, and it’s for sure that your journey will be well worth while because the rivalry that has built up over the past few seasons between the riders of the two Speedway nations IS really terrific. The British boys will be out to prove to their followers that the men from the Land of the Lakes are not so all-mighty as they might seem, and like-wise, the men from the Land of the Lakes, I understand led by World Champion Ove Fundin will be out to maintain their high position. Personally I would not miss the match for anything, and I know that I shall see many of you there. .. The Second Division is now well and truly underway and its proving to be a hotbed for entertaining racing brought about by the unbounding enthusiasm of the new team members. The powerhouse team of the League is, at the moment, the Belle Vue Colts, led by their experienced Taffy Owen. Our sister club, Rayleigh, recently visited the Manchester track and put up a very creditable show on what, to them, was a completely strange circuit. So as to really test the strength of the Essex Side, Belle Vue have been booked to appear at Rayleigh Weir for a special challenge match tomorrow week, Saturday, June 15th at 8 p.m. If you haven't as yet made the short trip down the Southend Road, then I advise you to make this match your first visit, because it promises to be a real rip-snorter. You will meet many familiar faces and undoubtedly have a lot of fun watching the keenest riders in England in action. The stadium has very large car parks and boasts a pleasant licensed bar from which the racing can be watched in comfort. I know that if you make the trip once, you will most certainly want to go regularly. The complete unpredictability of it all makes the entertainment value paramount. Tonight we say a sad farewell to two very dear friends, Derek and Beryl Jarvis. Since Hackney first opened in 1963 Derek and Beryl have, been essential cogs in our machine. This season they moved a little further into the limelight when they took over the microphone, Derek as official announcer' and Beryl, his charming wife, as our resident 'Radio Goldhawk' disc jockey. As always they performed a first class Job and I take this opportunity of thanking them publicly. They leave us to make a new home for themselves in far off sunny South Africa, where Derek has been offered a position in keeping with his ability and I know you will want to join me in wishing them and their two bright sons "Bon Voyage" and hope that they find happiness and prosperity in their new abode. Coming in to take their place behind the microphone will be two of Hackney's most ardent fans. Mick Manning becomes our new announcer and Joy Edwards our Radio Goldhawk disc jockey. Their job is a difficult and a nerve wracking one, I know you will all bear with them for the next few weeks while they find their feet in their new jobs.
In previous seasons our visitors next week, the Sheffield Tigers, have never really excited the interest of the public. What a difference now they are spearheaded by Australian star, Charlie Monk. Suddenly they have been infused with possibilities of hitherto undreamed of, and it IS With excited anticipation that I look forward to their visit. Can the Tigers maul the Hawks'? You MUST Join me next week to find out and

Make it a date, Friday at Eight.



The Peter Douglas Page

Someone quickly pointed out to me after reading my notes last week that the Daily Sketch was the only national paper to publish a correction to the result of our British League match with Leicester, and apologised for printing a wrong result the day before. No doubt this was due to the influence of staff man Dave Lang (Lanning), for which many thanks.
As you know Len Silver and I are organising a national drive to make the voice of speedway heard in a big way. This week we have gone to press with our 150 thousand protest forms and have designed a special campaign symbol-a speedway rider in chains, struggling to get free! Daily Express readers will quickly realise we have poached the old knight-in-chains idea from Lord Beaverbrook, the more we examine the facts, the more excited we are about what we're selling. For example, did you know that four million people a year watch speedway? That speedway is the biggest non gambling spectator sport during the summer? That every week, twenty-eight tracks cater for an average of 5,000 spectators-each?
Gary Everett, out of the qualifying rounds due to an injury to his hand, was giving team-mate Malcolm Brown a lot of friendly criticism during last week's round at Hackney. As always, Malcolm took it in good part ... Disappointment for mini mechanic Tiger at not winning the coveted speedway bike in the Supporters Club draw. Why doesn't someone give this young man a ride? ... Don't forget the mid-summer Dance at the Pigeons Hotel, Stratford on July 27th organised by the terrible twins Ken and Snowy ... A busy week gone by for Colin Pratt, with fixtures in Scotland, a trip to Ireland, down to Poole on Wednesday and back home again for tonight' meeting, truly a professional . . . Telly moguls shortly visiting Hackney to discuss coverage of events on sports programme . . . Nearly missed the start of last week' meeting: with business partner Eamonn Dunphy, we were giving away medals to a youth club football team at 7.15 in Mayfair, but thanks to Eamonn's original style of motoring arrived at Hackney in 23 minutes flat!
This week we are saying a rather sad farewell to Beryl and Derrick Jarvis, who between them have run the announcers box so efficiently at Hackney. Together with their young family, Derek an Beryl are moving lock, stock and barrel to South Africa and I know you will join me in wish in them every success in the future And who knows, the smooth Jarvis commentaries may soon be heard over some distant speedway circuit in WongaWonga land!


Good evening, Supporters,
For the second time in three weeks Hackney supporters have travelled to an away meeting, only to find that a very unkind weather man had deemed their journey unnecessary.
When the meeting at Cradley Heath was called off, we dashed over to Coventry to witness the World Championship round at Brandon.
The first coach going to Coventry for our British League match there against the 'Bees' on Saturday, June 22nd, is almost full. This is always a very entertaining trip, so if you intend corning along but have not yet reserved your seat on the coach, do so this evening and if support is good enough then an additional coach will be put on. Fare is 16/- and departure time is Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 1.30 PROMPT.
On Saturday, July 6th a coach will be running to Rayleigh. After this meeting the coach will then travel overnight to Weymouth, as the Rockets are in action there on Sunday afternoon. More details of this trip will appear in this column in a week or two.
Margate is the venue for the supporters club outing this year. Coaches will be going to the Kent resort on Sunday, August 11th leaving Maud Road at 8.30 am.
Don't forget this is for Supporters Club members only, so if you wish to come with us and are not yet a member, enrol tonight and 'book your seat early, so as to avoid disappointment. Fare will be 15/-.
Our summer dance will be held at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road (just five minute’s walk from Stratford Broadway) on Saturday, July 27th. Dancing from 7.30 p.m., to 11.30 p.m. Tickets at 6/- each will be available shortly.
Hope you are paying a weekly visit to one of the kiosks, where a vast variety of Equipment is on display; the kiosks are situated at the back of the terracing on bends two and four and on ground level on bend one.
Don't forget the weekly draw in aid of the rider’s equipment fund. The 'Hawks' are of course sitting pretty at the top of the British League, and by digging out that loose change and purchasing some draw. tickets (6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/-) you'll not only give yourself the chance to win one of our ultra-attractive prizes, but also boost the fund that could be so important to our championship chances, when things really hot up In the later part of the season.

Last week's lucky winners were as follows.

lst prize. Ticket number:-1179, W. Hunnable, Gascoyne Road, E.9.
2nd prize. Ticket number:-1078 B .J. Pratt, Tappesfield Road, SE15
3rd prize. Ticket number- 8890 R. V. F. Robins, Candida Court, NW.1


Poole ••• June 5


MAURIE MATINGLY stepped into the breach to help injury-hit Poole, who had Bruce Cribb, Tim Bungay and Ted Laessing suffering from the effects of previous injuries.
Although both Bungay and Laessing gallantly turned out and Cribb wanted to ride despite having his injured foot in plaster -they managed only 4 points between them and were obviously not at full fitness.
Mattingly's contribution was a useful 5 points, but Pirates could not avoid the loss of another home point.
Hard-riding Hackney were brilliantly led by Bengt Jansson, who reeled off four wins in a row, only to be robbed of a 15- point maximum when hit by mechanical troubles in the last heat.
When Jansson fell out of the race, it let Bill Andrews and Geoff Mudge in for a 4-2 heat win to save the match for Poole.
Andrews battled bravely for Poole, along with pin-up boy Odd Fossengen. They both turned in a total of 10 points to provide the basis or Poole's victory bid. But Jansson, Des Lukehurst and reserve Gary Everett gave strong opposition.


(British League)

Poole: B. Andrews 10, O Fossengen 10, G. Mudge 5, M Mattingly 5, P. Smith 5, Bungay 3, T. Laessing 1.

Hackney: B. Jansson 12, D Lukehurst 11. G, Everett 7, Pratt 4, M. Brown 3, J. Biggs 2, L. McGillivray 0,

Ht 1: Fossengen, Mudge, Pratt, Brown, 76.1.
Ht 2
: Jansson, Smith, Bungay, Biggs (f), 72.0.
Ht 3: Andrews, Lukehurst, Mattingly, McGillivray. 73.8.
Ht 4: Fossengen, Brown, Laessing, Everett. 74.4.
Ht 5: Jansson, Andrews, Lukehurst, MaltingIy, 71.2.
Ht 6: Pratt, Bungay. Smith. Brown, 75.0.
Ht 7: Lukehurst, Fossengen, Mudge, McGillivray, 74.1.
Ht 8: Everett. Biggs. Smith. Laessing, 77.0.
Ht 9: Mattingly, Andrew, Brown, Pratt, 74.4.
Ht 10: Jansson, Lukehurst, Smith. Bungay 74.
Ht 11: Jansson, Fossengen, Mudge, Biggs, 75.0

Ht 12. Lukehurst, Everett, Mattingly, Bungay (ef), 75.6.
HI 13: Andrews,  Everett,  Mudge,  Jansson (ef) 77.0.

This weeks [w/e 31st May ]Speedway Star & News available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track at just 1/-3d has Wolverhampton's Pete Jarman and Hawks skipper Colin Pratt on the front cover.

Hackney • • • May 31


BARRY BRIGGS was just too good for anyone else. His victory at Hackney was as clear cut as that, a maximum 15 points from five flawless rides put Briggs well ahead of a field that produced predictable result all through.
Perhaps a mild surprise was the splendid form of veteran McGillivray, beaten only by Pratt and Briggs. This was vintage stuff from a rider showing class and true ability.
The rest was pretty run-or-the mill, although Ken McKinlay never got going and finished with only 7 points.


(Qualifying Round)

Scorers: B. Briggs 15, C. Pratt 14, McGillivray 13, M. Broadbanks 11. J. Squibb 9, S. Stevens 7, K. McKinlay 7, C. Hitch 7, M. Brown 6, Featherby 6, J. Bishop 5, G. Barclay 5, D. Lukehurst 4, T. Clarke 4. J. Biggs 3, P. Munday 2. A. Jackson 2.

Ht 1: Pratt, Clarke, Steven, Bishop 68.4.
Ht 2: McGillivray, Squibb, Biggs. Munday (ef) 69.2.
Ht 3: Briggs, Brown, McKinlay, Featherby 69.0.
Ht 4: Broadbanks, Hitch, Barclay, Lukehurst 69.6.
Ht 5: Stevens, Hitch, McKinlay, Munday 68.6.
Ht 6: Pratt, Barclay, Biggs, Brown. 68.8.
Ht 7: McGillivray, Featherby, Broadbanks, Clarke. 69.4.
Ht 8: Briggs, Squibb, Lukehurst, Bishop. 68.2.
Ht 9: Featherby, Jackson, Biggs. Lukehurst, Stevens (exc). 70.0.
Ht 10: Briggs, Pratt, Broadbanks, Munday. 67.4.
Ht 11: McKinlay, Squibb. Clarke, Barclay. 69.6.
Ht 12: McGillivray, Brown, Hitch, Bishop 70.0.
Ht 13: Briggs. McGillivray, Stevens, Barclay, 67.6.
Ht 14: Pratt. Squibb, Featherby, Hitch. 69.0.
Ht 15: Lukehurst. Brown, Munday. Clarke. 69.6.
Ht 16: Broadbanks, Bishop, McKinlay, Bishop 69.0.
Ht 17: Broadbank, Stevens, Squibb, Brown 69.0.
Ht 18: Pratt, McGillivray, McKinlay, Lukehurst, 69.4.
Ht 19: Briggs, Hitch, Clarke, Biggs 68.4.
Ht 20: Bishop, Barclay, Munday, Featherby 69.0.

Len Silver Talking .......

Tonight I bid a very warm welcome to my old friend from the Sunday Mirror, ace Speedway columnist, Don Clarke. Don comes, of course, as the representative of his great newspapers who sponsor the World Championship competition and will give the Sunday Mirror Plaque to the winner of tonight's round. Who will he give it to? That's the million dollar question! Can one of our Hawks bead off the challenge by Briggs? And what about the chances of West Ham's Hurri-Ken McKinley? In recent visits Ken has found some sparkling form on our little race-way and I’m certain that nobody is going to under-estimate the woolly-capped Scot. The same might be said for "Red Devil" Mike Broadbanks, always a hard man to beat here, or Jimmy "Bluebeard" Squibb, one of my old Exeter pals currently enjoying one of his best seasons to date. Maybe tonight we shall witness the sudden rise to fame of some "unfashionable" second string-it's happened before in the World Championship. There is something electric about it, the riders react in an entirely different way when championship time comes round. Just as every soldier carries a Field Marshal's baton in his knapsack, every rider has the World Championship Trophy earmarked for his own sideboard. I'm sure that all of tonight's competitors have already secretly sat astride their machines in the privacy of their workshops and won the '68 title several times over! But nearly all of them will battle in vain-there can be only one winner. Last year it was almost a Hawk. When Bengt Jansson sizzled around Wembley, fighting to get past a solid Ove Fundin in the run-off, how many Hackney hearts were bursting with pride to see a Hawk so highly placed? Bengt, of course, takes a different route to the Final, qualifying via the Swedish rounds, but I am confident that, come September, he will be at Gothenberg where almost 250 of our Hackney fans will be there to cheer him on, having made certain of their seats by joining our Club outing to Sweden. 
Before you rush to book-forget it, we were sold out in February! Skipper Colin reached the Final last year, his first-ever appearance, his previous best being the European Final one year earlier. If history is anything to go on then Colin should not only get to Gothenberg, he should finish in the top three!
Anyway, whatever the outcome, it's a bumpy road to Gothenberg as Don Clarke explains to us on page four of tonight's Programme, so I want to wish ALL tonight's competitors the very best of luck, with a special extra bit for our lads! When we mention "Luck" I must say that I think we were extremely lucky to hold back the Monarchs last week. Not that the Magnificent Seven weren't trying every inch of the way, they most certainly were. But with "Banger" on a strange machine, his own being pressed into World Championship service in Sweden (he reckons his "English" bike is faster than the one he keeps in Stockholm), thus reducing him from certain double figures to a mere 4 points, and with Jack absent because of the injections for his old back injury, the Monarchs "caught us with our pants down !" so to speak. Everyone tells me that close results are what the public want to see-maybe that is true, but that one was too close for comfort.
As I write this I have just learned that Jack has recovered from his "injection" malady and is fighting fit once more. I must say that it gives me a feeling of real relief to hear this because Jack is such a valuable man to have in the side. Apart from his point scoring ability (and his 10 at Leicester showed his true strength) his mechanical expertise is invaluable in the pits and workshop. He is responsible for, among others, Colin's fast engines and I know that his presence here makes Hackney the envy of many knowledgeable Speedway bosses.
We dive back into the League battle next Friday when we have the "surprise packet" of 1968 down to call, The Cradley "Heathens." Even when they were being licked by all and sundry in previous years, they always managed to run us very close here. It must be one of their favourite "away" tracks, and with the record of "away" performances to their credit this term, I feel that we ought to look upon them with a deal of respect! Our old pal Roy Trigg is in their line-up, alongside Bob Andrews and Ivor Brown-a tough spearhead in any language, so join me next week to see a battle royal when we

 Make it a date - Friday at Eight.




What is it about World Championship racing that brings an extra glint into the eye of every rider, and a sense of excited anticipation into the heart of the most blasé Speedway supporter?
The answer is quite simple. It is the knowledge that with courage and skill, plus a little luck, it is within the bounds of any rider to reach the dizzy heights which could result in him stepping on to the Winners' dais to be acclaimed World Champion.
Tonight you will see sixteen British riders start their trek towards World Championship glory in Gothenberg, Sweden.
The rewards will be hard earned. Make no mistakes about that. From the nineteen preliminary rounds now being staged, on British tracks, only thirty-two from the original 101 starters can go forward to the two British semi-finals at Poole (June 26th), and Sheffield (June 27th).
Even when over these hurdles there are still three tough Finals to be faced-the British Final, at Wimbledon, on July 11th , and the European semi-final, at West Ham, on August 6th.
Then from the European semi-final, in which British, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian qualifiers compete, only eight can go through to the European Final, in Wroclaw, Poland, on August 25th, where they clash with eight qualifiers from Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East and West Germany.
From the European Final the ten highest points scorers travel to Gothenberg, where they join six Swedish qualifiers, to battle out the World Final. As well as glory there are plenty of Sunday Mirror cash incentives to urge riders to greater efforts.
First three men in the British semi-finals, at Poole and Sheffield, will receive cash prizes of £30, £15 and £5.
To the winner of the British Final goes the British Championship Trophy and a £100 cash prize plus start and point monies. Second place man receives £50 and £30 goes to the rider finishing in third position.
The top ten riders from the British Final then join six riders from the Nordic Final in the European semi-final, where the top eight points scorers progress to Wroc1aw each with a £25 cash prize bonus.
When this cash has been safely tucked into the bank, Finalists then have the Gothenberg World Final cash to look forward to.
You may rest assured that despite the odds, not one of tonight's riders will let this chance of gold and glory slip lightly from his grasp.

The Peter Douglas Page


If you read Len Silver's long piece in last week's programme you will gather that he was properly annoyed at the national press carrying an incorrect result-following our Leicester meeting-and not even troubling to get the name of our captain correct! Truly, this is a maddening situation. Naturally I got on the phone to Exchange Telegraph the moment I saw the wrong results appearing in the nationals and they quickly took down the correct information, which they assured me would be circulated. But did anyone publish a correction? Not on your life, and it makes Len and myself wonder just how long speedway fans are going to put up with this situation. Now Len and I have got our heads together and are planning a nationwide petition to the BBC and ITA over their lack of interest in broadcasting speedway results. The information service is practically set up, so why this lack of interest? So long as speedway is regarded as a "minor" sport-along with table tennis or badminton-we will continue to be ignored. Now we have worked out that with thirty tracks in operation, including the newly-formed Second Division, speedway must have a following of some one and a half million people! A drop in the ocean? Hardly. And during the summer months, what else have you to headline the sports pages: cricket-look at any televised match and gaze over the empty stands; golf-a game for bank managers who can afford to take a mid-week afternoon off from the office; tennis-have you tried to get onto a court lately, there just aren't enough to make it a popular sport; horse racing, greyhounds, athletics-all are suffering from dwindling gates and general lack of interest.
But speedway IS booming. A lot of interest is being shown by enlightened men in TV and 'the press, but it's up to you the speedway public to make your voice heard, and this you can do when our petition forms come round. Let's have those signatures rolling in. We are aiming at 150,OOO—only one tenth of our speedway public-but what an impressive sight they will make. Surely enough to make the newspaper and telly moguls sit up and have second thoughts !

A big Hello to Don Clarke of the Sunday Mirror here tonight to present the plaque to the winner of this evening's qualifying round. Also to Ian Davies of the Sunday Express. We chat on the phone and Ian has been promising to come along to a meeting, so I hope he's here tonight.

And talking of the press, why is it so many journalists phone up for stories, which we dutifully pass over to them, and then nothing appears the next morning. This is particularly annoying in the London evening papers when stories appear in the lunch time editions but not in the later ones the ones speedway fans buy going home from work. Len and I are getting so mad at this practise, we have half a mind to withdraw press facilities altogether if they are going to be abused in this way!


Good evening, Supporters,
Those supporters who, like myself, travelled to Leicester the Tuesday before last, saw one of the best meetings of the season. Our Hawks really lived up to their title of Magnificent Seven and when Des and Malcolm forced Boulger into last place to get us a draw in the very last heat, we nearly died with excitement. A word too about Jackie and Les who both gave more than we deserved to get and they backed up brilliant Colin to the hilt. Good riding, Hawks!
We have to wait until .June 20th for our next coach trip. That is the short run to Wimbledon for our B.L. date. Then we travel to Coventry on June 22nd. For full details of these  call and BOOK NOW at one of the "Hawks' Nests." We are also thinking of running a coach to Poole on Wednesday, July 10th. If you are interested let us know NOW.
Our Grand Summer Dance, due to take place on SATURDAY JULY 27th will be at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road, Stratford. Tickets at 5/- each' will be available in about two weeks.
The Supporters' Club outing for MEMBERS ONLY is once again to Margate and IS on Sunday, August 11th. For only 1/- you can qualify to go so join the club tonight and reserve your place.
Colin Pratt's Fan Club secretary, Miss A. Parkes of 43 Warner Avenue Pogmore Barnsley, Yorks, tells us me that she has badges, pens and photos available for members so write to her for full details.
Meanwhile, Bengt Jansson's Fan Club secretary, Miss H. Glynn, of 17 Mount Echo Avenue, E4, wants to hear from prospective members
Finally, don't forget your weekly draw tickets on sale as usual at 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/-. Last week’s winners : 6511-0. Pope, Homerton, E.9; 5918-unclaim d : 6497-Brain Williamson, Dalton, E.8.
The lucky winner of the speedway bike was A. B. Waller, 31 Spalding Way, Great Baddow,. Chelmsford, with ticket number 310. We hope he will be with us tonight to collect his prize. 
Cheerio for now and best of luck to all the Hawks in the World Championships.


Sheffield Tiger Bengt Larsson on the font cover of this weeks Speedway Star & News, priced 1/3d available at your track now or all good newsagents!

Hackney.....May 24


ALTHOUGH injury robbed Coatbridge of heat-leaders Reider Eide and George Hunter, the inclusion of guest Ronnie Genz and the fact that Hackney were without Jackie Biggs and had Bengt Jansson riding on borrowed machinery helped even things up, and after a brilliant  scrap, the result rested upon the last heat. The Monarchs, 6 points in arrears after 11 heats, raised their hopes with a 5-1 in the 12th. But with only 2 points separating the teams. Hawks skipper Colin Pratt won the vital final heat, giving him a paid maximum.
Engine failure apart, Pratt was the only rider to defeat top visitor Bernie Persson, while Ronnie Genz might have totalled more but for an incident involving Des Lukehurst-in the ninth heat, which earned him exclusion.



(British League)

Hackney: C. Pratt 11. D. Lukehurst 7.L. McGillivray 7. M. Brown 6, B. Jansson 4, G. Everett 4, L. Etheridge 1.

Coatbridge: B Persson 11, R. Genz 10, D. Templeton 8, B. Harkins 5, A. Hughson 1, B. Collins I.

Ht 1: Pratt, Harkins, Genz, Brown, 69.6
Ht 2: Genz, Templeton, Jansson. Everett, 69.4
Ht 3: Persson, McGillivray Lukehurst (f). Hughson (ef lap 3) 68.8
Ht 4: Harkins, Brown, Etheridge (f rem), Collins (ef). 69.6
Ht 5: Lukehurst, McGillivray, Templeton. Hughson, 68.8
Ht 6: Genz, Everett, Jansson. Harkins, 69.1
Ht 7: Brown, Pratt, Hughson. Persson (ef lap 2) 70.6
Ht 8: Templeton, Everett, Collins, Etheridge. 70.2
Ht 9 (re-run): Lukehurst, McGillivray. Harkins (ef at start). Genz (exc), 70.0
Ht 10: Persson, Jansson, Genz, Everett, 68.6
Ht 11: Pratt, Templeton, Brown, Harkins 68.8
Ht 12: Persson, Genz, McGillivray, Jansson, 68.6.
Ht 13: Pratt, Persson, Lukehurst, Hughson, 69.0.

Two of tonight's visitors to Waterden Road, Bert Harkins and Doug Templeton of the Coatbridge Monarchs

Len Silver Talking • • •24th May

On odd occasions through a Speedway season we are lucky enough to witness a race that by its superhuman effort on the part of the riders, the overcoming of impossible odds, or the sheer dogged determination, pulls it above the normal and leaves the spine tingling or the throat choked with emotion. Such a race was the thirteenth heat at Leicester last Tuesday. Following, as it did a whole match full of classic races it would have normally been bard to single out this one as being more worthy than the rest. But more worthy it was, and I'll tell you why. With some great riding by our lads we had taken an early lead, but slowly the Lions had pulled back until heat eleven they were four points in front. But in the twelfth we bad Colin paired with a magnificent Les and they put us back into the picture with a terrific 5-1. So we went into the last heat all square at 36-36. For Leicester Ray Wilson lined up with John Boulger, John having enjoyed one of his best meetings so far and having been beaten previously only by a miracously in-form Jackie Biggs. For the Hawks we had Des, riding well but not getting many points, in fact, from his previous three rides only two points came his way. His partner was Malcolm whose score sheet read, nil, nil, nil. Not that he hadn't been trying hard, he had, but the breaks never came for him. Then disaster struck. As if our chances weren't slim enough with our two lowest scorers against their two highest, Des announced that his bike was out of action with a broken exhaust pipe. Mentally I threw in the towel and awarded Leicester the match, but verbally I instructed the nervous pair to ride as if their very lives depended on it. I went and stood by the starting gate, prayed twice and crossed my fingers. Up flew the tapes and out shot Malcolm and Des slightly ahead of Wilson with Boulger's front wheel rubbing against Des's leg. Round the first turn and Wilson's fantastic speed pulled him through on the inside to take the lead. I thought that with Des on Laurie Etheridge's bike Boulger MUST follow Wilson through, but no ...Des blocked him and as they raced down the back straight it was Wilson leading from Malcolm and Des with Boulger pressing hard. For Four laps, that seemed like forty four to me, Malcolm, Des and a fearless Boulger battled and fought for position. At no time was there more than a fag paper's distance between them and as they entered the last corner the large crowd rose to a man and roared as Boulger made a final desperate effort right round the safety fence, his back wheel scraping it all the way. But Malcolm and Des had the spirit of victory inside them and never eased for a moment. They gave John all the room he needed and the three riders flashed across the line in a tight bunch amidst the crescendo of cheers thundering around the stadium. An uncanny silence took over as the announcer began to read the result First in red (we had almost forgotten him!) Ray Wilson . . . Second (we hushed) in white, Des Lukehurst ... third (even more hush, THIS was the vital point) in yellow, Malcolm Brown ... I danced, I cheered, all on my own out there on the green I had difficulty in swallowing the lump in my throat. From certain defeat we had snatched a 39 all draw and gained a most valuable League point. Never were our seven MORE MAGNIFICENT. With Bengt in Sweden, as was their Anders Michanek, both teams drafted in their number eight, only in our case it was our number nine, Laurie Etheridge, Alan Jackson still absent with a broken wrist. Full scorers for the Hawks were; Colin 11; Jack 10; Les 8; Gary 4; Des 4; Malcolm 1; Laurie 1. And so folks we STILL sit at the top of the table, and if we don't win the title, by golly we'll have made them go like H ... for it!

Comical note came on Wednesday morning when I looked for the results in the papers. They ALL carried the message Leicester 39, Hackney 38 with our top scorer being a mystical C. Prout! I sometimes despair at the gentlemen of the Press. How COULD a reporter be at that meeting and not know the proper result? Whoever the News Agency is that employs him I suggest that they give him the Order of the Boot. Maybe, being kind to him, he got so excited that his vision got distorted and he wrote down the wrong result, or maybe he's a Lion's Supporter and wanted to cheer up his fellow fans I Seriously, though, I really do think that it is time that the National Press paid us a little more attention and afforded us the courtesy of accurate reporting. At times in the past small campaigns have been launched to get people to write to their newspapers pressing for more coverage. Most have failed dismally. Perhaps if we could persuade the B.B.C. and the I.T.A. to publish the results in their evening newscasts, the Press might consider us to be a little more important than American Baseball, or the Upper Nethering Tiddleywink League. With this in mind, I know that the Promoters' Association are looking into the whole question of getting results in to a central point so that the T.V. people cannot accuse us of letting them down. BUT, this alone will not persuade them to broadcast the results, only continual bombardment by YOU, the public, will do this. I intend having a long discussion with Peter Douglas, our P.R.O. on the question of whether we could launch a National Campaign with every track, and there are now 28 of us, either sending a huge petition, or even pre-printed letters for every fan. I'll let you know the outcome of our discussions.

Tonight we wish a warm welcome to Ian McHoskin's Coatbridge Monarchs. Until this season they were, of course, the Edinburgh Monarchs, but with the coming of the Empire Games to the Scottish Capital, they lost the use of their stadium and had to move along the road apiece to the home of the Albion Rovers Football Club. However, to retain the identity of the team the title Monarchs was maintained and it is with this name that I have and will refer to them. Maybe if the honour of being the Scottish Capital changes from Edinburgh to Coatbridge I might decide differently. But since that event is a little unlikely I'll stick to the Monarchs, for the time being at any rate.

They arrive here tonight sadly depleted of the services of their star performer George Hunter. Poor George was apparently involved in one of the most alarming crashes seen in Scotland for several years. It seems that he rode full pelt into the starting gate post, snapping it like a carrot, and smothering himself from head to foot in bruises and abrasions. Miraculously no bones were broken, but, even as I write, he lies in a hospital bed suffering great pain. Ian Hoskins has engaged the services of the famous Dr. Biagi who has worked miracles with many of Speedway's top riders. Let us hope that he is able to relieve George and quickly set him on the road to recovery.

Of course this means that the Monarchs will have to resort to the use of the Substitute Rider regulation in which other members of the team are allowed to take Hunter's rides. Anyway, although, of course, we want to win, I sincerely hope that George's replacement riders do well as he would have done, where he present tonight.

Next week begins the long long battle of the British riders towards the World Championship Final in Gothenberg. It's a tough trail that they have to face and as never before, it's going to be a "No quarter asked and none given" qualifying round. Main interest is bound to centre around Colin's ability to master Barry Briggs who is riding here in next week's round, and Ken McKinley who will doubtless be cheered on to by countless West Ham fans. Add the "Red Devil" Mike Broadbanks for good measure and Bearded Jimmy Squibb among others, and our meeting next Friday begins to take on some real importance. I hope that Sunday Mirror ace reporter, Don Clarke, will be with us to present the winner's plaque and round off what promises to be an evening of excitement and thrills. Whatever happens, I'll see you all then when we'll,

Make it a date ... Friday at Eight...


Did you know that the Boocock brothers, now rated as two of England's finest riders, started their Speedway careers as bike and leathers cleaners to our own Jackie Biggs? This was way back in the days when lack was a star of the Odsal (Bradford) team in the First Division of the old National League and Jack says that they were the two cheekiest 'ragamuffins' there, and that's how they got the job!

*              *              *              *              *              *             

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good-an old saying but certainly true. On Saturday an "ill wind" blew for Weymouth starlets Roy Carter and Terry Lomas who broke a crankshaft in the engine of their van whilst en route for Rayleigh. Weymouth manager Wally Mawdsley was a worried man quite naturally, but after the meeting he was all smiles. As a late replacement he signed a young unknown, Chris Yateman, who promptly nipped around the 'Weir' for a well taken 12 points in five rides. So the "ill wind" blew Weymouth quite a lot of "good"!    

*           *           *           *           *           *          

Speedway's boom seems to be echoing around the World. With the opening of all the new Second Division venues in England comes the news that Palmerston North Speedway in New Zealand is to re-open in November. At exactly 440 yards, Ronnie Moore still holds the World record for one mile on this circuit at 70.4 seconds, which I calculate is 51.13 mph From a standing start AND that is some speed'

*              *              *              *              *              *             

On Tuesday the Hawks went to Leicester to meet the new Lions in a British League match. Both teams were missing their Swedish riders and had to use their No. 8's. Hackney's No.8, however, Alan Jackson, is nursing a broken wrist and so Laurie Etheridge, the official No.9, was pressed into service. Feeling that his engine was low on power, Len Silver arranged for Laurie to use Graeme Smith's engine recently tuned by Jackie Biggs. Let us hope that Graeme’s engine did the trick.

The Peter Douglas Page

Your struggling P.R. man is almost afraid to put pen to paper these days for fear of another blast from the speedway press. This week it's the "Post" after my blood! I don't know if P.R. men are supposed to be smiles all the time, going around loving everybody, but then I choose to be different. Looks like my little pulpit is becoming quite a talking point. Cheers. Long may we flourish.

You will no doubt have read "Speedway Echo" last week and their search for the pin-up boy of speedway. Now, Len Silver and I are glad to stand down, so instead send in your postcards boosting Colin Bengt, Malcolm, Gary ... they're such a good looking lot at Hackney, the list could go on. And those of you who go over to Rayleigh, how about newcomer Geoff Maloney with the Captain Scarlet profile!

Arne Pander, who came to grief at Hackney a couple of weeks ago had some harsh things to say about our oh-so-smooth track. Yet another rider (un-named) declares that here at the Wick you can afford to take risks you cannot anywhere else. Thanks largely to the hard-working Hackney supporters' club that the track is maintained in such good condition and the result is that when most tracks have been rained off recently, we have continued to run with business as usual. Now that the season is well under way and meetings are being held all over the country, far-sighted promoters have recognised the need for a central information point to which results can be phoned in by the tracks and from there passed on to the press. I have made one or two suggestions about how this could be done, as this is all part of the move to get speedway properly recognised as a nationally enjoyed sport. Now that the football season is over and we only have cricket (Ugh!) in the news, I shall redouble my efforts to keep speedway in the forefront.

Len Silver's foul-weather hat is becoming something of a jinx. Every time he wears it, down comes the rain. And not only at Hackney-he takes the rain with him to Rayleigh on Saturdays. We used to say Len had a percentage of the sun it shone on him too brightly, so leave that hat at home, Len, and maybe the fine weather we enjoyed in March and April will return to the Wick
(Len's note-What, and get my bald patch wet!)


Good evening, Supporters,
When we travelled to Halifax last week for our League match we discovered that some referees at least are human. The meeting was cancelled because of rain and as we sat dejected in the coach the man in question, Mr. S. M. Whittaker, came in to see us and apologised for having to call racing off after we had travelled so far. Somehow it didn't seem so bad after that!
Our Committee met two weeks ago to discuss outside activities and the following items were decided: The Summer outing will be to Margate on Sunday, August 11th, and naturally it will be restricted to members only. A Midsummer Dance is to be held at the Pigeons Hotel, Romford Road, Stratford, on Saturday, July 27th, 7.30 - 11 p.m.
Incidentally, it was decided to stage all future dances at the Pigeons because it seemed to be the most popular of all the venues we have used.
Those supporters travelling with us to Cradley Heath tomorrow are reminded that the coach leaves Maud Road at 1:30 p.m. sharp.
As we announced last week, the draw for the Speedway bike will take place tonight during the second half of the programme. Tickets will be on sale at the kiosks all evening at 5/-each or 5 for £1 and tonight is DEFINITELY your last chance to take part. The lucky winner will get his (or her I) chance to ride the bike in public if he/she wishes.
Our normal Riders' Equipment Fund draw carries on as usual and the tickets always sell well at 6d. each, 3 for 1/-or 7 for 2/-. Every ticket you buy helps our boys, so don't be stingy, folks! Last week's winners were:
1. 4954-B. Lish, St. Georges Rd., Tottenham. 2 3810 unc1aimed, 3 6086 unclaimed.
Second draw: 1st  8549-B, Richardson, Vickers Road, Southend  2nd  6897 Mrs. Awdry, New North Road, N.1 3rd. 6393, D. C. Buck, Malta Road, E.10.

Cheerio for now.

"Up the Hawks '"


Alan Jackson pictured above scored one point at Leicester

Leicester • • • May 21


BOTH Leicester and Hackney were without their Swedish stars, Anders Michanek and Bengt Jansson, for their drawn British League match at Blackbird Road. They had a match with their home team, Getingarna, but Michanek bad to miss this because of all injury he received last week in Sweden, when the back wheel of Belle Vue rider Soren Sjosten went over him causing cuts and bruises. At one stage it looked as if Leicester were going to lose their unbeaten home league record when they faced a 6-point deficit, but they fought back well and the final score 39-39 was a fair result.

It was not until Heat 10 that Leicester levelled the score at 30-30 and in the next heat took the lead for the first time with a 5-1 from Ray Wilson and George Major. But Hackney levelled the score again in Heat ·12 through Colin Pratt and Les McGillivray, the latter having to regain second place from John Hart in the last lap. With everything depending on the last heat, a fine display of team riding gave the Hawks a deserved point. Ray Wilson took a comfortable lead and never looked seriously troubled, but the Hackney pair had to fight off constant bids by John Boulger, chasing the one point that would have given the Lions the match.


(British League)

Leicester: R. Wilson 11. J Boulger 8, G. Major 7, J. Hart 7, V. White 3, N. Storer 2, R. Mills 1.

Hackney: C. Pratt 11. J. Biggs 10, L McGillivray 8, G. Everett 4. D. Lukehurst 4, M. Brown 1, L Etheridge I.

HI 1: Pratt, Everett, Major. Wilson (ef) 68.4
Ht 2: Biggs, Hart, Lukehurst, White, 68.8
Ht 3: Boulger, McGillivray, Storer, Brown. 69.2
Ht 4: Major, Everett, Etheridge. Mills (f.re), 69.8
Ht 5: Biggs, Boulger, Lukehurst, Storer. 69.6
Ht 6:  Pratt, Wilson, Hart. Everett 68.2
Ht 7: Wilson, McGillivray, Major, Brown. 68.6
Ht 8: Biggs, White, Mills, Etheridge, 70.6
Ht 9: Boulger, Pratt, Storer, Everett 69.2
Ht 10: Hart. McGillivray. White, Brown. 68.6
Ht·11: Wilson, Major, Biggs, Lukehurst 69.2
Ht 12: Pratt, McGillivray, Hart, Storer. 69.4
Ht 13: Wilson, Lukehurst, Brown, Boulger, 69.8

This week’s Speedway Star and News priced 1/-3d [available from all good newsagents and at your local track] has Coventry’s Nigel Boocock and Swindon’s Mike Broadbank on the front cover.

Hackney • • • May 17


As usual, the clash of East London's teams produced plenty of fireworks and at one stage a shock result was on the cards, Leading by 2 points after  seven heats, Hammers  were definitely in with a  chance, but  a 5-1 from Brown and Everett in heat 8 proved decisive.
Colin Pratt played a magnificent skipper's rule role and was unbeaten. Jansson was hammered by McKinlay in heat 3, and in his second race was completely left at the tapes.
For West Ham, fighting all the way Hunter rode his old track well, but Harrfeldt again seemed below par.
There was plenty of fine racing and with the scores close throughout, excitement was kept at pitch among the large crowd.

(British League)
Hackney: C. Pratt 12. B. Jansson 8, D. Lukehurst 7. M. Brown 6, L. McGillivray 4, G. Everett 4. J. Biggs 1.

West Ham: N. Hunter 10, K. McKinlay 9, S. Harrfeldt 7, B. Leonard 5. T. Clarke 3, S. Stevens 1. G. Barclay I.

Ht 1: Lukehurst, Harrfeldt, Biggs, Leonard, 67.4.
Ht 2: Pratt, Hunter, Clarke, Everett, 67.0.
Ht 3: McKinlay, Jansson, McGillivray, Stevens, 66.0.
Ht 4: Brown, Leonard. Barclay, Biggs 68.4.
Ht 5: Hunter, McGillivray, Clarke, (NS). 66.8.
Ht 6: Pratt, Leonard, Harrfeldt, Everett, 67.6.
Ht 7: McKinlay, Lukehurst, Stevens, Biggs 67.0.
Ht 8: Everett, Brown, Clarke. Barclay 69.4
Ht 9: Jansson, Harrfeldt, Leonard. McGillivray. 67.4.
Ht10: Pratt, McKinlay, Everett, Stevens, 68.0.
Ht11: Hunter, Lukehurst, Brown, Clarke. 68.0.
Ht12: Pratt, Harrfeldt, McGillivray. Stevens. 61.8.
Ht13: Jansson, Hunter. McKinlay, Lukehurst (f).67.4.

Len SiIver Talking • •17th May 1968

I can't understand why, but during last week's mud bath I felt in a very jolly mood. With the rain running full pelt down my back into my combs, it seemed that the wetter I got the happier I got! Maybe the mood that you good folk happened to be in was infectious and why shouldn't we have been happy? Sitting at the top of the table, good racing in spite of the rain, and another well taken 2 points. Add 'Banger's' Silver. Sash," Des's web-footed 11 points, top performances from ALL of the Magnificent Seven-mix well and bring to the boil every Friday and it adds up to our own special brand of happiness. Now it's beyond the realms of possibility that we could ever maintain such a terrific record-in fact. By the time you read this our unbeaten score may have gone overboard because we were due in Exeter last Monday and to date the Hawks have never shone at the County Ground. Mind you, it's about time we did, and as I write this on Sunday evening I'm wracking my brains for ways to aid the lads on to victory. Let's hope I can report success to you tonight.
Colin was very disappointed in the weather last week because he wanted to test his new super-tuned engine. He couldn't really use it during last Friday's swimming gala so he hoped to put it through its paces at Halifax-but no-he was thwarted there to by old John Pluvius. He and Jack, who built the engine, spent hours and hours adjusting the King Size carburettor before the match. They both fussed over it like a couple of laying hens-but that engine is no egg! Banger was a most interested onlooker and paid great attention to all that was going on-he never misses a trick when mechanical improvements are afoot. That is why his machines are so fast. Ron Wilson, the Leicester promoter and my very, good friend, made me laugh. When Bengt flew round to keep his Sash I jokingly apologised to Ron "I'm choked" he said, "I've already cleared a space for it in the boot of my car!" And he really had, confident was he that Michanek would succeed. A real case of counting your chickens!
I'm praying that the weather man is kind to us tonight, because I don't want anything to spoil what we ALL regard as one of our most important League matches of the season. There is no rivalry in Speedway to equal that between the two East End clubs and each side loves to gloat over a "Derby" win. We have Challenge Matches at the drop of a hat because of the rivalry, but when it comes to the serious business of League points we know we're in for a "no-holds barred" hell-for-leather cut and thrust epic. In previous seasons, in spite of pulling off surprise victories over the Hammers they have always finished above us in the table. In this our "Green for go-go-go" year we Intended to change all that and we've set our sights at the top. "Cynthia" acts all casual like and pretends that in his mind the game's the thing and victory is not so important, implying all the time that in "playing the game" the Hammers will win anyway. Oh David you do not fool us-WE know how much you love to be victorious and we'll bet you're quaking in your boots tonight! Say, I'll let you into a little secret - - - so am I! Anyway may the best side win so long as it's us!
Next week Ian and Johnny Hoskins' boys from Coatbridge-and for those of you who played truant during your geography lessons, Johnny Hoskins claims that it's the capital of Scotland situated just outside Glasgow-pay their first visit to our friendly little stadium. I expect the old war-horse will charge across our green, waving his oversize hat at me and the ref, while his ranting and raving about being robbed, he usually does and we love him for it. Let’s give him a right royal welcome, especially for having the enthusiasm necessary to open a brand new track down at Canterbury. We wish him luck in the venture and will tell him so next week, when we’llMake it a date……. Friday at Eight                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             LEN


I hear that Mike Parker had his Newcastle team up on the carpet for not taking enough care of their engines. It seems that they suffered an overdose of mechanical troubles and Mike told them bluntly to get things fixed or lose their team places seems as if the Diamonds need polishing!

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         

Down at Division Two Rayleigh, the crowd are all agog at their new overnight sensation, young Geoff Maloney. With only 3 WEEKS riding experience and NO racing experience he went out in their first match last Saturday and scored two wins, a third and an engine failure. Then in the second half he won his heat and ran Dennis Mannion a close second in the Final. Certainly a debut to dream about, especially when he was only thrust into the team because of Alan Jackson's injury. Talk of Alan Jackson, it seems that he rode last week with a broken finger and when he fell he added a busted wrist to his injuries. It's a racing certainty he'll come bouncing back long before he should, all happy and smiling as usual. We hope his bones mend quickly because it looks as if he might well force his way into the team very soon now.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

We see that our old mate Johnny Poyser has had his name linked with both Wimbledon and Reading. I know he has had the job of laying the new circuit down at the Buckinghamshire track and he lives in nearby Oxford. Will be interesting to see where he ends up. Wherever it is I certainly wish him well, it's about time John's luck changed.

The Peter Douglas Page

Attended the opening meeting at Rayleigh last Saturday and was pleased to meet many familiar Hackney faces in the crowd, including Supporters Club' Chairman Ken Leadbetter and members of the hardworking Hackney track staff. Without doubt, Rayleigh's success is due to the unfailing energy and enthusiasm of little dynamo Len Silver, who is already a favourite with Rayleigh fans after a few leaps and war cries on the centre green. A friendly little track, Rayleigh, a fitting stable companion to Hackney. And those new Rockets-what an array of handsome, talented youngsters Len has lined up, drawing heavily on our Hackney Juniors. It is a great sight to see these youngsters riding and competing in their own right as fully fledged Second Division tracksters and Rayleigh is obviously going to be a breeding ground for future stars in the making.
Peter Oakes whom you probably read in "Speedway Star" tells me he has been appointed showbiz correspondent of the "People", so we shall be meeting more often still. Peter has been hobbling around the tracks for a couple of weeks after an operation, but hopes to be fighting fit shortly ... The heavy guns of the speedway press were out in force last week in the shape of Phil Rising of "Speedway Star" (in spite of my warning that Hackney fans were after his blood !), reporter Mike Chandler and ever faithful photographer Trevor ... I am having talks with the I.T.N. after the Cup Final is out of the way, to discuss speedway coverage for Hackney. I'll keep you posted. Also seeing another sponsor for one of our big nights ... What a nice guy is our own Bengt Jansson. I was talking to him earlier in the week about his busy programme both here and at home in Sweden but he tells me he can't get enough speedway. "I like the money" he says, with that big Jansson grin.
Supporters' Club chairman Ken and secretary Snowy Beattie are working hard to arrange a midseason dance in a few weeks’ time, to be held at the Pigeons Hotel. The date will be announced soon. The dynamic duo are also working hard on plans for setting up the Club for our close season, in the newly acquired premises. So if you've got any ideas, now's the time to come forward. And how about enrolling as a member at the same time. Talking of supporters, a word of praise to Robbie, whom you all know. Last week after covering the whole track selling raffle tickets, Robbie then whipped up a collection for injured Arne Pander-and in that rain to!


Good evening supporters,
As you know only too well we chalked up our first away success of the season at Kings Lynn a fortnight ago. Although we came away with the points, I feel sure that all Hackney supporters who made the journey to East Anglia will agree that both teams deserve the highest possible praise for racing in such appalling conditions. This may I add was in no way the fault of the Lynn management, simply that the weather man decided it was time to send buckets full of rain hurtling from the skies.
Our next away British League fixture is at Cradley Heath on SATURDAY, MAY 25th. The "Hawks" always give a good account of themselves there, and for those of you who have never been before, may I add that Cradley is not so far away as you may envisage. A nice swift coach ride down the M1 a read of your paper, or forty winks and you're there. If you decide to come with us, reserve your seat this evening at any one of our club kiosks. Fare is 19/6 and the coach leaves Maud Road (opposite 
Leyton underground station) at 1.30 p.m. PROMPT.
The committee meeting which I mentioned in this column previously was in fact held last Wednesday. I will give the important details arising from this meeting in next week’s notes.
The draw for the speedway bike takes place next Friday MAY 24th. You still have a chance to purchase more tickets if you so desire at 5/- each or 5 for £1.0.0.
The clubs winter Tenpin Bowling activities are coming to an end, and I am pleased to be able to tell you, that our number one side have won the Solar League Championship after finishing runners-up last season. Congratulations to Messrs’ Steve Meddemmen (Capt.), Glyn Jones, Paul Mayor and Harold Hosier. Incidentally, another team in this league who operate under the name "Speedy B's", have three of our much travelled supporters in their ranks. Namely John Dedman, Les (Rocket) Edwards and Alan Derry.
The supporters club grows in numbers week by week. If you have not yet joined pop along to one of the kiosks this evening. It will cost you just 1/-
The usual variety of equipment synonymous with Hackney is always available to you. For any of our male followers who feel like buying their girlfriends or wives a nice thoughtful little gift, how about giving her one of our very attractive brooches. Or should any of our ladies wish to reverse the compliment there are some very nice gent’s cuff links for your inspection.
The weekly draw tickets in aid of our riders' equipment fund are available from our sellers around the stadium. Tickets are 6d. each, three for 1/- or 7 for 2/-. Last week's draw was cancelled due to the sudden stoppage of the meeting by; the referee. Therefore two draws will take place tonight, one for each week.
Supporters not going to Cradley Heath can help to decorate a float to enter the Walthamstow Carnival. For details please see me outside Speedway office.
Our trip to Halifax was marred by poor weather and the match was abandoned before it started. The new date will be announced as soon as possible.
Cheerio for now, and Up the Hawks!

Exeter. . May 13


ONCE again rain spoilt what should have been a good attendance for this always exciting British League match in which the final score line-Exeter 51 Hackney 27- really belied the racing. Hackney supplied the first shock of the night 'When Colin Pratt romped away with the first heat handing out to Wayne Briggs and Neil Street their only defeats of the match. But Colin tired after his opening burst and it was left to Bengt Jansson to record the bulk of the Hawks' points, he managed a paid 11 from five starts, via two wins a second and surprising for Jansson-a couple or third places.
The excitement continued into the second half with a wrangle as to who should challenge Jansson for big Silver Sash. 
Briggs (9 plus 2 bonus points) and Street (10 plus 1) were joined by Martin Ashby (11 beaten by Jansson in Heat 12) and Jimmy Squibb (10 plus 1 beaten by Jansson in Heat 3) in finally losing for the right to challenge (although the rest of the team and the crowd wanted Ashby), with Street winning.
Undisturbed by the goings-on, Street was as cool as a cucumber throughout and promptly went out and took the Sash from the flying Swede.

(British League)

Exeter: M. Ashby 11. N. Street, 10, J. Squibb 10, W. Briggs 9. C. Blewett 6. T. Sweetman 3, C. Bass 2.

Hackney: B. Jansson 10, C. Pratt 6. D. Lukehurst 4. G. Everett 3, M. Brown 2, J. Biggs, 2. L. McGillivray 0.

Ht 1: Pratt, Street, Briggs. Brown. 74.0.
Ht 2: Ashby, Biggs, Lukehurst, Sweetman. 73.4.
Ht 3: Jansson, Squibb, Blewett. McGillivray. 73.8.
Ht 4: Briggs, Brown, Bass, Everett, 75.4.
Ht 5. Squibb, Blewett, Lukehurst, Biggs, 73.8.
Ht 6: Ashby. Pratt. Jansson. Sweetman. 74.4.
Ht 7: Briggs, Street, Jansson. Lukehurst. 74.8.
Ht 8: Everett, Sweetman, Bass. Biggs. 76.4.
Ht 9: Squibb, Blewett, Pratt, Brown, 74.8.
Ht 10: Ashby, Jansson. Sweetman, McGillivray. 72.6.
Ht 11: Street. Briggs, Lukehurst, Pratt, 75.0
HI 12: Jansson, Ashby. Blewett, Pratt, 72.6.
Ht 13: Street. Squibb, Lakehurst, McGillivray, 74.6.

SILVER SASH: Street beat Jansson, 73.4.

It’s not my intention to run reports on non-Hackney meetings. Below is the match report from Rayleigh’s reopener in 1968, the start of a great Division 2 League which still runs today.   

Rayleigh May 11…….


Rayleigh 40 Plymouth 34

Rayleigh: Dennis Mannion 9, Laurie Etheridge 8, Geoff Maloney 7, Mike Gardner 6, Graham Smith 5, Terry Stone 4, Colin Tucker 1

 Plymouth: Mike Cake 9, Phil Woodcock 7, Tony George 6, Dave Whittaker 5, Keith Marks, Eric Howe 2, Frank Payne 2

 This was really pulsating Saturday-night entertainment. Eager track staff who had cleared a swamped track in remarkably quick time, and inquisithc spectators, braving the elements to look at Division 2 ( speedway for the first time, were rewarded in full by the men-and lads-of Rayleigh and Plymouth.

There were fall galore 15 in 13 heats to be exact. Thankfully there were no injuries. There was passing and re-passing on a treacherously wet circuit that would have made more than a few Division I boys cautious about riding. There were sparks that literally flew when Eric Howe, Colin Tucker and Keith Marks tangled frighteningly at the tapes in Heat 4 and their snarling machines landed in a heap. And this was, in the most achieved by young men who seemed set on not wasting the one chance presented to them by the Second Division. Good as it was to see old hands like Terry Stone and Howe back in track action it was good to see the kids really steal the show.
The result was uncertain up to Heat 12 when the Rockets, who had lost skipper Jackson through injury at Hackney a night earlier, clinched it. Plymouth had dramatically come back into the meeting in Heat 7 when Tony George earned the Devils a 3·0
Individuals? They were all magnificent, but for purists there was enough promise from the relaxed Mike Cake, crouching Laurie Etheridge and lanky Dennis Mannion to satisfy.

Rayleigh 68. Picture courtsey of Dave Jones from www.defunctspeedway.co.uk/

Halifax….May 11

The eagerly-awaited Halifax/Hackney clash had to be  postponed owing to rain. With the Hawks unbeaten in the league1and having the Silver Sash holder Bengt Jansson, plus the fact that the Dukes had a 100 per cent home record to maintain this year, the fans had been looking forward to a close and thrilling match.
This was the second successive league match at the Shay which had to be put off because of rain, something which hasn't happened before since speedway returned to Halifax in 1965. 
At the time of writing, no new date had been fixed. September14th is the Dukes' first open date at home, and has been suggested for the Glasgow match rained off the previous Saturday.

The East Stand at The Shay Halifax

Halifax 'The Shay'

Hackney • • . May 10
A COLD, wet, miserable evening cannot be expected to inspire speedway riders, but Hackney and Leicester managed to provide an admirable display despite appalling condition. Hackney won their eighth successive league match largely through solid teamwork which overcame a few individual hardships. Jansson. for example, after beating Michanek in thrilling fashion. suffered from a sick motor and one could sense that Hackney fans were distinctly worried about his Silver Sash defence. But Bengt rose to the occasion magnificently, gating ahead of Michanek and leading all the way to earn the loudest cheers of the evening.
Michanek, whom I first saw score impressively on this track a year ago under the Long Eaton banner, again gave a delightful performance: almost superlative in view of the conditions.
But Leicester, too were a team with machine problems. And Wilson finished only one race. Boulger was another to suffer. It can be argued that rain brings additional thrills and spills to speedway. but at the same time it not only dampens the enthusiasm but also the general enjoyment. Although the scores were reasonably close throughout.  Hackney were never in trouble and full of confidence they march on towards the league title.
Editor’s Note: The second half was abandoned after 3 heats.  


(British League)

Hackney: D. Lukehurst 10. L. McGillivray 9, C. Pratt 8, B. Jansson 6. G. Everett 4, M Brown 3, J. Biggs 3.


Leicester: A Michanek 14. N Storer 6, G Major 5, J Hart 4, V White 3. R. Wilson 2, J Boulger 1.


Ht 1: Pratt, Wilson, Storer, Brown. 69.6

Ht 2: Michanek, Lukehurst, Biggs. White, 71.2

Ht 3: McGillivray, Jansson, Boulger,  Hart, 71.0

Ht 4: Storer, Everett, White, Brown, 73.0

Ht 5: Jansson, Michanek. McGillivray, White, 70.4

Ht 6 (re-run): Lukehurst, Boulger, Storer, Wilson (ef) 71.6

Ht 7: Pratt, Brown, White, Hart (nf), 73.1

Ht 8: Major, Everett, White, Biggs (ef). 74.1

Ht 9 (re-run): Michanek, McGiIIivray, Storer, Jansson (f. exe),72.5.

Ht 10. Lukehurst. Major, Hart, Biggs (nf), 73.6

Ht 11: Michanek, Pratt, Brown, Major, 74.4

Ht 12:McGiIIivray. Lukehurst, Hart. Storer, 74.4

Ht 13: Michanek, Hart, Jansson, Pratt (nf) 72.8

SILVER SASH: Jansson beat Michanek 71.2

Len Silver Talking •10th May 

The Magnificent Seven get more and more magnificent, and with a sparkling away win 'at Kings Lynn last Saturday, established themselves at the very top of the League table with seven wins from seven matches! Of course, most of these wins have taken place right here at the Wick, but that victory over the Stars of Kings Lynn clearly shows the power we have at our command, for, but for two falls by bustling Des, our score would have been even greater. What pleased me most was the way in which our lads mastered the tricky wet conditions.
In the past, the Hawks have never been noted for good performances in the rain, in fact, if ever we had to run a "wet" meeting away from home, I always knew that we should lose. Such is the determination this term, that they have overcome this "wet" handicap,  let us hope that they can maintain this attitude for the whole of the season, with your continued cheers I know that they can and will.
"Banger," of course, retained his Silver Sash and will again be defending his title tonight against the top Lion from Leicester.
What a terrible piece of bad luck befell poor Arne Pander last week. He was so looking forward to racing on our strip. He even defied doctor's orders to do so, and I know that he was, in fact, in great physical pain when he went out for that unfortunate heat three. Not only did he sustain a chipped shin bone, but in addition he suffered severe concussion. Personally I hate to see any riders get hurt, but when it happens to one who is fighting back from injury, my dismay is at its greatest. I know I speak for you all when I sincerely wish the "Great Dane" a speedy and successful recovery. In spite of the Loss of Arne, the Cheetahs certainly gave us an entertaining match and with the adroit use of tactical substitutes their manager, Sid Knibbs, kept the scores at an interesting level. Without a doubt one of the highlights of Friday's meeting was that terrific heat 8. I do not think that in all my years of association with Speedway I have ever seen such a fantastic race between three riders. What made it so fantastic was the way in which "Atom Bomb" (and never was a title more deserved) Les seemed to assist Gary even when he was behind Leo McAuliffe! Here we saw the true value of the greatest team rider in the business, enjoying, to our delight, his best season for several years. Les, I salute you as the only rider I know who can help his partner even when not in a "dictating" position. Perhaps I should not single out Les for praise at the moment because there can be no question that EVERY member of the team IS pulling his weight to the fullest, and we show strength all the way down the line. Certain newspaper scribes wrote us off at the start of the season, already we are beginning to make them eat their words, how'd love to crow to them if we were lucky enough to win the League Championship for the first time ever! Keep up the good work, lads, and we can do it.
Tomorrow the team make the long trip up North to the mighty banked track at the Shay Halifax. I went over to Wimbledon last week to watch the Dukes in action, and I must say that I was very impressed indeed with their performance. In Boocock, Youngbusband and Boothroyd they possess three of the most feared heat leaders in the land, and if we are to win, these are the men to be tamed. I know that the World Championship Qualifying Rounds coming up very soon, Colin has prepared, with the aid of Jackie Biggs, a super-hot motor. It may well be that he decides to use it at Halifax. IF he does, and providing Lady Luck smiles both on Colin and the rest of the Magnificent Seven we might pull another couple of League points out of the bag.
If I don't sound as confident as you might think I should, it is because I am realist and not looking at life through rosy coloured spectacles. ANY side to go to Halifax and take two League points from them needs a little slice of luck. No one has managed it so far this season. Our boys have got the determination and the will to win, I think that we do not need good luck; we just don't need any of the other kind!
Before we make the journey up the A.1 we have the little matter of disposing of the new look Leicester Lions. I do not think that ever in their history Leicester have fielded such a strong side. With young International flyer Ray Wilson leading the way, and with such able backing as Bengt's Swedish team-mate from Getingarna, Anders (the good looking) Michanek, Johnny Hart and Aussie John Boulger (remember last year when he flew here in the second half of the programme?), they must be a real force to be reckoned with. As I've said before, promoter Ron Wilson has done a terrific job in re-establishing the sport is his home town. He is a man dedicated to our sport. And he infiltrates his own keen outlook into his riders. I bid them a' warm welcome to our stadium, and I know that the Hawks will have a warm reception waiting for them out on. the track!
Tomorrow night I shall have the privilege of staging the first Speedway meeting at Rayleigh Weir Stadium for several years. The New Rockets take their place in the Second Division of the British League and begin what I hope will be a long and successful career under my management. The team line-up there is broadly based on the young men who have been performing so well in the second half of the programme here every Friday. The captain is our own Alan Jackson, who, I stress, is only on loan to the Rockets, and who the subject of re-call is if we need him. The same applies to Laurie Etheridge who holds a full team contract with Hackney. I do not intend to re-call either rider unless I feel that Hackney are suffering from their absence. This is what I feel is the only way for me to operate. The Supporters' Club down at Rayleigh are fully aware of the position regarding Hackney riders and I never intend to lead them to believe that our riders are their personal property. The object of the exercise is to develop British riders who can progress into First Division racing and thus secure the future of the sport as a whole. At the same time, I know that you would not want me to be unkind to the good people of Rayleigh by robbing them of the services of their favourites unnecessarily. It is my avowed intention to put and keep BOTH clubs at the very top in their respective divisions, and I wish to encourage both sets of supporters to look-upon both teams as their own. If I can succeed in this, who knows what heights we can achieve?
As if the excitement of the next few days is not enough, to add some real spice to life we shall have the pleasure of playing hosts to the 'Orrible 'Ammers next week. Only this time we are not playing at Challenge Matches, it's the serious business of British League Racing. Two most important points are at stake, Dave Lanning and his Merry Men from Barking Creek would just Jove to pinch them from us. Need I say it, the Hawks most certainly have other ideas. Should be the best match so far this term and a large attendance is a certainty, so please, folks, if you are able to come a little earlier than usual to avoid traffic congestion, or help the bus service to operate efficiently, I hope you will do so. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all then, when we'll

Make it a date ... Friday at Eight. .

















































































































































Looks as if Poole have unearthed a possible Norwegian flyer in the young man with the "Odd" name, Odd Fossengen. On the retirement of star performer, Gote Nordin, they had to move fast. Just how do you replace a man like Nordin at a moment's notice? Fossengen was recommended by Sverre Harrfeldt and came over at the drop of a hat, so to speak. Thrown in at the deep end as soon as he arrived, he scored but a solitary point. But by the second week his score looked a little healthier at four points. If he maintains this rate of progress, look for a new name at the World Championship final this year.

*     *      *

Last minute snag to Newport's entry of a second team into Division Two. It seems that the local council need to give permission for a change of race day, and it has not yet been received. All fingers are crossed for the go-ahead, but the council do not meet until very late this month, so, like the new venture at Reading, it's a case of wait and hope!

*      *      *

A bit of high feeling at Wimbledon last week between, of all things, two Dons! In the second half, Johnny Dugard was racing against young New Zealander Garry Middleton and obviously took exception to the Kiwi's keen riding tactics, so, with the race over he promptly nipped up alongside Garry and tipped him off his machine! Needless to say, the crowd had a thing or two to say about that, and so did the referee, who reprimanded Dugard. With Len, standing alongside Ronnie Greene in the Pits immediately offered to book both men in for a match race, but Ronnie wisely declined. "No sense," he said, "in adding fuel to the fire." Mind you ... it might have made an interesting race!

The Peter Douglas Page

So Eric Linden has panned me in his Speedway Star. Great, I like a fight, especially when I know I am going to win, and as far as Hackney is concerned Len and I will continue to put speedway on the map very firmly indeed. With every press release this week goes a personal letter to every television sports producer reminding him again of our existence and once I get over my work for the F.A. Cup Final next week, I will be re-doubling my efforts to get outside-broadcast coverage on television for speedway. Most of these producers I will be meeting with and working with during Cup Final week, as I am happy to be working as P.R.O. to West Bromwich Albion (here's to a win over Everton). Les and Eamonn will be working with me, they have become great fans of speedway and when I phoned Eamonn at his hotel last week after Hackney's match, his first question was "Who won?'"
I am all for efficiency in the office and suggested that to help Len sort out the administration side of both Rayleigh and Hackney be should get himself a portable dictating machine and let a secretary do the typing work. Len has taken up my suggestion and is trying out the new system only I borrowed his new toy from him the day after he bought it to take up to West Brom with me--but it is now safely back with "tycoon" Len for the week-end's work.
Chatted to my old mate Mike Chandler who covers Hackney for Speedway Star just about every other week. Mike is about the youngest sports reporter I've met and his bang-up-to-date appearance belies the old image of journalists in baggy trousers and shabby raincoats. Writing on football as well, I first met Mike when the Football League were attacking agents (that's me) just before Christmas, and I think that Speedway Star's move to E.C.4 will be more than a step towards Fleet Street for Mike. By the way, he tells me he has been following speedway a lot longer than his editor!
Len and  I have been exploring a number of Ideas for promoting our bigger events at Hackney during the next few months, and I am glad to report we have had some success with two good possibilities lined up. I am hoping these will lead to others in the very near future and you can rest assured we are working hard on this.


Good evening, supporters,

I would like to open this week, by reminding those of you who are making the trip to Halifax tomorrow for the British League match against the Dukes, that the coach leaves from Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 8.30 a.m. PROMPT.

The coach to Cradley Heath. on Saturday, May 25th, will leave Maud Road at 1.30 p.m. Fare will be 19/6d. If you wish to travel with us and have not yet reserved your seat, do so by visiting one of the kiosks this evening.

The committee meeting which was mentioned in these columns a few weeks ago, took place last Wednesday. Full details of the outcome will be given next week. Support for the coaches to Rayleigh tomorrow h.as I'm afraid been very poor. Unless response improves tremendously this evening, then we shall have no alternative but to cancel the proposed bus. If you have already reserved a seat for this trip, please see me at the supporters' club office (under the main stand) after this evening's meeting when I will confirm whether or not the bus will be running. If the trip is on, departure time is 5.15 p.m. from Maud Road  and the fare is 5/6d.

The draw for the speedway machine will take place on the 24th of this month. If you would like to purchase some tickets, they are 5/- each or 5 for £1.

The weekly draw in aid of the riders' equipment fund, is still going strong. Tickets from sellers around the stadium are 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/-. Dig out that loose change and stand the chance of winning one of our ultra-brilliant prizes.

Don't forget to visit one of our three kiosks, situated at the top of the terraces on bends two and four and ground level on bend one. A vast array of equipment is available for your inspection.

A word of congratulation for Pat and Dave Tate, those very well liked committee members, who have just given birth to daughter number two. Jacqueline Vera and Mum are doing fine and Dad (trying to cope with the cooking) is doing his best.

The lucky winners in last week's riders' equipment draw were as follows:

1st prize-ticket number 2891 : Mrs Plowman, Kenilworth Road, E.3.

2nd prize-ticket number 2912: Mrs D. Paine, Shaw Square, E.17.

3rd prize-ticket number 2104: E. Rayment, Leicester Road, E.11.

Congratulations to our Hawks for that lovely win at Kings Lynn. Keep up the good

work, boys, and win that championship!

Cheerio for now, and up the Hawks !


This weeks Speedway Star and News priced 1/3d available at all good newsagents and at your local speedway track has Newports Wasps Cyril Francis and Bob Hughes finding out what races they're in.

SIX weeks into the season and things are beginning to settle down. The number of names causing surprise by appearing in this nine-point-plus list grows fewer-and the table begins to reflect, as it should, consistent excellence.

April 26- -May 2


Rider and Team                                   M    R     Pts   Bns  Tot  Calc
                                                           pts  pts M.Ave                                                                                                                                                                    

1. Ken McKinlay (West Ham)        4    16   47   0   47   11.75
2. Ivan Mauger (Newcastle)           4    17   48   0   48   11.29
3. Eric Boocock (Halifax)               8    34   91   3   94   11.06
4. Martin Ashby (Exeter)                5    22   54   6   60   10.91
5. Nigel Boocock (Coventry)         9    44   114 6  120  10.91
6. Colin Pratt (Hackney)                 5    20   53   0   53   10.60
7. Anders Michanek (Leicester)    7   29   74   0   74   10.21
8. Bengt Jansson (Hackney)          5    20   49   2  51   10.20
9. Norman Hunter (West Ham)      4    17   38   5  43   10.12
10. Torbjorn Harrysson (Newport) 3    14   35   0  35   10.00
11. Soren Sjosten (Belle Vue)       6    26   64   1  65   10.00
12. Barry Briggs (Swindon)            7    29   72   0  72     9.93  
13. Olle Nygren (Wimbledon)         6    27   66   0  66     9.78  
14. Ron Mountford (Coventry)        7    32   71   6  77     9.62
15. Hasse Holmkvist (Wolves)       7     28   65  2  67     9.57
16. Jimmy Squibb (Exeter)             5    20   44   3  47     9.40
17. Jim Airey (Wolves)                    7    30   67   2  69     9.20
18. Eric Boothroyd (Halifax)            8    33   69   6  75     9.09
18. Dave Youngbusband (Halifax)  8    33   71   4  75     9.09
20. Bernt Persson (Coatbridge)     6    26   59   0  59     9.08
21. Tim Bungay (Poole)                   4    12   22   5   27    9.00
And, this week, five teams are without representation and their top scorers are:
Charlie Monk (Sheffield)                 5    21   44   3   47    8.95
Malcolm Simmons (King's Lynn)    9    39   78   6   84    8.62
Colin Gooddy (Oxford)                    6    28   54   3   57    8.14
Bob Andrews (Cradley Heath)       5    21   36   5   41    7.81
Oyvind Berg (Glasgow)                   8    32   53   8   61    7.62
Notes: Table includes all British League matches up to and including May 2. Appearances as a guest rider are NOT included. And two maximum targets

The calculated match average is the average per match multiplied by four. Riders with equal averages are listed alphabetically. Gate getting his 10th m. B.L. matches, Gote Nordin-now retired-rode one match for Poole and a CMA of 12.00.

Hail the Heathens
Over the last three seasons the Cradley Heath boys have not had a lot to shout about on the credit side of the ledger, but they made up for it during the seven days under review. At Glasgow they recorded their first ever B.L. away draw and the first drawn B.L. match of 1968. This was also, of course, the Heathens best ever B.L. performance on the Glasgow track. The next night they defeated Poole also by a bigger margin than in previous B.L. clashes. Then on Thursday, May 2 Heathens put together the biggest B.L. away win of the season, and their biggest B.L. away win ever. While handing Oxford their biggest ever home B.L. defeat, by a 47-30 margin.
And there was cause for individual celebration, too. A triple one for Graham Coombes, who scored his 5OOth B.L. point; his 200th B.L. point for Cradley and won his 50th B.L. victory. And a single for Roy Trigg who chalked up his 20th B.L. maximum.
Some other bests
For the third successive away match the Leicester Lions scored 31 points. But as opponents Wolves only managed 46 instead of the usual 47, this goes in the book as the Lions best ever B.L. performance away from home. King’s Lynn at Poole, and Halifax at Wimbledon did better than they ever had in past B.L. matches in corresponding fixtures. So did Exeter, while entertaining King's Lynn. While Coventry equalled their previous best B.L. result against the Wolves. Hackney equalled a club record by chalking up their fifth consecutive win, and extended another by winning their 22nd B.L. home match on the trot.
And worsts
Poole established a new club record for consecutive away defeats by going down for the 13th time in a row on their travels, but several other teams were very busy extending their own club records for away match ineffectiveness-Wimbledon to 10, Halifax to 16, Wolverhampton to 18, Exeter to 27 and King's Lynn to 34. But for this season at least the current British League record for successive defeats away from home-48, set by Cradley Heath -is unreachable even by the worst of our current travellers.
Olle Nygren recorded his l200th point in B.L. matches while two riders, recorded his B.L. matches, already safely past the thousand mark, completed four-figure totals in B.L. matches for their own teams-- Ken McKinlay for West Ham and Cyril Maidment for Belle Vue.
Martin Ashby reached the 900 point level in all B.L. matches, and Eric Boothroyd hit the same total in B.L. matches for Halifax.
Down a bit and there was  much activity in the Midlands. In all B.L. matches John Hart reached 700, Pete Jarman reached 600, Graham Coombes' efforts have already been mentioned, George Major and Hasse Holmkvist hit the 300 mark and John Bishop hit his 300th B.L. point in Oxford's  colours.
And finally, for this week, Colin Gooddy reached 200 for Oxford and Bruce Cribb a similar total for Poole.
Neil Street recorded his 100th B.L. race win, and David Crane his 100th B.L. win for King's Lynn. Just starting out on this long, long trail we had first ever B.L. heat wins from Mick Handley of Wolves and Chris Bass of Exeter.
And two maximum targets were achieved, with Neil Street getting his 10th in B.L. matches, and Terry Betts his 15th.
Only one B.L. debutant this week Dean Davies for Leicester. Both Newport and Belle Vue won their 50th B.L. matches.
Tim Bungay chalked up four bonus points in four rides v. King's Lynn. Belle Vue provided all 13 heat winners in their match v. Oxford.
Guesting for Bees in the unfortunate absence of Ron Mountford, Ole Olsen became only the 20th rider to represent Coventry in league matches since the B.L. started. King's Lynn failed to win a heat at Exeter. West Ham equalled the best recovery of the 1968 season credited to Leicester for their performance v. Halifax by pulling back from a six point deficit to win the match v. King's Lynn. And, I suppose, the Hammers must be considered to be ahead slightly on points because they did it away from home. One of the oddest oddments at Poole, King's Lynn provided the majority of the 13 heat winners, seven to the Pirates' six. Yet failed to win a single beat! Every time a Star came in first the heat points were shared

This weeks Speedway Star front cover has Sweden's Gote Nordin[Poole Pirates] leading Exeter's Tommy Sweetman

Hospital children and the Hawks who laid an egg

Magnificent surprise for the children at Hackney Hospital. This colossal Easter egg was passed onto them after the Hackney Hawks had beaten West Ham in the Easter Egg Trophy.
Most of them had seen anything like it when Hawks riders Colin Pratt and Malcolm Brown delivered the giant sized egg shortly after the Easter weekend.
Hackney hospital has connections with Hackney speedway and many injured riders have received treatment after track crashes.
This was just another way for speedway to say "thank-you" to the matron and staff of the hospital.
(Photo A W)

Kings Lynn • • • May 4
By Martin Rogers
Unless there is some dramatic improvement, King's Lynn, wooden spoonists in 1967, should again be assured of this dubious title by the time this season is half over. With more than a quarter of their fixtures Completed, Stars have mustered just one victory. Mind, there were many who felt that this meeting should never have been run. Sawdust was applied to a wet track in order to enable a belated start to be made; then came further rain which made racing a mockery. Referee Whitaker publicly praised the riders for their efforts. and after the Silver Sash, abandoned the rest of the programme. Hackney adapted themselves so much better to the conditions.
With gating ability at a premium, razor-sharp Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson helped themselves to maximum points. Jansson also retained his Silver Sash (should it have been Silver Splash?)



(British League)

King's Lynn: M. Simmons 10, C. Featherby 8, H. Cole 7, T. Betts 6, D. Crane 3, A. Belham 1, G. Penniket 1.

Hackney: C. Pratt 12. B. Jansson 12, L. McGillivray 7, D. Lukehurst 5, M. Brown 5, J. Biggs 3, G. Everett O.

Ht 1: Pratt. Featherby, Simmons Brown, 77.8.
Ht 2: Jansson. Betts, McGillivray. Belham. 75.0.
Ht 3: Lukehurst. Biggs. Crane. Penniket. 79.6.
Ht 4: Featherby, Brown, Cole, Everett, 80.2.
Ht 5: Jansson, McGillivray. Penniket. Crane. 76.4.
Ht 6 Pratt, Featherby, Brown, Betts (f rem). 79.4.
Ht 7: Simmonds, Lukehurst. Featherby. Biggs (ef). 80.8. 
Ht 8: McGillivray. Cole, Belham (f rem}. Everett. 84.6.
Ht 9: Pratt, Simmons. Crane. Brown. 82.8.
Ht10: Betts, Cole, Biggs, Lukehurst 85.4
Ht11:  Jansson. Simmons, McGillivray. Featherby (nf) 84.2.
Ht12: Pratt, Cole, Betts (fell pushed home) Lukehurst 85.9
Ht13: Jansson, Simmons, Crane, Biggs 82.6

Silver Sash

Jansson (Holder) beat Simmons (Challenger) No time available 

All records played at Hackney Speedway in 1968 are supplied by  

South Records of 94/96 Well Street, Hackney, Tel AMH 3805.

Exclusively to Hackney fans, these are South Records top selling singles sold in April 1968 being played at Hackney Stadium, before during and after the meeting.

Lady Madona                                   The Beatles
Delilah Tom Jones
Congratulations Cliff Richard
Dock Of The Bay Otis Redding
Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Cindarella Rockafella Esther and Abi Ofarim
If I Were A Carpenter The Four Tops
Legend Of Xanadu Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch
Step Inside Love Cilla Black
Rosie Don Partridge
If I Only Had Time John Rowles
Love Is Blue Paul Mauriat
Jennifer Juniper Donovan
Me, The Peaceful Heart Lulu
Captain Of Your Ship Reparata and The Delrons
Ain't Nothin' But A Houseparty The Showstoppers
Fire Brigade The Move
Simon Says The 1910 Fruitgum Co
Valleri The Monkees
Can't Take My Eyes Off You Andy Williams
Jennifer Eccles The Hollies
I Can't Let Maggie Go Honeybus
Cry Like A Baby The Box Tops
Something Here In My Heart The Paper Dolls
Lazy Sunday The Small Faces
White Horses Jacky
Hello How Are You The Easybeats
Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley and his Comets

Hackney • • • May 3


AFTER a few seconds of Heat 3, what the whole of Hackney feared might happen, happened. Oxford's Arne Pander (pictured below) was involved in a three-man collision and, following a broken leg last season and an injured collar-bone this, he was stretchered to hospital with a broken shin-bone after riding against doctor's orders. Behind him he left six teammates battling furiously for every point and, thankfully, their contribution to a bard-fought match helped one forget somewhat the earlier tragedy. Colin Pratt got a maximum; Bengt Jansson might have made it, too, but for a broken primary chain, but compensated for this setback by retaining the Silver Sash against Eddie Reeves. But surely the race of the night among so many interesting ones was Heat 8. The four contestants seemed locked together for four laps before sorting themselves out on the last bend. Great stuff!


(British League)

Hackney: C. Pratt 12, D. Lukehurst 10, B. Jansson 9, M. Brown 6, L. McGillivray 4, J. Biggs 3, G. Everett 2.

Oxford: R. Genz 10, C. Gooddy 9, E. Reeves 6, J. Bishop 3, L. McAuliffe 2, R. Timmo 2, A. Pander 0,

Ht 1: Pratt, Brown, Bishop, Genz; (ef), 69.0.
Ht 2: Jansson, Gooddy, McGillivray, McAuliffe, 68.2
Ht 3: (re-run): Lukehurst, Reeves, Biggs, Timmo, 68.0,
Ht 4: Brown, Timmo, Bishop, Everett. 68.2
Ht 5: Lukehurst, Gooddy, McAuliffe, Biggs (ef), 68.4
Ht 6: Jansson. Genz, Bishop. McGillivray, 66.0.
Ht 7: Pratt, Gooddy, Reeves, Brown, 67.4.
Ht 8: McGillivray. Everett, McAuliffe, Timmo, 68.8.
Ht 9: Genz, Lukehurst, Biggs, Bishop, 67.4.
Ht 10: Jansson, Genz, Reeves, McGillivray, 66.2.
Ht 11: Pratt, Gooddy, Brown, McAuliffe. 68.0.
Ht 12: Genz, Reeves, Biggs. Jansson (ef), 67.8.

Ht 13: Pratt, Lukehurst, Gooddy, Reeves, 67.4

Silver Sash
Jansson (Holder) beat Eddie Reeves 66.0

Len Silver Talking 3rd May 1968………
How times change, the Wimbledon Dons were, until last season, one of our most feared opponents. They seemed just as formidable here, on our own race-strip as they did at Plough Lane. Yet last Friday, for the second time, we handed out a licking to our South London rivals that certainly took me by surprise. I was surprised because in reality the Dons are a better side than a 26 point defeat suggests. In Nygren, Luckhurst and Hedge they possess three solid heat leaders that are the envy of many less fortunate clubs. In the second string department, Garry Middleton is about the best prospect in the League, and Tebby and Dugard represent solid reliability so why? Why 26 points? I think-only think mind- I know the answer. In the past I have mentioned on many occasions that our Hawks did not perform as well as they should have done on some "away" track or other because of the track conditions, It IS a fact that when a track is below par it is always an advantage to the home side, Now reluctant as I am to admit it, our strip WAS below par last Friday not intentionally, I hasten to add, and our boys were quick to press home any advantage this gave them. What happened was that I ordered a fresh delivery of red shale, as I have to from time to time in order to replace what we lose over the fence, and then, because of the heat of the latter part of last week, we watered the track rather more than perhaps we should. Thus, instead of our normally slick smooth circuit, we had a deep grippy surface that took everyone by surprise. Not that any of the riders complained far from it, they all realised what had happened and buckled down to their job. I was personally very pleased that the Magnificent Seven rode it so well-it augers well for the future times when they will have to perform in similar conditions at other tracks during this season's League campaign.
At this time of year our Silver Sash Match Race Champion, "Banger," has an awful lot of travelling to do. Already he has flown over to Sweden twice to fulfil commitments there. Luckily for us we have been able to fit in the trips without the loss of his services, and we hope to continue in this happy state of affairs, but it can get complicated like one of the journeys in August, for example. We go on tour to Scotland and on August 3rd the team-complete with Bengt ride at the Monarchs track at Coatbridge just outside Glasgow. The next day, Sunday the 4th, Bengt is due to appear at Vetlanda in the middle of Sweden. So after the Saturday night match at Coatbridge he must rush to Glasgow airport to catch a B.E.A. flight to London (Heathrow). From there he catches the airways bus to West London Air Terminal, hops on a taxi across London to Victoria Station just in time to catch the 3 a.m. train to Gatwick Airport. Ten minutes wait for the S.A.S. plane to Copenhagen, change planes there and on to Stockholm. A waiting car then will pick up our Champ and rush him across Sweden in time to ride at the 2 p.m. meeting! Phew. The thought of it makes me shudder. "What day do you want to come back to England?" I asked him.
"Must be back for the Tuesday," he replied. "But you're not riding until Thursday at Oxford" "Well I must go to West Ham to see how the English boys ride in the Nordic Final Just in case I get through the Swedish rounds and meet them in the European Final!" And THAT, my friends, is why "Banger" is a CHAMP.
Next week I look forward to the first visit of the Leicester Lions with eager anticipation. This ex-Long Eaton side seems to have taken on a new mantle since moving the 20 miles across country, a new vibrance and a new outlook. Yes, Ron Wilson has injected his men with a purposeful demeanour that matches the lion on their race jackets and I suspect that they are going to extend our Magnificent Seven to the full.
In the meantime the Cheetahs of Oxford wish to throw down the gauntlet and make the effort to wrest two League points from us-good luck to them-and to us!

See you all next week, when we'll

Make it a date - Friday at Eight.


I hear a whisper that the Speedway Scene in Ireland is about to take a turn for the better. A group of English riders, including our own Colin Pratt and Malcolm Brown, were due to ride in a "demonstration" meeting last weekend. As I write, reports have not yet reached me of the results, but one thing's for sure, it only reflects the general upsurge of interest in Speedway generally.

* * *

New name in the second half of the programme tonight belongs to young Kiwi Colin Tucker who performs at the Western Springs track in Auckland. In addition to the more established stars, Colin makes the fifteenth young New Zealander to try his luck in the old country this year. When asked whether he would like to ride 1st or 2nd Division, Colin was heard to reply, "Both !" and what's more he meant it ! !

* * *
Who will be the first rider to mount the new "Gold Top" £175 J.A.P. special engine? Built to the exacting specifications of George Greenwood, new owner of the J.A.P. suppliers, better known as Alex Jacksons, he confidently predicts that it will outstrip any machine yet seen on our tracks.

* * *

Did you know that a great number of the steel shoes that riders wear on their left boot are made by one of our visitors tonight? Yes, Ilford-born Ronnie Genz manufactures a natty line in skid plates in addition to producing this year a new type of saddle as used by our skipper. Newly wed Ronnie might well "Back Britain" by exporting some of his Speedway goods behind the Iron Curtain.

* * *

Handsome Anders Michanek of Leicester, one of next week's opponents, is a Swedish team-mate of our "Banger." Both ride for Getingarna , top Scandinavian club, but rivalry in England between the two team-mates is very high indeed and expect the sparks to fly when they meet on Friday.

* * *

Track preparation at Rayleigh became hard work last Sunday. With 20 tons of shale and granite dust to move, the tractor decided to pack up! Undaunted, promoter Len with help mates Graeme Smith and a young supporter named Chris, took to their shovels and moved the lot by hand! With the opening next Saturday, May 11th, they couldn't afford to wait for the tractor to be repaired. 

The Peter Douglas Page
Those of you who sported two bob on the May issue of SPEEDWAY POST will have read Phil Rising s un-informed piece suggesting that Long Eaton rider Ray Wilson could become the new "Georgie Best" of Speedway. Phil goes on to run through a list of other eligible young men who could qualify for the title-Brian Leonard, Terry Betts, and Sverre Harrfeldt. Hey, girls, what about your own Colin Pratt-the dark, handsome skipper of the Hawks? Surely of all the current top England riders, Colin must qualify as the most. glamorous. As a good P.R.O.  I have already taken Mr Rising to task for this unforgivable lapse and I would like Hackney fans to deluge his office with letters of protest for leaving out our own Colin. The address to send your letters by the sackful is Speedway Post, 84/87 Temple Chambers, E.C.4.

This week has seen a new crop of speedway publications, with the arrival of SPEEDWAY ECHO from the same table as Speedway Star and Speedway Post, so what s. new, folks?-and Mike Stracey’s gallant enterprise, Speedway Argus, for which Len Silver does a column. It's a healthy sign sure enough that speedway is making more Impact and I’ the first to admire enterprising publishers who launch yet another magazine covering the sport. But hope they will get away from the same old pictures of riders, lined up against a wall in the pits as if they were about to be shot instead of photographed. Why not more pictures of the boys at home, with their wives and families? I know this is a theme that Len and I have been plugging for weeks, but if we are to raise speedway riders to the same level of professional sportsmen as say footballers, this has got to be done. So if Mr Rising (mentioned above) wants project a glamour-boy Image, how about putting a stop to those convict ninety-nine type photos? As well as more publications on speedway, I am finding that more newspapers are appointing speedway correspondents on their staffs and this week I have made contact with two new writers on the sport at the SUN and the SUNDAY EXPRESS. Plans are also being laid for round the clock speedway information service for use by the press and radio and TV services. This IS tile brainchild of the Promoters' Association and although secretary Dave Stevens is tucked away down in Maidstone he is doing a great job for speedway. For the next two weeks, the papers will be full of Cup Final news so I shall be trying that bit harder to get speedway news across, so that we are not swamped off the sports pages.
Malcolm Brown getting a suntan and some muscles on his chest whilst working down at Rayleigh on the new track ... Colin tells me he is too busy just now to think about anything but speedway, what with working at Terry Betts' garage, stripping down and washing his engine, and looking after the family .... Glad to see that the Hackney division of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade got a good picture story in Speedway Post this month, showing them practising handling crash victims.
Had a charming letter from the Matron of Hackney Hospital thanking us for the Easter egg.
Smart letter too from the House of Commons this week- Poplar's M.P., Ian Mikardo has promised to look into our transport problems. London Transport still say they cannot help, but I'll continue to battle for better bus service.


Good evening, supporters,
I feel I must open my notes this week by offering on behalf of all supporters, our sincere congratulations to Colin for cracking the track. Record and to Bengt and Barry Briggs on subsequently equalling the new time. Plaudits additionally to Banger for taking the Silver Sash, and to Briggo for the sporting manner in which defeat was accepted. If you wish to travel by coach to Kings Lynn tomorrow our British League encounter with the Stars, there will probably be a few seats available this evening. Go along and have a word with club officials at one of the kiosks. Fare 1S 19/6d. and the coaches leave Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 1.30 pm PROMPT.
Coach to Halifax the following Saturday, May 11th, again for a British League match will leave Maud Road at 8.30 a.m. Fare 27/6d. If you wish to come along with us reserve your seats this evening. You can also reserve seats for the trip to Cradley Heath on Saturday, May 25th.
Fare 19/6d., leaving Maud Road at 1.30 pm sharp.
For those of you who don't wish to travel quite so far, may I remind you that speedway racing opens at Rayleigh on Saturday, May 11th. We will be running buses each Saturday to the Weir if support warrants It. Departure time will be 5.15 p.m. PROMPT from Maud Road. fare is 5/6d. If interested, please book at kiosks.
We are still awaiting ticket returns before making the draw for our Speedway Machine. If you have not had tickets yet, but would like to increase your chances, you still have a couple of weeks to purchase tickets at 5/- each, or the bargain price of  5/- each or the bargain price of 5 for a £1.Draw tickets of the weekly variety, in aid of the riders equipment fund. are on sale as usual at 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/-. Dig loose that loose change and give yourself the chance to win one of our very attractive prizes.
Last week's lucky winners were as follows: .

1st prize-ticket number 2680: 1. Green, 4 Beston Close, Tye Green, Braintree, Essex.
2nd prize-ticket number 9383: A. Allen, Homerton, E.9.
3rd prize-ticket number 9385: A. Allen, Homerton, E.9.

A Supporters' Committee meeting is being held next Wednesday. One of. the items on the agenda is summer dances. If you have any comment to make on this or any other item you'd like us to discuss, please then one of the committee members in one of the three kiosks.

Cheerio for now, UP THE HAWKS!


This weeks front cover from Speedway Star and News, priced 1/3d available at all good newsagents and at your speedway track. Pictured is the young Malcolm Simmons and the experienced Ken McKinlay on the front cover.


THERE was a time when Hackney/Wimbledon derbies were speedway epics. Pitifully the sparkle that made them a once great side has deserted the Dons and this meeting provided little more than fixture filler and a comfortable two British League points for the Hawks. Bengt Jansson successfully defended the Silver Sash against Trevor Hedge and will never gain an easier maximum. Likewise, almost, for Colin Pratt but Hedge secured the visitors' only win in Heat 7 to spoil it.
With Hackney grasping 28 out of a possible 30 points from the first six heats any interest left in this meeting was purely academic and only some dubious refereeing decisions in Heats 9 and 13 kept spectators awake. If only we could turn back the clock, say, two seasons!



(British League)

Hackney: B. Jansson 12, Pratt 11, D. Lukehurst 9,
J .Biggs 6, M. Brown 5, L. McGillivray 5, G. Everett 4.

Wimbledon: O. Nygren 8, G. Middleton 6, T. Hedge 5, R. Luckhurst 4, B. Dugard 2, P. Murray 1, J. Tebby O.

Ht 1: Pratt, Brown, Nygren. Dugard (f), 66.0

Ht 2: Jansson. McGillivray. Luckhurst, Tebby. 67.0

Ht 3, Lukehurst, Biggs. Middleton. Hedge (nf), 68.6

Ht 4: Brown. Dugard, Everett, Murray. 68.4

Ht 5: Lukehurst, Biggs, Luckhurst, Tebby, 68.2

Ht 6: Jansson, Nygren, McGillivray, Dugard, 68.2

Ht 7: Hedge, Pratt. Middleton, Brown. 68.0

Ht 8: Everett, McGillivray, Murray, Tebby, 70.0

Ht 9: (re-run) Lukehurst. Biggs. Nygren. Murray, 68.4

Ht 10: Jansson, Middleton, Hedge, McGillivray, 67.6

Ht 11: Pratt, Nygren, Luckhurst, Brown. 68.2

Ht 12: Jansson, Nygren, Hedge. Biggs. 67.6

Ht 13 13 (re-run), Pratt. Middleton, Luckhurst, Lukehurst (ef fall), 69.2

Silver Sash

Bengt Jansson (Holder) beat Trevor Hedge (Challenger) 67.2 

Len Silver Talking 26th April 1968

Phew! What a night we had last week, three times a new track record. Once the old record equalled, a solid win against the powerful Robins of Swindon, Mr Speedway, Barry Briggs, twice relegated to second place by our High Flying Hawks, and to cap it all the recovery of the Silver Sash Match Race Championship for Hackney by "Our Banger." THAT, folks IS certainly a night to remember! Spare a thought too for our new boy, Des. In heat 13, he lined up at the gate needing only another 3 points to
join with Cohn and Bengt in the toss for choice of rider to challenge Briggs. As it seemed almost a certainty that he would get them, 1 wondered whether his engine stalling at the gate was perhaps deliberate in order that only Colin or Banger might have a tilt at the title! He strongly denied it, of course, but deep inside I have a sneaking feeling that I might be right and it then it speaks volumes for Des's sportsmanship and team ship and even though we’ll never know for certain, I hope Des won't mind me saying a thank you just in case!

Talking of Des I'm certain that you must all agree that he was, probably one of the finest captures that we have ever made. His bustling, never give up style has endeared him to us all, and last week he showed that at last he is beginning to master our race strip. His partnership with Jackie Biggs is  a revelation, sometimes I think they’ve a private  war on the way they vie with each other for the winner s spot, but nothing could be further' from the truth. Back in the pits they can always be seen laughing and joking together, and if one of them is in trouble, the other is the first on the scene with practical help. Yes, both men have slotted into the Hawks side and maintained our first class record in team spirit. This makes me very pleased indeed because team spirit is an elusive asset that can work miracles, and I've seen it pull off

un-thought of victories for us in the past. I am certain that it will do so again in the future.

I must talk to you now about our fixture list. You will notice on our back page that there have been a number of changes. This is due in no small measure to some alterations in the dates on which the various international fixtures are due to be held. Easily the most important so far as we are concerned is the new date for our first ever European League match, Great Britain v. Poland. Originally scheduled for June 7th, the Poles will now be coming here on FRIDAY, JULY 12th, so make' a note of the alteration now. As well. as this change we have had to make a number of others as well, partly because we are making every effort to ensure that we have "Banger" available for ALL official fixtures, unlike last year when we lost him for one or two crucial matches, so I hope you will not mind too much that our programme is a little different to that which was originally scheduled.

Talking of alterations, tonight's little epic with the Dons caused Ronnie Greene and I to literally turn grey. The match was brought forward at my request when I found that Bengt was available after all, and Ronnie was the only promoter who agreed to help me by moving the fixture date forward, all the others that I asked either could not or would not. So I went ahead with advertising, etc. Imagine my dismay when Ronnie phoned me to say that he couldn't bring the Dons here after all because Olle Nygren was being recalled to Sweden. So we quickly decided to call it a challenge match and bring in a guest rider in place of Nygren. All the bookings were made and. the Press

informed of the change, 1was a bit unhappy because I had particularly wanted to put in an official fixture, but in the circumstances I couldn't do anything else. Then on Monday when I had returned from taking tonight's programme lay-out to the printer, I had a phone call from Olle Nygren. "I can ride on Friday after all," he said! So my telephone became red-hot again as I went about reversing everything that had been done ... what a way to earn a living! Anyway, all's well that ends well and I can happily report that in spite of everything, tonight's match is DEFINITELY OFFICIAL, so Bengt will be taking on the first challenger for his Silver Sash immediately after the interval. Now

we can't lose the title to a Don now can we? So give "Banger" a special cheer to help him on his way when the match race is about to begin.

Work is now well on the way towards completion for the re-opening of our sister club at Rayleigh on May 11th. The Supporters' Club overwhelmingly decided to keep the team name of the "Rockets' when they had their first meeting about ten days ago. So our young men who perform so well in the second half of the programme will be donning the famous blue and gold colours of the Rockets very soon now. Mind you, one or two of them reckon that they might bust their way into the Hawks' side before that happens, and by golly, they might be right too judging by the way they are all going! These keen young stalwarts certainly know how to turn their throttles on, and there can be no doubt about the future of the Hawks, and of Speedway Racing in general while we have boyos like these knocking about.

Danny Dunton's Cheetahs from Oxford will form the opposition next Friday, and as I write it is hoped that their injured "Great Dane" Arne Pander will be back in the side after his collar bone injury which he suffered during their opening meeting this

year. Knowing Arne as I do, he will certainly be as keen as mustard to ride, for Hackney has always been one of his favourite tracks in order performances here in the past bear this out, so I expect him to ride a little earlier than perhaps he would have done 'in

to be with us next week. Also in the Oxford line-up will be two local born riders from Ilford, Ronnie Genz and Eddie Reeves, and his New Zealand "Flat-mate" "Rick" Timmo, plus, of course, South London strong man Colin "Joe" Gooddy. All class performers, so another real battle will be in store for us when we'll

Make it a date ... Friday at Eight.


AROUND THE RACEWAYS ........by Hawkeye

Missing tonight from the Wimbledon line-up is ex-White Ghost, Alan Cowland. He is on a mission with a double meaning. First is an International meeting in Czechoslovakia in which Alan was invited to take part while he was acting as interpreter for the Prague tourists last season, second is as an ambassador for Poole Speedway, who, on learning that Alan was due in Czecho, asked him to act for them in attempting to obtain permission to bring Antonin Kaspar over to replace the retired Gote Nordin.
If, as we all hope, Alan is successful in his negotiations, Kasper will certainly be a respected visitor here at the "Wick," for he handed out defeats to both Colin and Bengt when he rode here for the Prague touring team last season, no mean feat for a rider who had never seen an English track before, let alone our East End bowl. Down at the new Second Division venue, Plymouth, ex-Plymouth "Devil" Pete 
Lansdale is to be the man in charge. Since Pete was undoubtedly the most popular performer ever at the Devon race way, he will prove to be a welcome promoter to the West Country folk. Pete, incidentally, is experimenting with a completely new type of track surfacing at Plymouth. The track has been tarmac'ed over for Stock Car Racing, and so a special sand is being used on top of it for Speedway, Racing. Pete reckons that it may prove so successful that the idea may catch on at other venues that stage both sports.
For the first time this year the Hackney track has been criticised by a rider. It happened last week when Swindon came-a-visiting. The remark is attributed to Mr. Speedway himself who was talking to our young junior, Graeme Smith, a countryman of Barry's. "This track," said Barry, "wears me out ... it's much too fast for its size !" Some criticism from our new joint track record holder.
I hear that there is some panic in the camp at Reading, one of the new-look Second Division tracks. Apparently, the local Town Planning Committee gave the go-ahead to the project and the promoter, Reg Fearman, therefore went ahead with the work and gave orders involving hundreds of pounds to contractors. Two days later the Reading Town Council met in full and asked the Planning Committee to re-consider the case. There was some confusion as to whether the project involved Speedway or Stock Cars.  It seemed that the local councillors did not want the cars there. Meanwhile, Reg Fearman has sweated blood as he waits for the final verdict.
Still talking about Division Two (it seems like the main topic of conversation around the tracks, these days). Down in Kent, at the County town of Maidstone, it was hoped to get permission to stage racing at the Soccer Stadium in London Road, Everything was looking rosy with the Soccer Club committee very keen to see the sport coming to their stadium, and interest soaring high in the town. The Planning Committee, however, decided against giving the necessary permission. Not to be beaten easily, however, the promoters immediately lodged an appeal to the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, and engaged the services of the barrister-who acted for the Ministry of Health in the appeal at Gloucester a couple of years back. Known as the very top man in the field of Town Planning, his services, although expensive, may save the day for Maidstone, Also pledging support is the Minister of Sport, Dennis Howell. Looks like Speedway is exciting interest in some high places lately! And about time too! !
Back to items of more immediate interest to Hawks' fans. Spare a thought for Malcolm Brown. He went to West Ham for the K.O. Cup tie with his machine tuned to perfection, keen to do well and put Hackney through to the next round. His nil points return put him in the doldrums for he had tried his very hardest to pull his weight. Imagine his feelings when he checked his bike over afterwards and found that he had the wrong sprocket on his rear wheel causing him to be under-geared by quite a margin. Never at a loss for words, the "Clown Prince" quipped, "I'll just have to grow some more fingers to help me count!"
Following "Banger's" win in the Match Race last week one of his ardent admirers, Miss Sylvia Barnard, sent us the following poem-just shows what talented folk us Hackney lot are!

Bengt Jansson is great,
As he flies out the gate,
He picks up great speed
Just like every young Swede
He rides the track with the greatest of ease,
We call him "Banger," but Bengt if you please.





South Records



Tel. AMH 3805


Speedway Supporters are made especially welcome for all

POP and CLASSICAL records as well as sweets, tobaccos, etc



Scarborough Road . Leytonstone . E.ll

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Tel. LEYtonstone 2662 (day) LEYtonstone 7017 (night)

The Peter Douglas Page



I went speedway mad over the Easter weekend and with Len paid a visit to Wimbledon on Easter Monday, followed by West Ham the next night. Like the setting very much at Wimbledon, but felt shut-in sitting in that large glass box. Didn't get the atmosphere of speedway. The catering staff are friendly and promoter Ronnie Greene is a real patriarch of speedway. Had to hold Len down in his seat, though, as he had his eye on Wimbledon s lovely coloured fountain in the middle of the centre green.

Over at Custom House, met the tallest promoter in the world, I refer to Dave's height, not his press stones! A big open track, not the same atmosphere without the far stand. Rather smart pits area, with a good walkway over the greyhound track to the circuit. Staff very helpful and courteous. And above all at both tracks, I was on the edge of my seat all evening with some cliff-hanging results from the teams.


I refer not to the Esso animal, but to Hackney's littlest mechanic, whose mop of Beatie hair and green overalls can be seen regularly in the pits. Tiger tells me he has only missed three speedway meetings in five years-started coming at the age of 13. As well as being an ace mechanic, his ambition is to ride a speedway bike one day, and has currently pinned his hopes on the supporters' club draw in which he has invested a five bob ticket. A bit on the small side, with a bit of fertiliser he might grow into a real 'un!


Very much admired Colin's newly-acquired Ford Lotus car, complete with three tone horns and smart green trim, Malcolm was quick to point out that it needs some lining in the roof, but Colin has promised not to spoil his prosperous image and will get this fixed. Len's new car is running-in well, he tells me, but don't be caught running your fingers over the shiny new body (the car's not Len's)--he's still a bit touchy about that!


We were talking about getting record requests played Radio One to help plug speedway, so here IS a list of programmes that take 'off beat" request items. Send a postcard only to the programme of your choice, BBC, P.O. Box lAA, London, W.l.


8.30         "Junior Choice"

10.00       "Saturday Club

6.30         "Scene & Heard"

11.45       "Night Ride"


9.00         "Junior Choice"

12.00       "Family Favourites"

12.05       ''Night Ride"

Monday to Friday daily

7.00         Tony Blackburn

9.00         ''Family Choice"

10.00       Jimmy Young

4.30         David Symonds

10.00       "Late Night Extra"

12.00       ''Night Ride"

Les Barrett, one of the other sportsmen I act for, has his first coming out next Friday. Titled "Julie Brown," I shall have it played over the speakers here at Hackney-hope you like it enough to ask for it to be' played as a request number when you send your Speedway letters to the BBC.

Good evening, supporters,
With the weather man being very kind to us so far, it is nice to see so many of you coming along to the Wick, to witness some of the finest racing in the British League.
When we tanned the "Orrible Ammers" a fortnight ago the crowd was the largest at Hackney since the re-opening in 1963.
If you would like to travel with us to Kings Lynn for the B.L. match against the Stars on SATURDAY, MAY 4th, reserve your seat this evening if you have not already done so. There may be a few seats available next week, but don't chance it-make sure tonight. Coach leaves Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 1.30 PROMPT. Fare 19/6.
As you already know, Rayleigh open their doors to speedway again on SATURDAY, MAY 11th, under the promotion of our own Len Silver. We shall run buses every Saturday, leaving Maud Road at 5.15 p.m. PROMPT. Fare will be 5/6 and reservations can be made at any of our three kiosks this evening.
May 11th we visit Halifax by coach. Fare is 27/6 and we leave Maud Road at 8.30 a.m. sharp-book tonight to avoid disappointment.
You no doubt remember that we obtained our track spare partly through the medium of Green Shield Stamps. In order to help maintain this bike at a high mechanical level, we would like you to keep those stamps rolling in. If you have any you don't require, please hand them in to myself, any of our officials, or at any one of the kiosks.
Draw tickets for the speedway bike are going very well indeed. You still have a chance this evening to obtain tickets at 5/- each or 5 for £1. Draw has been put back a week or two because of the demand from other tracks for tickets, such is the interest it has aroused. The lucky winner will have the opportunity to ride the bike around the Hackney track before our very eyes.
Our weekly draw in aid of the riders' equipment fund is going on as usual. Tickets are 6d. each, 3 for 1/-, or the bargain price of 7 for 2/-.
Don't forget to visit one of our kiosks and have a look at all the items on display (a price list appears elsewhere in this programme) as I'm sure you'll find something to your liking.
We look like achieving our aim of having the largest number of officially registered supporters for the 1968 season. If you still haven't enrolled, then pop along to the kiosk where for an outlay of just 1/- you can add your name to the ever-growing list.

The lucky winners of last week's draw were as follows:

1st prize-ticket number 8075: D. Pitcher, 5 Barclay Crescent, Stevenage, Herts.
2nd prize-ticket number 7627: D. Beckham, 155 Norman Road, E.11.
3rd prize-ticket number 8022: Mrs. H. Hunt, 31 Chesterfield Road, E.I0.

Cheerio for now and up the "Hawks"




Hackney Badges (Season 1967/68) 3/- each
Hackney Badges (Season 1965/66) 3/- "
Hackney Badges (Season 1963/64) 3/6 "
Hackney Blazer Badges…….……10/6 "
Hackney Button Badges
(Varions Slogans)…………………1/-
Hackney Year Bars (AU Seasons).1/6 "
Hackney Rosettes………………...2/6 "
Hackney Transfers………………..1/6 "
Hackney Key Fobs………………. 5/- "
Rider Key Rings (Gold Plated)…. .6/- "
Rider Key Rings (Silver Plated)…..5/- "
Gold Plated Rider Statuettes……..7/6 "
Cuff Links………………………. 7/6 pair
Brooches……………………… ...5/6 each
Photographs (Varied Selection)….1/- "
Hackney Ash Trays…………….. 4/- "
Hackney Cycle Pennants……….. 3/- "
Away Track Badges
(Excluding Walthamstow)…..……3/6
Walthamstow Badges
(Collector's Item)…………….…..6/-
Hackney Skull Caps……………..3/-

This weeks [w/e 19th April] Speedway Star and News Front front cover sees Bob Andrews getting into a spot of bother in the recent 'Crossroads' trophy.
On the back the Halifax Dukes

Hackney 47

Colin Pratt                           3 2 3 3 – 11                                                          
Malc Brown                        1 3 0 1 -    5
Bengt Jansson                    3 2 3 3 -  11                                 
Les McGillivray                  2 0 3 1 -    6                                                           
Des Lukehurst                    3 3 2 0 -    8                                                           
Jack Biggs                          2 1 1 0 -    4                                                         
Gary Everett                       1 1        -   2

Swindon 31                                                        

Barry Briggs                        2 3 3 3 2 – 11
Clive Hitch                          0 2 1 0 1 -    4 
Bob Kilby                            0 2           -  2
Pete Munday                      1 0 2 0      -   3
Mike Broadbank                1 1 2 2 1   -   7
Mike Keen                          0 0 2         -  2
Frank Shuter                       0 0            -  0

For those attending this match, they were treated to the usual brilliant racing the Wick has been producing this season. To start with in heat one Colin Pratt not only beat Barry Briggs but also knocked .2 of a second of the track record to 65.8, that was ironically held by Swindon’s Bob Kilby who took the track record in September last year. Although the Hawks made the better start, that man Briggo was having none of it and in heat 6 he equalled Pratt’s new track record this time beating Hawks Bengt Jansson. Briggo got his revenge beating Pratt in heat 7 although no track record this time. But that super Swede Bengt Jansson wanted to get in on the act and in heat twelve he equalled the track record as well! But the climax came in the Silver Sash in which Barry Briggs was defending champion. Up against Hawks Bengt Jansson, Banger made the start and never looked in any danger and Briggo pulled up with mechanical problems! So all in all a great meeting, great racing and a Hackney rider who is the new Silver Sash holder.

Heat 1
Pratt, Briggs, Brown, Hitch 65.8 (New Track Record)
Heat 2
Jansson, McGillivray, Munday, Kilby 9(ef) 67.4
Heat 3
Lukehurst, Biggs, Broadbank, Keen 68.2
Heat 4
Brown, Hitch, Everett, Shuter 69.0
Heat 5
Lukehurst, Kilby, Biggs, Munday 68.0
Heat 6
Briggs, Jansson, Hitch, McGillivray 65.8 (Equals Track Record)
Heat 7
Briggs, Pratt, Broadbank, Brown 66.4
Heat 8
McGillivray, Munday, Everett, Shuter 70.2
Heat 9
Briggs, Lukehurst, Biggs, Hitch 67.4
Jansson, Broadbank, McGillivray, Hitch 66.6
Heat 11
Pratt, Broadbank, Brown, Munday 67.2
Heat 12
Jansson, Briggs, Broadbank, Biggs 65.8   (Equals Track Record)
Heat 13
Pratt, Keen, Hitch, Lukehurst (push start from tapes) 68.2

Silver Sash

Jansson, Briggs 66.0      

Len Silver Talking 19th April 1968

1,000 points in British League racing! What a magic figure . . . and what an achievement by our skipper! As the match begins tonight only 6 points separate Colin from the target, giving him an average of over 300 points per season. That's an average to be proud of, and by golly I know that we're right proud of the young leader of the Magnificent Seven whose average it is .Well done, Colin, and may you long continue your winning ways. Exact details of Colin's scores are situated elsewhere in the programme and thanks must go to Speedway's official statistician, Bryan Seery, for providing us with such an interesting article.
Tonight we have the opportunity of staging the Silver Sash Match Race Championship. Holder Barry Briggs successfully defended his title at Halifax last Saturday and so one of our lucky men will do battle with him tonight. Colin was our last holder of the title-perhaps it will be him again, or maybe "Banger" then again our "Atom Bomb,"
Les McGillivray has been going great guns this year and might well qualify. But whoever it is, one thing IS certain, the roof will be raised if we get a winner!
By the time you read this we’ll have been to West Ham for our K.O. Cup round.  If last Fridays match was any guide we should have pulled off a win, but such is the unpredictability of Speedway that, as I write, the outcome is still a mystery.
As you already know, our sister club, Rayleigh, is due to open its doors on Saturday, May 1lth. Unfortunately, the Hawks have an "away" date that night at Halifax. I have tried to rearrange the fixture but with no success. However, those of you who follow the Hawks up North will be able to visit the "Weir" for the second meeting when maybe some of the undoubted teething troubles will have been ironed out! 
I visited the opening meeting at Leicester last Tuesday week and I must say that I have to say I liked what I saw. Ron Wilson put on a slick, well organised meeting that did credit to British Speedway. The capacity crowd were treated to a great night's entertainment and obviously many new fans were "converted." Without a doubt, it is the fire and drive of men like Ron Wilson, dedicated to Speedway, which is the reason behind the growing crowds up and down the country. At most venues, reports reach me, the attendance figures are making the promoters smile and right here at Hackney the same is true. All the hard work and occasional heart-ache seems very worthwhile when I look around at eight-o-clock on Friday evening and see the eager faces filling the seats and terraces, counting the seconds before they hear the "Magnificent Seven" music heralding another evening of thrills-a-plenty. We all want the "boom" to continue, and I shall certainly try my utmost to maintain the high standards of racing we are used to here at Hackney so that when you bring your pals along for the first time they see something worthy of their visit. Next Friday should have been an "Open" date with a challenge match or championship. This was because Bengt's Swedish fixtures looked like keeping him from us, so I arranged things that way so as not to lose his services for official fixtures. Happily I can now tell you that Bengt will be with us after all and so, after multitudes of frantic phone calls I have brought forward the official date with our old "needle" rivals from Wimbledon. It's always a thriller when our London opponents visit us and next week should be no exception. Anyway, I'll see you all then when we'll
Make it a date - Friday at Eight!



by Bryan Seery

In 1966, when guest riders were even more regrettably rife than they are now, Colin Pratt was in popular demand. He scored a 12 point full maximum for West Ham at Cradley Heath. Three days later, believe it or not, he scored 10 points for Cradley Heath at West Ham. For Halifax against Coventry he popped in 11. And for Wimbledon, also at Cradley Heath, he scored 9. All in British League matches. 42 points, and 1 full maximum. .

Besides these 42, of course, Colin has also scored a few British League points for Hackney!  His efforts during seasons 1965- 6 -7 are gathered together in the following:

Belle Vue
1965  H 9      A  4
1966  H 12f   A 6
1967  H 10    A 6       Matches 6 Points 47
1965  H 11    A 10
1966  H dnr   A  7
1967  H 10    A 4       Matches 5 Points 42
Cradley Heath
1965  H 6       A 6
1966  H 13p   A 11
1967  H 12f    A 15f   Matches 6 Points 73
1965  H 12f   A dnr
1966  H 12f   A 8
1967  H 12f   A 13     Matches 5 Points 62
1965  H 3      A 2
1966  H 11    A 10
1967  H 9      A 6        Matches 6 Points 41
1965 H 12fn  A dnr
1966 H 12f   A 8
1967 H 6      A 5         Matches 5 Points 43
1965 H 10   A 12
1966 H 15f  A 13
1967 H 11  A 12         Matches 6 Points 73
King's Lynn
1965 Not in BL
1966 H 11  A 11
1967 H 12f  A 9          Matches 4 Points 44
Long Eaton
1965 H 12f A 5
1966 H 9    A dnr
1967 H 4    A 10         Matches 5 Points 40
1965 H 12f  A 10
1966 H 15f  A 12
1967 H 11   A 4          Matches 6  Points 64
1965 H 10   A 4
1966 H 11   A dnr
1967 H 12f  A 0
1967 H 11   A1           Matches 5 Points 37
1966 H10,   A 7
1967 H 12f  A 0
1968 H 8    A 11         Matches 6 Points 48  
1965 H 12f  A 1
1966 H dnr  A 11
1967 H 12f  A 10        Matches 5 Points 46
1965 H 4     A 14p
1966 H 12f  A 15f
1967 H 8     A 4          Matches 6 Points 57
1965 H 10   A 2
1966 H 8     A 8
1967 H 9     A 5          Matches 6 Points 42
West Ham
1965 H 3     A 9
1966 H 8     A 11
1967 H 12f  A 12f       Matches 6 Points 55
1965 H 5, A 13
1966 H 15f, A 4
1967 H l5f, A 3             Matches 6 Points 50
1965 H 12f A 13
1966 H 9 A 13
1967 H 10p A 11p       Matches 6 Points 68

Key: f-full maximum p-paid maximum dm-did not ride

Which takes care of another 921 British League points. Add on the 42 scored while guesting and Colin finished the 1967 season with a total of 963.
And so to 1968.
Ten points in our opener v. Wolverhampton. And the total was 973.
Another ten against Glasgow the following week. And the total was 983.
And in our last League match v. King's Lynn-another eleven. And the total was and is 994.
So, unless he's been collared for a spot of guest riding somewhere in the last few days tonight should be the night. Only six points needed to reach that magic thousand.
It's possible in two rides! Probable in three! And, on current form, we're tempted to say that in four rides it's PRATTically certain! Even against the League Champions.
So-keep count! And when Colin reaches six tonight-raise the roof! He's done a hell of a lot for Hackney.
Let him know you've noticed!

The Peter Douglas Page 
Mike Broadbank, Captain of the Robins. Born in Hertfordshire and started speedway riding at Rye House.Rode for Wembley before joining Swindon thirteen years ago and has stayed there ever since. Rides in red leathers-watch it Malcolm- therefore known as the "Red Devil"
Bob Kilby, youngster born in Swindon, Scored 16 points for Swindon when he visited us last year and was runner-up to Barry Briggs in "Superarma." A young man to watch and is the current Hackney track record holder.
Pete Munday joined Swindon from Poole in 1966. Nicknamed "Bronco" for his style of riding.
Clive Hitch joined Swindon this year, following a season at Coventry. Quiet and unassuming off the track, but a tough trier on it.
Mike Keen, another Swindon-born rider, useful scorer.And Barry Briggs ... well Hackney fans know all about Barry, so I won't presume to add anything.

By the time you read these notes, I will have paid visits to Wimbledon and West Ham. I shan't only be watching the speedway, but I hope picking up useful hints on our own presentation. I will Jet you know my impressions next week.
t's great to hear from Len and his fellow promoters that speedway is enjoying a unprecedented boom this year. Reports are that gates are everywhere up on last year, and this week came the news that the Second Division is really under way, with eleven teams competing. I shall be helping out a bit with the 'publicity at our own Rayleigh so I look forward to meeting familiar faces down at the Weir.

I expect you read Eric Linden's article about TV coverage in last week's "Speedway Star." Frankly, I think he's way of the mark. The problem he talks about-following the rider out front whilst neglecting the rest of the field is common to other sports that are televised, like football for instance. Do you ever see the camera move off the ball to take in the rest of the pitch? Only very occasionally. Without the ball, the TV picture is completely dead. Same with motor racing. You've got to follow the leader. But I do agree that more flexibility in presentation is necessary, and this is possible where events are filmed (not teleecorded) and small, hand-held cameras are used. This is what happened when Pathe News visited Hackney on our press day, and during the filming of "Blue Peter." We had plenty of time, and using compact, mobile equipment, the director got all the exciting angles be wanted. And that, Mr Linden, is what makes good television. So instead of complaining about the lack of speedway coverage on TV, I have investigated why this is so. And the problems are as I have outlined. And. going further, young footballer Eamonn Dunphy (whom you saw at Hackney last week) and Fulham's Les Barrett and I have formed a special company to develop new ideas in sports presentation.
We have submitted a couple of projects already to the TV companies and are now having a close look at speedway. Which is where I came in.



Good evening, supporters,
The coach going to Kings Lynn on Saturday, May 4th, for the British League match against the Stars, is filling up fast. Supporters who have been to the Lynn before, know what a wonderful time is bad by all in the clubroom after the match, If you would like to come along, reserve your seat at one of our kiosks this evening.
I have been asked about the possibility of a club outing. This is I think is an excellent idea providing we get the necessary support. Let me know if you would like to come, whether we should go on a Saturday or a Sunday, and where you would like to go. If you will let me have your thoughts on this, the committee can sort out the most popular time and place. . . .
In the next week or two we shall be hold a committee meeting, so if you have any ideas, queries, grouses or anything else you would you would like to put before the committee, have a word with one of our members or myself and we’ll see what we can do. Also on the agenda, is the question of a summer dance.
Since the season started, our three kiosks, situated at the top of the terraces on bends two and four and on ground level on the first bend have been doing very brisk business. If you would like to join the supporter,' club (just 1/-) or have a look at our many novelties, badges, etc., pop along to one of them, where our staff will be only too pleased to give you details of everything on sale.
Our sellers are, as usual, around the stadium with draw tickets in aid of the riders' equipment fund. Help our boys towards the B.L. title, and give yourself a chance to win of our most attractive prizes. Draw takes place during the second half of tonight’s meeting. Tickets are 6d. each, three for 1/- and the bargain price of seven for 2/-
Last week's 1ucky winners were as follows:
1st-Ticket number 9954:   Mrs Lara, 134 Fairfoot Road, Bow, E.3.
2nd-Ticket number 4076 : Mrs I. Smith, Coopersale Road, E9
3rd-Ticket number 8127: Unclaimed
The tickets for the Speedway Machine Draw are selling like hot cakes at 5/- each or 5 for £1. Some lucky young man is going to get his big chance next Friday when we make the draw-may be it will be YOU-buy only if you buy a ticket! Hurry now, they're on sale at the kiosks around the track. A coach will be running to Halifax on Saturday, May 11th, fare 19/6, leaving Maud Road, Leyton, at 8.45 a.m. SHARP. Book your place tonight to avoid disappointment.
Cherrio for now,

Tonights programme 16th April 1968 at West Ham in our KOC match.

Michael Chandler Reports


As the score indicates tonights match produced enough excitement to fill any KOC to the brim. Dropping only one point (to Bengt Jansson in heat 13) Ken Mclinlay saw the hammers home but not until we had witnessed a tussle so close that it could not be bettered. After sixteen heats the Hawks were only a single point in arrears but they finally succumbed to skipper McKinlay whose two wins in
the last two heats prevented the Hawks from getting the 5-1 they needed from the final race to win.
On a night when so many deserved a word of praise I will pause to mention only two. A fantastic Heat 15 starring Stan Stevens who won him a great ovation after a tremendous effort to catch Colin Pratt and 'a terrific try by young Alan Jackson in the previous heat to all but hold off the flying George Barclay. It just goes to show that it wasn't just the famous names that were caught up in the spirit of this wonderful meeting but the not so we'll known as well.

(KO Cup - Round 1)

West Ham 55: K. McKinlay 17, S. Harrfeldt 12, N. Hunter 9, G. Barclay 8, S. Stevens 6, T, Clarke 2, T. Gallows I, B. Leonard O.

Hackney 52: C. Pratt 15, B. Jansson 14, D. Lukehurst 8, J. Biggs 7, L. McGillivray 3, A.Jackson 3, G. Everett 2, M. Brown 0.

Ht 1: Harrfeldt, Jansson, McGillivray. Leonard, 71.8.
Ht 2: Biggs. Stevens, Lukehurst. Hunter. 75.0,
Ht 3: McKinlay, Pratt, Clarke, Brown. 73.4.
Ht 4: Barclay, Everett, Jackson, Gallows, 75.8.
Ht 5: Harrfeldt, Lukehurst, Biggs, Leonard 74.2.
Ht 6: Pratt, Hunter, Stevens, Brown, 74.4.
Ht 7: McKinlay, Jansson, McGillivray, Clarke, 73.2.
Ht 8: Pratt. Harrfeldt, Barclay, Everett. 73.0.
Ht 9: McKinlay, Biggs. Lukehurst. Clarke (nf), 74.2.
Ht 10: Hunter, Jansson, McGillivray, Stevens, 74.2.
Ht11: Harrfeldt, Lukehurst, Stevens, Brown, 75.0.
Ht 12: Pratt, Hunter, Barclay (ex.), McGillivray (ex.), 74.6.
Ht 13: Jansson, McKinlay, Biggs, Leonard, 73.2.
Ht 14: Barclay, Jackson, Gallows, Everett 76.8.
Ht 15: Pratt, Stevens, Harrfefelt, McGillivray. 74.6.
Ht 16: Jansson, Hunter, Clarke, Biggs, 73.8.
Ht 17: McKinlay. Lukehurst, Barclay, Jackson (f), 73.6.
Ht 18: McKinlay. Jansson, Pratt, Harrfeldt, 73.2.


WE'RE SURE an overall effect of stunned surprise existed around Custom House after our very close call with those lively Belle Vue "Aces" last week.
To stress a point already confirmed: there's no knowing what is going to happen next in British League racing this year. We are down on strength; the majority of the opposition is up. Inevitably we're going to get closer racing, tighter results. In the long run, we believe this is better for speedway racing at West Ham. Everyone likes to win-okay. We think we can claim our fair share of the glory in the past.
But not even the most fevered fan wants a guaranteed slaughter each week. Surely you all agree?
There can be little doubt that had "Aces" been able to  field former skipper Dick Fisher then they would have beaten us. And who would have thought that 12 months ago? Who would have given a middle-class second string (on past results) like Sandor Levai the faintest chance of taking Sverre from the back? But he did. Although in fairness, our Norwegian flier was playing ducks and drakes with a long-track engine which proved eminently unsuitable for speedway.
Shocks, Upsets.But never-failing interest. This is what competitive sport is all about. This is how it should be. What earthly point is there in operating if a reasonably seasoned supporter can accurately forecast the result of every heat?
It means that you can't afford to miss one meeting here-apart from all the additional benefits offered to the Hammers devotees.
Miss one, you might miss a sensation. HOWEVER, our all-round performance last week gave little reason for satisfaction or complacency. We fancy we will need to perk up somewhat to contain these Hackney "Hawks" tonight.
Having comfortably accounted for Wimbledon, anticipated to be powerful rivals, a sense of anti-climax pervaded our camp. Plus the fact that Belle Vue were going like rockets and are to be congratulated for a very spirited performance. If all our opposition adopt their altitude and application, we will have no cause for complaint in this 40th season of speedway sport.
We have few illusions about the attitude of Hackney; they are here aiming to win and it is up to Hammers to contain 'em. It’s  is as simple as that. They are certainly welcome guests, for there is ample evidence that the Hackney management have taken our lead and attempted to introduce a swinging publicity image at the Eastway.
Their P.R.O., Peter Douglas, has worked hard to gain the "Hawks" a share of the limelight and we only but wish a few other British League centres would show this sort of enterprise and initiative. It would be no time at all before we had speedway back in the headlines on National
newspaper sports pages, if the spirit of publicity rivalry that exists between Hammers and Hawks was prevalent throughout the entire British League. It may be a coincidence that business has been exceedingly brisk both at Hackney and West Ham this year: we look forward from going from strength to strength and to another large audience tonight. Despite all the squeezes and wage freezes, speedway in East London, anyway could enjoy a bumper year in 1968.FINALLY NEXT WEEK it will be our pleasure to greet another extremely enterprising British League bossman, Ian Hoskins, who last winter worked the oracle "pushed-out of existence" Edinburgh side.The old Monarchs come to us under the new banner of Coatbridge and this is almost certain to be another desperately close thing.So spread the word, please, everyone. We want to get new support this year; from Essex, Kent, Herts, Sussex. Let us all rally round. We want to see coach parties and car-loads. We want to help ANYONE who has difficulty getting to West Ham on a Tuesday. Write in. We'll see how we can help. We want to see our Supporters Club far and away the largest and happiest in the country. We want to see four of our faithful fans jetting away on dream holidays, via The Travel Club, Upminster, this year. We want our Mums and Dads, kids, cats and kittens to have fun at West Ham.
Win, lose or draw, above all, let's enjoy ourselves.


Hackney 46 West Ham 32, April 12th 1968
Hackney                                       West Ham 
Colin Pratt         12                      Sveree Harrfeldt     1
Gary Everett        4                      Brain Leonard         3
Bengt Jansson  12                      Norman Hunter     11
Les McGillivary    6                     George Barclay       3
Des Lukehurst     3                      Tony Clarke             2
Jack Biggs           5                     Ken McKinlay        11
Malcolm Brown    4                     Stan Stevens           1   

THIS meeting had all the makings of a first-class match. A huge crowd gathered under ideal speedway conditions with the track, as always, in perfect trim.
However, someone forgot to add the most vital ingredient, close racing.
This particular derby never touched the high standard set up in previous clashes between these two neighbours, mainly because in Colin Pratt and Bengt Jansson
Hackney had two spearheads who were head and shoulders above everybody else.
Although, to be fair to the Hammers, Sverre Harrfelt, the man who could have made a tremendous difference, was plagued by engine trouble throughout.
So it was inevitable that the best race of the evening should come when the two Hawks met in the Second-Half Final. Left trailing, Jansson firstly overcame
Norman Hunter and secondly, brilliantly swept round Pratt on the last bend to win on the line.

Len Silver Talking 12th April 1968

When I forecast last week that Kings Lynn would be one of our toughest opponents, there were those who felt very differently. But what a shock we had when we  came  to  heat  twelve  and  discovered that,  by  the astute  use  of  tactical  substitutes, the  Stars  could  still pull  off a  victory!    Personally  I  revel  in this  kind  of situation  a last heat decider ...    the anxious moments as the riders stand poised at the starting gate ...    the relief when  the  Hawks  are  well placed,  and  the  final jubilation as the chequered flag comes down ...    that is what Speedway is all about. I only hope that every match here at the Wick is as close fought as  last  week's, surely then I will know that  our  ever growing band  of  followers will be happy with their Friday evening out

At last I can give you some real news about the new Second Division. At a meeting of promoters last week the final plans were formulated and the League was officially born. There will be eleven teams competing that are listed elsewhere in this programme, but  main  interest  to  Hawks  fans  will be  our  own  associated  club,  Rayleigh.  Having now had over four years’ experience as a promoter, I felt that to take on an additional responsibility would not be jeopardising my existing commitments here at Hackney. In fact, it is my intention is to make Rayleigh and Hackney as closely associated as possible, and the basis of the first Division Two team down at the Weir will come from the ranks of our own juniors.  I  think  that  with  this two-divisional approach, Hackney  can  get nothing  but good from  the  association, and I trust  that  the  Rayleigh public will enjoy being part  of our family circle. The first meeting at Rayleigh will take place on Saturday May 11th at 7.30 p.m.  and  will operate  every  Saturday  evening  throughout the Summer with the exception of the  few Stock Car  dates that  are already in  the fixture list there. I hope that  many  of you  will feel inclined to make  the short  trip down the Southend Arterial  Road  to  Rayleigh Weir  Roundabout and  help  us  to  put  Speedway firmly on the map  at yet  another  venue to the ultimate  good of the sport  as a whole.

The  fact  that  the  Supporters Club  have  decided  to  raffle  a  complete  Speedway machine  has  excited a  great  deal  of  interest,  and  Snowy Beattie tells me  that  tickets went very well indeed last week. The  sale of tickets continues tonight,  and  remember that  all proceeds go into  the Riders'  Equipment Fund,  so apart  from  a  flutter  with  a difference, those of you  who buy  tickets (5/-  each  or  5 for  £1)  are    also helping the Hawks to continue their winning ways. The draw will be made in two weeks’ time, and the lucky winner will have the chance to ride the machine on the track the following week, so come along you budding Colin Pratt’s and get those tickets bought!

Last year we reached the semi-final of the K.O. Cup before losing to West Ham at the Custom House track by a measly 6 points. This year we drew the 'Orrible'  Ammers again, but  in  the  very first round,  and  again at  the  Custom  House  track.  The  match takes place this coming Tuesday and  there can be no  doubt  that  it will be one of the closest  fought  battles  we  have  ever  witnessed between  the  two  East  End  Clubs.  Tonight’s little joust may give us some indication of what to expect, for  the Hammers are as at  home here  as they are  at  their  own big bowl, and  our  Magnificent Seven don't perform  too  badly  down Dockside Way  either, so a  real tear  up  will be the  order  of the  day.  All  our  boys have  been  instructed to  give their  machinery that  extra  bit  of care, not  that  they wanted telling anyway, and  all our bikes will have new tyres fitted from the  Riders' Equipment Fund.  So if we win, you can all give yourselves a pat on the back for helping in very real terms.

By the way" when you  go down  to Custom  House  on Tuesday  to cheer  our  lads on,  why not  sport  one of  our  new jockey caps now  on  sale at  the  Hawks'  Nests?  I reckon that if all "Our Gang" meet by the West Ham pits wearing their blue white and gold caps, our riders will really know that we are there in force.

With  the  very  fast  race  times in  evidence at  last  Friday's  meeting, it's  for  sure that  our  track  record  is  on  the  verge of  being  broken.  If it  doesn't  go  tonight,  then perhaps  the  Silver Sash  Match  Race  Champion may  do  it  next  week. Yes, that man Briggs is with us in just seven days’ time, and if he still holds the title, and as I write he most certainly does, then the first race on the second half of the programme will be for his title. Colin held it  for  quite  a  while and  I  know would  love to  have  it  back, and  Bengt is certain  that  the extra  cash would please HIS  bank  manager.  Needless to say there are one or two other Hawks who would like a crack at the title as well so I know the sparks will fly next week when we meet the 1967League Champions as we­

Make it a date ...    Friday at Eight!



 Belle Vue were cock-a-hoop when they persuaded Dick Fisher to come out of retirement. But still we see no Fisher in action; explanation from the Manchester office is that Dick has insurance problems, and until these are sorted out, their popular exskipper must sit on the fence and just watch.

The Hammers may have a Continental rider in their line-up but can still be said to be "Backing Britain" they're ALL mounted on the British made J.A.P. engines, the only Team in the world to be so mounted today!

Talking of the Hammers, I hear that Dave Lanning is taking more of a back seat these days in favour of ex-leg trailing star Phil Bishop. This is just in case his T.V. writing commitments take him away suddenly. Privately we think he just wants to be a "back seat driver" like ALL good "Cynthia's".

Did you see the Hawks on T.V.'s Blue Peter programme last Thursday? Must be one of the best Speedway "goggle box" showings yet. Well done P.R.O. Peter Douglas.

Sverre Harrfeldt is hopping mad. He has spent the winter building and tuning a bright red Thunderbird sports car. Little did he realise that our 70 M.P.H. speed limit was here to stay and he has no chance of putting his mechanical monster to the test never mind Sverre, we'll let you try it out in our car park!

Terry Stone, popular performer for the Rayleigh Rockets when the club last operated in the Provincial League of 1964, has announced that with the return of the Rayleigh team will come his own return to the saddle. This unassuming young Essex boy will undoubtedly prove a popular acquisition down at the Weir.


The Peter Douglas Page

As you may know in addition to looking after publicity of Hackney and its riders, I also handle the affairs of a number of other young sportsmen, these include local boy Stuart Gibbs who plays table tennis for England and Leed's star goalkeeper Gary Sprake, now sadly under suspension for seven days! And perhaps my two greatest problem/ success, young Les Barrett of Fulham and Emanon Dunphy of Millwall. The most exciting aspect of my job is working with sportsmen and the longer I am in this business, I find that sportsmen are the same breed, whatever line they're in.
At our press day, Stuart Gibbs met Colin Pratt, and the two boys got on famously together. Emanon, and Les have promised to visit Hackney, not just as spectators, less still as star guests, but to meet Colin, Bengt, Gary and Malcolm, because I think they have a lot in common. They belong to the new breed of young professionals, who are successful in their own particular fields, but beneath it all are sensitive, modest young men, despite their flare on the pitch or the dirt track. It's easy to criticise a sportsman's performance, but we all have our 'off' days and our great days, and I think sometimes
we ask too much of our brave young men. So it is with great pleasure that I am in the position of being able to introduce one sportsman to another. And to find that beneath the professional bravado, they are human.
During the flurry of bike switch-overs at last week's meeting, I had nothing but admiration for the enthusiasm and skill of the young (and not so young) mechanics who work in the 'pits. Beatle haired youths, seemingly scarcely old enough to be out of school, swap highly technical hints with veteran mechanics, and are not afraid to tell the riders their job! I And their loyalty is fanatical. Heard of one young man threatening to 'punch up' an opposing team rider (about twice his size) for cutting under a Hackney man's bike.
The very week Len Silver is offering "the biggest Easter egg in the world” Hackney's new youngster Graeme Smith is trying to sell his chocolate brown Jaguar: Ugh! Major mechanical repairs are in hand this week, thanks to the pit staff, and Graeme hopes to raise about £100 for his car. Seems he might be rivalling Len in the car sales business !
I shall be on the box myself next week, unhappily not directly in the cause --of Speedway, but at a Rediffusion lunch at Crystal Palace sport" centre. So tune in on Wednesday afternoon, and I'll try 
and give Hackney a plug. I expect my old mate Jimmy Hill will be there, and I am already lobbying him daily about putting more speedway on the screen.
Many thanks to Hackney fans who mopped up a hundred posters advertising to-night's meeting before my very eyes last week. A quick turn round the downstairs bar and they vanished.
Last week Len and I sweated to produce a bumper three thousand word press release which went out to every local and national newspaper... But on Thursday 1 still got a call from one famous Sports writer asking if there was any news from Hackney! You can't win 'em all obviously
Hackney Badges (Season 1967/68) 3/- each
Hackney Badges (Season 1965/66) 3/- "
Hackney Badges (Season 1963/64) 3/6 "
Hackney Blazer Badges 10/6 "
Hackney Button Badges
(Various Slogans) 1/- ..
Hackney Year Bars (All Seasons) 1/6 "
Hackney Rosettes ,............. 2/6 "
Hackney Transfers 1/6 "
Hackney Key Fobs '5/- ..
Rider Key Rings (Gold Plated) 6/- "
Rider Key Rings (Silver Plated) 5/- "
Gold Plated Rider statuettes 7/6 "
Cuft Links 7/6 pair
Brooches ,..... 5/6 each
Photographs (Varied Selection) 1/- "
Hackney Ash Trays 4/- "
Hackney Cycle Pennants ,.. 3/- "
Away Track Badges
(Excluding Walthamstow) 3/6 "
Walthamstow Badges •
(Collector's Item) 6/- "
Hackney Skull Caps 3/- "


Good evening supporters,
How are you enjoying the season so far? The weather has been very kind to us and the boys were really flying against Glasgow. Des made a great start for the "Hawks", and judging from the volume of applause he collected for his spirited riding, I'd say he was a great favourite already.
A notice board is in the process of being constructed and will be positioned outside the speedway office under the main stand. This will enable you to get up to the minute news of all Hackney activities, This board is being presented to the supporters club by Mr Potter, whom I would like to thank for his kind gesture.
Our first Saturday away match is at Kings Lynn on MAY 4th Coaches will run of course' and the fare is 19/6d. Please make sure of a seat early if you intend making the trip. A deposit can be left at anyone of our kiosks. Departure point is Maud Road (opposite Leyton underground station) at 1.30 p.m. PROMPT.
The following Saturday, MAY 11th our sister club RAYLEIGH opens and we intend to run coaches leaving from Maud Road at 5.15 p.m. PROMPT. Book your seats TONIGHT as places will be well sought after. By the way, all people interested in the re-opening of Rayleigh are invited to a meeting at the RAILWAY HOTEL, EAST STREET, PRITTLEWELL, SOUTHEND next WEDNESDAY, April 17th, at 8.00 p.m.
Track staff will be selected and items for discussion are team name, supporters club formation etc. .. . .
Don’t forget to enrol yourself as a member of the HAWKS supporters club. Let's have a bumper membership this year. Subscription is just 1/-. I think by now most of you know that there are three kiosk's open each week, for the sale of Rosettes, Photographs, Biros, Badges, Year Bars and a vast number of other interesting items. Never seen them? They are situated on bends one, two and four.
Riders Equipment Fund draw tickets are on sale as usual at 6d. each or 3 for 1/- or the bargain price of 7 for 2/-. Give yourself the chance of winning one of our wonderful prizes and at the same time help the boys in their quest for B.L. honours.
Don't forget our big draw for the complete speedway machine - tickets are 5/- each or 5 for £1, proceeds go to the Riders' Equipment Fund. Date of the draw will be announced later.

Last week’s lucky winners 
1. 4470-E. Whitbread, 1 Mulberry Terrace, Harlow,
2. 4623-Mr. Pratt, 31 Plimley Lane, Sheering.
3. 4704-Mrs. V. Silver, Romford, Essex.

Cheerio for now-Up the Hawks,


This weeks Speedway Star front/back cover 5th April 1968, Bo Josefsson Glasgow  and Bernt Persson Edinburgh. On the back is Ken Wakefield

Tonight’s result from Waterden Road. Match report to follow







Kings Lynn




Colin Pratt





Malcolm Simmons




Gary Everett





Clive Featherby




Bengt Jansson





Terry Betts




Les McGillivary





Geoff Penniket




Des Lukehurst





David Crane




Jack Biggs





Howard Cole




Malcolm Brown





Alan Belham













Len Silver Talking 5th April 1968

I  was  hoping   that   tonight   we  would   have   a  chance to  see  our   old  pal   Brian   Davies   in  action   for   his  new club,   Kings    Lynn.    Alas,   we   are   to   be   disappointed.  Brian's    foot   is  still   troublesome   and   at  an  after-match trial   last  Saturday  he  discovered  that   he  was  still  unfit to  ride.   I'm   sure   I speak   for   you   all when   I wish the "Bomber"   a speedy   recovery.
In  spite   of  a  home  defeat   in  their   opening   match,   I still  reckon   the  "Stars"   to  be  one  of  the  toughest  outfits in  the  League.   With   no less than   five riders   capable   of double   figures   many   people   must   agree with me.  If we can win tonight,    it must   auger well for the future.
Malcolm   showed   that   he really   valued   his   team   place   last   week   with   two   very convincing wins   from   the   reserve   slot.   However, his   "Last   Six"   match   average    only    moved   up fractionally   and he still remains   No.7    tonight.   I  know  how  keen  he  is to  get back   into   the   top   six  so  I  confidently  expect   another    good   performance   this  evening. Maybe   some  well  taken   wins  will  instil   the  confidence into  Malcolm  that   he  seems  to lack  on  occasion.  We  all  know  that  he  is  capable   of  great   things   and  some  race  confidence  might   add  that  bit  of  "Tiger"   that  he  needs  to  pull  himself   into  the  top  bracket It looks   as  if  Des  is  going  to  prove   a  very  valuable   asset  now  that   he  is  fully  fit and  certainly  he  must  be  one  of  the  most  spectacular  riders   in  action   today.   With   both him   and  Les  in  our  line-up   it's  going  to  be  a  "heart-in-the-mouth"    season   here   at  the Wick,   that's   for   sure!
My  thanks   must   go  to  Jackie   Biggs  for  the  sterling   performance   he  gave  us  after rising  from   a  sick  bed  last  Friday.   His 3 point tally was but poor reward   for his action. The   magneto   of  his   engine   gave  trouble    all  night   resulting   in  a  break-down   in  heat nine   and  his  last  ride   was  on  the  track   spare   which   didn't   seem  to  snit  him   too  well. Let us hope   that   all is well for   Jackie   tonight.
Every   week  I get  letters   from   eager  young  men  anxious   to  have  a try  at  Speedway Racing.    Most    of   them   lack   the   necessary equipment.   Now   for   those    who   fill  that category  and  who  like  a  bit  of  a  gamble   here   is a  golden   opportunity.   The  Supporters' Club  have  obtained  a complete  speedway  machine  ready  to  race  and  it is their   intention to  raffle  this  bike  at  5/- per  ticket.   All  the  proceeds  will  go towards   the  Riders'   Equipment   Fund   and  the  lucky   winner   will  get  the  chance   to  ride   it  here,   in  public,   at  the Wick.   Tickets   are  on  sale  tonight   at  the  Hawks'   Nests,  so  come  on  you  young  hopefuls this  may   be  the  chance   you  have   been  waiting   for.  Tickets   will  be  on  sale  for  two  or three   weeks,   so  if  you  haven't   brought   the  cash  tonight,   next  week  will  do.
Next   Friday    is Good    Friday    and   our   first   meeting    this   year   with   the   'Orrible 'Ammers.  Now   win,  lose  or  draw,   one  thing   is  certain,   if  the  weather    is  anything  like reasonable,   many   extra   thousands   will   be   coming   along   here   to   see   the   sparks  fly!
Please,   please,   folks,   if  you   can  come  early   and  help   avoid   the   congestion  we  had   at the   opening    meeting,  we'd   all  be  extremely  grateful.  Early   comers   will   gain   the   best vantage   points   for what   promises to be a real “needle” match.   We  might   also,  if  plans bear   fruit,   have   a  cracking  surprise    item  for  you  too,  the  first  ever  rider   from   Central Africa –no promises, though-but I’m very hopeful indeed, and things might prove very interesting
Did   you   see the T’V?  Programme “Blue   Peter"   yesterday? If you   missed   it  then kick  yourself,  for   Hackney  Speedway  was  very  prominently   featured    to  the  delight   of us  all.  Thanks   to  our  new  P.R.O.,   Peter  Douglas,  for  this  wonderful  piece  of  publicity.
Well   I've   rattled    on long   enough,    it's   time   to   "shoot"    the   "Stars"    and   a bit   of practice    for   next   week's    battle    against    the   Custom    House    Brigade.  See   you   then, when we’ll

Make   it a date -     Friday    at Eight.


Other columns from the programme 5th April 1968

The Peter Douglas Page

Public relations men are often referred to as the "image builders" and seriously, this is what it's all about. I came under fire last week for the change in the programme cover this year-why don't we have pictures of riders on the front? There is a reason for this: our image. I am trying to sell speedway at Hackney as ENTERTAINMENT, in a big, big way. Speedway has atmosphere, excitements, thrills, action, and we are selling this in competition with stock car racing locally, last week a major football game, and of course dance halls and cinemas. So we are trying to appeal to the typical young couple, so far uncommitted as far as speedway is concerned, and if we can get them to Hackney for one night's try-out, the chances are we will win another two speedway fans. So rather than putting over the old dirt-track image, I am trying to present Hackney Stadium as a great place to spend an evening in friendly company. The boy/girl theme will be carried through into our next poster series, so I hope for my sake, the figures go up! I am happy to report a record gate for our opening meeting, and last week's attendance surprised Len in face of the surrounding competition.
I have had a lot of suggestions for introducing new ideas into the programme, and some of these we will be taking up. They include more pictures, more about the rules of speedway racing (for newcomers to the sport), competitions and quizzes and a dip into our weekly postbag. And, of course, we are always open to suggestions!
Enjoyed last Friday's meeting even more than the opener. Why? I ask myself, like a good P.R. man. I spent most of the evening near the pits and found I caught the atmosphere being nearer to the track. And I'm getting to know the riders better and finding out what really great guys they are-
Colin, shy and unassuming, speedway mad;
Bengt, so unlike a speedway rider with his spare, even delicate frame he grins all the time, and I am never sure if he understands English or not!
Gary strikes me as a rather worried young man, but ready enough to share a joke always.
Les and Des could be the original terrible twins, the way they scare the pants off less experienced riders by their ruthless, hard, professional riding tactics.
And Malcolm-perhaps the P.R. man's dream, a great talker, a clown even-but then sometimes the clown is the saddest man of all.
I hope you managed to get a glimpse of yer actual 'Ackney on the screen yesterday in the BBC television programme "Blue Peter." We had a great time filming last week, and the show's star John Noakes impressed us all with his courage in tackling a speedway bike for the first time. I hope the programme wins us fans everywhere, and when attendance figures soar sky high everywhere from Halifax to Wolverhampton, I have told Len to remind his fellow promoters what a great job he is doing selling their sport, not only locally, but nationwide. And I'll be around for my ten per cent!



The proposed 2nd Division is soon to get under way and is scheduled to open around Whitsun, All interested promoters me in London last Wednesday to finalise plans and perhaps our announcer will be able to give you the competing teams over the tannoy tonight.
* * *
Man much in demand these days is ex-Hawk Johnny Poyser, no not for racing though. Johnny is now in business as a fencing contractor and is responsible for many new speedway safety fences this year including the pits bend here at Hackney, plus the new fence at Leicester and the first ever fence at Reading.
* * *
Malcolm Brown had a shock last week. He is a printer by trade but gave his notice in so that he could start his own business in partnership with another chap as asphalt contractors. Imagine his feelings when he duly reported for his first day's stint in his new business to find that his partner had not obtained the contracts he had promised, so there was no work for the eager Malcolm. Luckily Malcolm saw the funny side and telephoned his printers' union to tell them that his notice was only a joke!
* * *
Imagine the feelings of Kings Lynn skipper Terry Betts when he went to the docks to pick up his machine on its return from "Down Under." After hours spent filling in documents he found that it had been shipped off to Liverpool by mistake! His remarks were said to have been highly coloured.
* *
Having her first taste of "business" to perhaps follow in father's footsteps is young "Hawkette" Jackie Silver now to be seen busily serving in the new Hawk's Nest next to the Pits. Her favourite line is the new 1/- button slogan badge .... Meanwhile, her brother, team lucky mascot, 14-month-old Andrew, continues to be the "Darling" of the main stand and happily passes from one fan to another whilst Mum keeps an eye on father Len out on the centre green.
* * *
Have you seen young New Zealander Graeme Smith resplendent in his light blue corduroy suit after the meetings? He certainly deserves the title "Corduroy Kid" dubbed on him by Len, he even rode at a Weymouth practice session in a corduroy shirt. Looks like we've got another personality kid on our books.



Good Evening, Supporters,
Our Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday, 27th March, at Gascoyne Hall. The new Committee was elected as follows: Chairman, Ken Leadbetter; Secretary,
Snowy Beattie; Treasurer Mrs M. Chapman (all unchanged); Committee members, Mr & Mrs D. Tate, Miss P Spackman, Mr. S Hall, Mr R (Robbie) Robbins and Mr S Owen.
Our thanks must go to those hard-working members who served us so loyally over the past twelve months and a welcome to those new "bloods" who join us for the new term.
The Club will not be meeting at Gascoyne Hall during the season and when we re-commence next winter we will have bright new headquarters in Clapton and meeting night will be Friday.
Our football team did very well this winter, losing only two matches in all-well done, lads! Our ladies and gents darts teams also acquitted themselves well and kept the Hawks' flag flying.
Len has probably told you in his notes about the speedway bike we have acquired it IS our intention to raffle this at 5/- per ticket and we hope to have them on sale at the Hawks' Nests tonight. The winner gets not only the bike but a trial right here in front of us all.
First news of coach trips this year. Saturday, May 4th, to Kings Lynn, fare 19/6, leaving Maud Road, Leyton, at 1.30 p.m. BOOK NOW at the Hawks' Nests.
Don't forget to dig deep once more for those Equipment Fund Draw tickets. 6d. each, 3 for 1/- or 7 for 2/-, with some wonderful prizes to be won. Last week's lucky
I. 1631-S Smith, Stoke Newington, N.16.
2. 3282-Mrs. S. Ansell, 10 Elmcroft Street, E5
3. 1459-R. Matthews, 176B Feltham Hill Road, Middlesex.
Cheerio for now-Up the Hawks,

In this weeks Speedway Star and News 
ANGUS KIX says.......

The funny thing about Colin Pratt, the Hackney captain, is that he always seems to be scowling even when he's happy he doesn't look
But he's a nice lad, Colin. He's dedicated to the sport, takes it very seriously, is seldom as unhappy as he looks, and is as sensitive as the next bloke to criticism, especially unfair criticism. I won't say he's annoyed at the reports that came from Down Under this winter. I'd say he was as near hopping mad as I've ever seen him!
You can't blame the boy.
"Some of the things that were written about me," said Colin, "make it look as though I went there for a holiday and couldn't have cared less about the riding. They made it seem like I'd taken a lot of old junk to ride because I had a JAP. In fact I know my JAP is as fast as any ESO. I also know I didn't do well. But that was me, not the machine. And
it wasn't for lack of trying. Things just didn't go well for me. I don't make excuses, as you know, I just want to put the record right. I had a bad spell and it wasn't until the end of the tour that I managed to ride myself out of it. Sometimes it goes like that. Far from not having a care in the world, I worry myself sick. But it doesn't do any good."

The fact was that Colin never started winning during the winter until after he got the news about the birth of 'his baby son, Troy. Maybe being at the other side of the world is a bit worrying for a father-to-be! If any of you lot have been fathers you know it's worrying enough when you're at home. And maybe that had nothing at all to do with Colin's failure in Australia, but I'll also tell you something else that had nothing to do with it.
The fact that he didn't care had nothing to do with it. He's just not that sort of bloke. Keep it in mind next time you get into a Down Under discussion.
Now let's have a word about tracks and track inspectors, or rather the lack of them. At one stage, during the winter, there was talk of one being appointed. Nobody said who would appoint him, or pay him, and he never came about. So what's happening this year to make sure that tracks are kept up to standard? From the sound of it we've gone all democratic. Team managers at every match will get the chance 
to make protests, complaints, or any other comments they care to on an official report after each match. Two had reports on the trot from both team managers is likely to earn an official visit from the Control Board. Up to now team managers have screamed blue murder and told me it wasn't worth complaining because the referee never carried their complaint forward. Referees on the other hand reckon they carried forward every complaint that was made to them but that more complaints were made to the Press (and they had a funny way of looking at me at the time) than were made to anyone else.

This weeks Speedway Star front/back cover 29th March 1968, Hasse Holmkvist Terry Betts on the back is Roger Hill

Michael Chandler Reports
Hackney 29th March 1968

After last week's debacle, it's good to be able to report in that everything went smoothly this time.  Glasgow, Olle Nygren (guesting for Gunnar Malmkvist)  apart, were never a serious threat to the Hawks, their only heat victory coming in the seventh when Oyvind Berg and Willie Templeton chalked up a 5-1 against Colin Pratt of all people. Main interest centred on Nygren twice, in clashes with Les McGillivray and Bengt Jansson in Heat 2 and Pratt nine heats later.
New signing Des Lukehurst impressed on his home debut and his eight points included two firsts.

(British League)
C. Pratt 10, B.Jansson 10, L. McGillivray 8, D.Lukehurst 8, M. Brown 6, J.Biggs 3, G. Everett 2.
O. Nygren 10, Oven Berg 7, B. Josefsson 5, Bill McMillan 4, W. Templeton 3, J. McMillan 1, B. Whaley 1.

Heat 1:  Pratt, Josesfsson, Everett, B McMillian 67.6
Heat 2:  Nygren, McGillivary, J McMillian 68.6
Heat 3:  Lukehurst, Berg, Biggs, Templeton  68.2
Heat 4:  Brown, B McMillain, Everett, Whaley 68.8
Heat 5:  Nygren, Biggs, Lukehurst, J McMillain 69.2
Heat 6:  Jansson, McGillivary, B McMillain, Josefsson 67.2
Heat 7:  Templeton, Berg, Pratt, Everett 69.2
Heat 8:  Brown, McGillivary Whaley, J McMillain 69.2
Heat 9:  Lukehurst, Josefsson, B McMillain, Biggs 68.4
Heat10: Jansson, McGillivary, Berg, Templeton 67.2
Heat11: Pratt, Nygren, J McMillain, Everett 68.0
Heat12: Jansson, Berg, Josefsson, Biggs 67.6
Heat13: Pratt, Nygren, Lukehurst, Templeton 68.0

Above action from last nights match

Len Silver Talking 29th March 1968

When,  oh when,   are the wise men that control  our sport  going  to realise  that "guest" riders  are   undesirable? Last week I disagreed with Wolves’ use of Malcolm    Simmons, and   tonight I disagree    with Glasgow’s use of Olle Nygren.  Of  course,  it must  be admitted that the arguments in  favour   of  the  use  of  "guests"   is very   powerful     indeed,    BUT,   surely    it  must   be  wrong  for   a  team   to  be  allowed   to  use  a  "horses   for   courses" policy?  And   what  about  the ludicrous  situation  that developed    last  week   when   Wolves'    boss  Bill   Bridgett    was   allowed   a  guest   for   Airey because   of  a  financial   dispute,   while   we  were  not  even  allowed   the  use  of  the  "Rider Replacement"   scheme   in  the  enforced    absence   of  our   third   heat   leader   Des  Lukehurst because   his   illness  was  not  of  long   enough   duration?     I  can  tell  you   all,  that   right or   wrong,    win,   lose   or   draw,   the   Hawks    will   not   use   guests   unless   the   regulations clearly   show   no  possibility    of  dispute,    and  no  possibility    of  gaining   unfair    advantage by  their   use.  When we win the League   battle   it will be because   OUR team   is the best.

Alas and a lack our experience with a new kind of announcer was a flop.  Ex-pop singer   Ron   Lines   was  so  unfamiliar  with   our   system   that  he  felt  all  at  sea  and  asked to  be  released   from   his  position.    Therefore,    we  welcome   to  the  microphone   tonight   a man   who   has  filled  the  post   in  emergencies   previously,   and  very   successfully  at  that, so  it's   "Good   Luck"   to  our  new  man   behind   the   "Mike,"    Derek   Jarvis.

Harping    back  to  last  week  for   a  moment,   a  few  interesting    facts  emerged   for  real students   of  the  sport.   Firstly, the fact that   Wolves   seem to be our favourite opposition because we’ve taken more League points from them than any other team. Then a strange    coincidence;     last   year's   match v Wolves saw no 3 - 3 heat   results   and   this year   we had no 5 - l's.   The   odds  against   this  must   be  thousands  to  one, pity   I  never had   a  bet  on  it !

Next    week   we   continue   our   League    campaign   against    the   now   very   powerful Kings   Lynn   Stars. Strengthened by the   inclusion of Malcolm Simmons who   loves our strip,    they    also    gain   from    the   addition     of   Hackney   specialist   Brian    Davies.    The "Bomber"   is  bound   to   receive    a  really   rousing    welcome  and   I'm   certainly   looking forward    to  a  close  duel  with   Maurice    Littlechild's   men.

Meanwhile, let’s get stuck into Scottish/Scandinavian Tigers from Glasgow, so –happy racing until next week, when we’ll

Make it a date-Friday at Eight


Name  Rides Points  Bonus Points Average per race
BENGT JANSSON 28 71 4 2.68
COLIN PRATT 26 57 2 2.05
DES LUKEHURST 23 30 6 1.57
LES McGILLIVRAY  25 33 4 1.48
JACK BIGGS  23 28 3 1.35
GARY EVERETT  19 18 4 1.16
MALCOLM BROWN  21 13 5 0.85

The Peter Douglas Page


I understand from Len Silver that Hackney fans are still seething at the amount of publicity our rivals up the road seem to scoop! And as I am retained by Len for a vast sum to keep Hackney in the news, I can't take this sort of criticism lying down. First, let me give you the facts. My office door will hardly open for the pile of London newspapers that have written stuff about Hackney in the last few weeks. The amount runs into many thousands of words. As for the nationals, I am in and out of the offices of every daily newspaper as often as Hackney fans sit down to dinner, and for our opening meeting, we got good mentions in the "Sun," "Daily Express," "Sketch" and "Mirror," as well as a column in the "Evening News" and the "Standard." The total so far in the nationals is nearly one hundred column inches ... and that's before the season actually started last Friday. By all means, folks, tell me how to do my job, but what the papers want is NEWS and if you have anything to say (that's interesting, let me hear and believe me it will be passed on. Every week we circulate information on Hackney to over forty newspapers and magazines, and all the TV companies receive regular hand-outs. And it doesn't end here. I am now working on plans for a series on each of the riders and am pressing daily for more television coverage of Hackney events. One of the difficulties come across is that sports writers invariably refer to speedway as a "minor sport" along with things like badminton or show jumping. This makes me hopping mad! And you too can help by writing to your local papers asking for more speedway coverage and you'll soon see the results. Any editor will give his readers what they want. So arise, Hawks, and let your voices be heard. Meanwhile, I will continue to go greyer and thinner putting Hackney firmly on the map.

Malcolm Brown's lilac coloured leathers have already earned him the title of "Libcrace"(who, incidentally, is visiting this country right now). Although young Malcolm is a great one for stunts, I don't think he has any plans yet for putting candelabra on his speedway bike!

Len asked me on Friday night for my first impressions of a speedway meeting. A difficult one that! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and you certainly get the atmosphere of excitement down close to the track. Half the fun is the smell of fuel coupled with the fumes from the Bovril factory up the road! You certainly have to watch events closely to keep track of what's going on, and if you're away at the bar buying a drink, you could well miss a piece of excitement out on the track. Although the meeting got off to a late start, I for one didn't realise we had run nearly half an hour before the first heat got under way. Which only goes to prove that in speedway there's always something going on. I had to queue twice for a cup of tea, but Len says he is on to the caterers about this every week. Altogether, a great evening, and speedway has won another fan.


APRIL12th at 8 p.m.



for the "Biggest Easter Egg in

the World"



Wasn't it great to see the boys back in action last week? We were naturally very sorry for poor Des Lukehurst who missed his debut in our colours because of a bout of the flu'. Still, we've a treat in store for us because he's definitely fit for tonight or at least is fit as I write these notes! Welcome to the club, Des.

Last Wednesday we held our A.G.M. but you will have to wait until next week for the results due to our printing arrangements.

A couple of our away fixtures have still to be arranged and it looks like a long

wait for our first Saturday date. At the moment it looks like Kings Lynn on May 4th. Fare will be 19/6, so book now at the Hawks Nest.

The new Hawks Nest at the Stratford end of the main grandstand did brisk business last week, particularly popular were our new slogan badges at 1/- each.


Draw tickets for the Riders' Equipment Fund are on sale again tonight, so help the Hawks to victory and maybe win a valuable prize by buying loads of tickets. Last week's lucky winners:


I. 5144-Mr. P. C. Slade, 35 Penfold Road, S.W.16.

2. 744S-Mr. Martin, 12 Chadbourne Street, E.14.

3. 733-Mrs. 1. Smith, 600 Persale Road, E.9.


Cheerio for now,

Up the Hawks,


Exeter v Hackney, Challenge Match 25th March


HACKNEY arrived for this Challenge Match without skipper Colin Pratt, out of action with a kidney complaint. Their promoter, Len Silver, one time  Exeter captain,
drafted into the
breach Oxford's new signing Ronnie Genz, but he could have  saved himself the trouble, for on a rain-soaked track the Falcons provided first man home in each race to tot up a useful start to the season with a 53·25 victory.

In spite of the high score in Exeter's favour, they failed to supply a 12-point maximum man, but new boy Marlin Ashby and in Tommy Sweetman were both paid for the lot. Ashby made a bad start to the opening race, but soon passed Malcolm Brown and Genz to follow home skipper Jimmy Squibb. Sweetman made a great blast in Heat 2 to pass Bengt Jansson for a win and dropped his only point of the match to Wayne Briggs in the sixth race.  Briggs and Squibb both suffered mechanical failure in their fourth rides; "Bluebeard" collecting a broken crank pin!

Tonight's Score card from a wet Exeter.

This weeks Speedway Star front/back cover 22nd March 1968 Front Soren Sjosten&Dick Fisher, on the back cover Dave Parry, Gerald Poyner, Stuart Riley and Mick Handley

Len Silver Talking 22nd March 1968

Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the very first meeting of Speedway's 41st season. It is with eager anticipation that I, like you, look forward to the thrills and fun that are in store for us here at “The Wick" in 1968.  During the winter a tremendous amount of work has taken place to help make Hackney the premier track in the League. Our riders can revel in the comfort of a new and larger dressing room with extra showers after they have ridden on our even better track. The pits area has been re-designed for the riders and the public can now take a look in the special "Viewing Enclosure" at the end of the main grandstand. The new licenced bar  is now completed for your enjoyment, and an improved free bus service will operate  from  Stratford  Broadway  in  addition  to  the  existing routes  from Hackney Wick and Leyton Town Hall. A large amount  of this  work has been carried out  with  the  invaluable  help  of  Snowy  Beattie  and  the  Supporters' Club  under  the watchful  eyes of Jackie  Biggs and myself, Jack  having taken  on the responsibility for the track  this year. .To Jack, Snowy and everybody who gave us a hand on their days off, a great big "Ta" from Len.
The Rider Control Committee have been very busy doing their Annual Level-Up. Now,  whether  you  agree  to  the  system or  not,  it  must  be  admitted  that  the  Rider Control  methods do seem to work. The idea of robbing  the  "rich"  to feed the  "poor" may not  appeal  to  the  "rich,"  but  by golly it  doesn't  half  please the  "poor"!   In the general re-allocations, we have come out rather well, I feel. With Colin McKee charging off home to New Zealand to buy a house while he's still young enough to get a mortgage, we were left rather weak. So the Committee, in their wisdom, swapped Brian Davies for Des Lukehurst to bring us back to full strength. Now sorry as I am to lose Brian, after  all he  was very  popular  here,  it  must  be admitted  that  Des Lukehurst's points average is superior,  and what is more, his brand new ESO should help him to increase this. Brian's new home is Kings Lynn and we wish him success there, and look forward to his first visit in two week’s time. Meanwhile we  welcome Des,  and  I  know  that you're   going  to  love  his  "Do  or Die"   style  that  leaves  most  people   gasping!    It's welcome home   time   for   skipper   Colin   Pratt,   looking   wonderfully   bronzed   from   his trip "Down Under" with   the successful   England Test   Team.   His  form   in  Australia was  not   quite what   we  have   come  to  expect   of  Colin,   but  what  a  difference   once  he  got  the  news  that,  his  new  baby   son,  Troy,   had  been  born!  I'm told that   he literally   jumped   for joy and immediately   he   started    winning    races.   Well,   we'll   jump   for   joy   when   he   continues, where he left off in '67 here at home in England.    Welcome    back too we all say to Bengt. How I heaved   a  sigh  of  relief'  when  I  learned   that   he  had   been  re-allocated  to us for another term! This year he becomes a "Local   Boy," having rented a flat next door to Malcolm in Leytonstone. His lovely wife, Leana, and their baby daughter can now stay in England for   the whole   season, so we hope happy family life will bring even more points from Banger this year!
And it's  welcome   back   of  course   to  Les,  Malcolm,    Jack   and   Gary,   and  not   forgetting   young   Alan,   now   mounted    on  Bengt's   old  ESO,   suitably    re-furbished   by  Don Smith   who  looks   after   "Banger's"    bikes.
In the junior   department we have some new faces this year. From New Zealand we welcome the “Corduroy    Kid,"   Graeme   Smith, a lean hungry   19-year-old  tear-away who  would have the seat out of his trousers if  he had any  trousers! A likeable lad with a "Richard    Kimble" air about   him,    so perhaps we  ought to  call  him "The   Fugitive"!    From   Exeter I have negotiated the contract of young Laurie   Etheridge.  This is after watching him perform in  appalling,  conditions   down  at  the  Weymouth  training school. I predict a big future for this boy, and I'm tickled pink that he's under   our banner.    Another of similar calibre who now joins us is Mike Gardner from North London.   Only   18 years   old,  his  style  belies  his  age,  and  his  signature   was  obtained   only  after a  bit  of  a  battle   with   another   local  team   who  shall  remain   nameless . Mike's pal   Dennis   Mannion    completes our brigade of  new  boys.
"Why,"   you   may   ask, "all  these   juniors “ and it’s a good  question   with   a good answer. I  have  always  felt,  as  many  of  you  know,  that  the  future   of  our  sport  rests  in  the  hands of young English ride  for.  Delighted as we are to have our friends from Scandinavia appearing for British   teams, this state of affairs may not always   exist, and it must   be wrong to rely on imported talent when we are so richly endowed here in England.  So,  in  order   to  safeguard    the  future   of  the  "Hawks,"    I  am  opening   Rayleigh Weir   Stadium   with  a  team   largely   made  up  of  our  Hackney   juniors   to  enter  the  newly­ formed   2nd  Division.    While   Rayleigh   will,  of  course,   have  an  identity   of  its  own,  the affiliations  to  "The   Wick"   are  obvious.   The meetings there   will  take  place  on  Saturday evenings   at  7.30  p.m. and  it   is  intended   to  open   the  track   early   in  May.   Naturally    I shall   tell   you   more   exact   details   later, and  I  trust   that   you   will   all   belt   down   the Arterial    Road   every  Saturday   to  watch   our  younger   brigade   in  action!
I cannot write   any   more   without    a  word   or  two  about   the   increase'  'In  admission prices.  It was with great reluctance that  this  move  was  decided.   Last season we absorbed riders' pay increases   and other   additional    costs without   passing   them   on to the public. This  year,  alas,  the  rises  have  been  so alarmingly  high  that  it would  have  been  impossible to   absorb    them   without    jeopardising   our   existence.    Riders,    quite   justly,   have   had   a small   increase,    but  this   is  only   a  small   section   of  the'  overhead    costs  that   have   risen this  year,   mostly   due,  of  course,   to  de-valuation.   For   example,   the air fares   to Sweden to enable  Bengt to fulfil his  domestic  endangerments have  risen  nearly   20 %,  and  our  free bus service now costs double   what   it did when we first began operating it. All   tracks have   been  similarly    affected,   and  we  have  kept  the  increase   "to the  barest   minimum    by adding   only  6d.  to every price.   I know   that you will understand and not moan at me too much over this.
Now its into battle for our first League points. The Wolves are our worthy opponents, so it’s “welcome” to Bill Bridgett’s boys, but not to welcome!
Heigh Ho to the Magnificent Seven and bring your mates to see Glasgow in action next week, when we’ll..
Make it a date ... Friday at Eight



Other columns from the opening nights programme 22nd March 1968

Supporters Club News from the 22nd March 1968

Good Evening Supporters,

Well here we are again, all ready tostart the 1968 season after the seemingly long winter months. It will be nice to see old faces again and also to see some new ones.I would like to start by wishing all the team on behalf of the supporters and myself the best of luck in 
 the forthcoming League and Cup campaigns. Once again there have been some team
changes and so we welcome DES LUKEHURST to the Hawks, and say how sorry we are to lose Brian Davies (who we wish the best of luck with his new team, Kings Lynn) and Colin McKee, who has returned to his native New Zealand. 

During the Winter, supporters have been helping "Uncle" Len and myself to do many jobs at the Stadium, and I feel it only right to name them, since the only Sunday that we missed was when we went to High Beech. With a big THANK
YOU to John Owen, John HallDave Farley, Charlie and John Richards, Chris East, Roy Crisford and our foreman Jackie Biggs, without your help these jobs could not have been done in time. Thank you all  

The Annual General Meeting of theSupporters' Club will take place at Gascoyne Hall, Victoria Park Road, E.9 on Wednesday, March 27th at 8.00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether members or not, we shall be glad to see you. The club has opened a new kiosk at the Stratford end, so why not pop along to it or one of the other two kiosks situated around the Stadium and buy one of the many things which are on sale there, and at the same time why not join the Supporters' Club which like last season still only 1/-
Once the club will be handling the Riders' Equipment Fund Draw. Tickets can be purchased from one of the many sellers around the Stadium tonight, they are 6d. each, 3 for 1/-, or the bargain price of 7 for 2/-, and there are some great prizes to be won.

Cheerio for now,




During the winter many "behind the scene" changes have taken place. Here we list some of them for your interest.

New bar completed in main grandstand
New referees' box erected
New safety fence on pits turn
White line lowered to track level for greater safety
Covered accommodation erected in new pits area
New First Aid room prepared
New riders' dressing rooms and showers
New water main installation for easier Crack preparation
Experimental Kicking Board erected near starting line
New Supporters' Club Kiosk erected at pits end of main stand
Many areas concreted for cleaner appearance.
Many of these additions and changes were physically performed by the stalwarts of the Supporters' Club. The Management takes this opportunity to publicly pronounce its thanks.



First of the new boys to join Hackney during this winter was Public Relations Officer Peter Douglas. A director of Danton and Company Management Ltd, Peter specialises in sports publicity. Although a newcomer to Speedway, he is a very fast learner, and is already being spoken of as one of Speedway's better ambassadors after a fantastically successful Press Open Day in this stadium 10 days ago, resulting in the wonderful publicity of nationwide cinema coverage in Pathe Newsreel plus countless press stories and the strong possibility of a speedway story on the popular T.V. programme "Blue Peter." A young slim 28-year-old, his horn-rimmed glasses make him almost the "double" of Dave Lanning. He says he'll have contact lenses fitted to please us. Next on the scene was a man well known already to those of you who have been with us on our Swedish trips. Now his appointment makes him an "official" Hackney man. We refer to our new assistant team manager, Dave Erskine. His wen built frame has been a familiar sight around England's Speedways for many years and he is known for his eagerness to assist those in trouble. He is a mine of information on most subjects and can rarely be caught out on a Speedway question. Should prove a popular man with riders and fans alike.
Third to join us is new announcer Ron Lines. A young trainee disc-jockey from the world of pop music. When we can slow him down a bit he should become one of the finest Speedway character announcers in the business. Lastly but certainly not the least, we introduce a new voice-but in an old job! Our boast' that we have the only lady disc jockey in Speedway is now about to be proved. Beryl Jarvis will tonight launch "Radio Gold Hawk” a record request programme commencing at 7.20 p.m. and lasting until the off. So send us your requests NOW to "Radio Goldhawk,' Hackney Speedway, Hackney Stadium, Waterden Road, London E.l5 and Beryl will be pleased to play it for you.


The Peter Douglas Page


Hackney fans who spent all last winter wondering when our advertising campaign was going to start were, I hope, satisfied with the results of our first Press conference held on Tuesday, 12th March. This was a great success, attended by nearly forty journalists and photographers, from national and local papers, from the various motorcycle magazines-and even "Womans Own" sent a charming representative
Celebrities present included Jimmy Hill (now on television), John Noakes, Peter Purves and Valerie Singleton from BBC's "Blue Peter" TV programme and reporter Tony Maylem from ATV "Sportsweek." Young England table tennis player Stuart Gibbs also came along, and we had a hard job keeping him off the track spare.
And the results? Pathe News spent the whole day filming and a short newsreel is this week being screened in ABC and independent cinemas for seven days. And the BBC have promised coverage of Hackney in "Blue Peter," in a programme built around the Hawks and the "Blue Peter" cast. Some of the national papers have carried Hackney stories, and in general we have succeeded in achieving what we set out to do-putting Hackney on the map for 1968


A new face around Hackney is young ex-pop star Ron Lines, who will be taking over the announcer's job this season. Older fans may remember him as one half of a double act known as "Ron and Mel," who enjoyed enormous success in France where they recorded for Barclay, and on Decca over here. Their most famous single was a snappy version of "In a Shabby Little Hut." Three years ago Ron suffered a serious motorcycle accident-not on a speedway circuit-which knocked him right out of the business. His brother Mel decided to carry on as a solo act and is now resident at the Crazy Horse Bar in Paris. Ron leads a quieter life these days, dividing his time between collecting antiques and following speedway. Ron is married to a French girl, Brigitte, and has a young son and baby daughter. His ambition is to be a Dee-jay after the style of "Emperor Rosco."


Not every publicity stunt pays off, and we suffered a sad blow last week when after spending a whole day filling several thousand coloured balloons with Hydrogen gas, the next morning most of them had shrunk and refused to take off. Undaunted, our beauty queen Celia let off the few that managed to rise into the air and already Len has had a card back from the South of France stating that one of them landed there. We are anxiously watching the post every day for arrivals from even further afield.


Just like any other campaign, we need more helpers still to assist in giving out publicity leaflets (particularly on Saturday mornings or afternoons) and to take posters to hang in front windows. Leaflets can be left in shops, to be placed on the counter, or given out in the street or put through letter boxes. Last year Supporters' Club members got through 50,000 handbills and we are trying to double that figure this year. Contact Len Silver or myself any time on a Friday.
The Speedway Office will be open after meetings on Fridays for any ideas or suggestions you may have, and so that fans can collect posters, stickers, handbills, etc. for distribution.


P.R.O. Hackney Speedway

An Open letter to
Tracktopic man PETER OAKES
from Hackney boss LEN SILVER


During the winter months 1 have quietly endured the inferences in your column that West Ham, or more correctly, Dave Lanning is the only London promotion that is publicity conscious. You have jibed that West Ham have gained space in the wintertime newspapers while others have slept. Oh Mr Oakes, how wrong can you be? Certainly it must be admitted that West Ham have gained space in the newspapers, but what have we read? The big story was the Sunday racing one . . . and what a silly farce THAT turned out to be! Other stories have had little or no consequence, like the tale about Harrfeldt buying some roses. All good strong stuff. But what were we doing while Mr Lanning sat behind the phone talking to his newspaper colleagues? Well, we decided to get our priorities right, and to this end put in a terrific amount of physical work at the stadium so that when the people come, they have a show to see that is worth seeing. Then and only then we thought about publicity and appointed a P.R.O. Mr Peter Douglas. Quietly he went about his business, making his contacts with personal visits and generally making friends of the people who matter. While West Ham released their silly little stories, we were working for a big splash when it mattered most, the very eve of the season. And what a splash we made! With near perfect track conditions at our Press Open Day at the "Wick" the riders were able to put on a fine display of racing for the press and TV and film men present, The result? Half a column in the "Daily Express" that dwarfed all of West Ham's pieces put together! Pathe Newsreel coverage in EVERY A .B.C. cinema three days before we opened and a firm promise of a Speedway programme on TV's "Blue Peter" and a feminine angle in a famous woman's magazine: All this in addition to tremendous local coverage. But were we content to sit back on our laurels? Not likely! We then personally distributed 50,000 yes, 50,000 handbills in East and North London and placed posters ill every conceivable place. Our loudspeaker van also flooded the area with music and news about our opening meeting, if we don't get a crowd on Friday, it certainly won', be for the want of trying, So please, Mr Oakes, be sure of your facts before you criticise.




WRITES IN The Speedway Argus Nov 67 edition

Our esteemed Managing Editor, Mike Stracey, who shall remain nameless, took me quietly aside, if that's possible, in the Hackney Stadium bar.
'Now look here, L.S.,' he said in his best journalistic voice and keeping his hand tightly pushed into his cash pocket,
'We've had enough of your early comical incidents; it's about time you wrote a serious column.'
'You've got to be kidding mate,' I chuckled,
I've never been serious in my life and if you think I'm going to start now...
'Cut the comedy or cut the column,' he retorted.
'So I'll be serious!' I sighed and supped my lager sadly, it had been fun remembering my frolicsome past when I had plenty of hair - still I suppose promoters must be serious some of the time, and apparentlyMY time is now.
One subject I've always taken very seriously is the racing condition of the Hackney track. It is always a point of interest to me when I visit other circuits to find out their preparation methods and compare them with those at the 'Wick'. Many, of course, are quite similar, whilst others are so different it's really unbelievable.
Since so many people, mostly the real students of the sport, have asked me why tracks vary so much and what constitutes a 'good' surface, perhaps it will be of interest to you to read what I have to say on the subject.
Most of you already know that the two most commonly used ingredients for track surfacing are Red Shale and Granite Dust. Both have very similar characteristics and, apart from minor changes, can be treated the same.
Ideas concerning what constitutes a 'good track surface’ differ, but it is my honest opinion that with today's high revving engines and lightweight frames, the most generally accepted BY THE RIDERS as 'good' is a track that is hard, slick and, of course, smooth. In my opinion the three things usually go together, for a track that is deep in loose shale CANNOT be smooth or hard, for the shale itself forms mounds and ruts that normal inter-heat grading will not remove. The only track to my knowledge that IS smooth and yet fairly deep in shale is Coventry, and I feel that the reason for this is the terrific amount of physical labour that is put into the preparation, coupled with the fact that the shape of the track lends itself to a wider area of the racing strip being used by the riders, thus 'spreading the load' of wear and tear and easing the job of inter-heat grading. Mind you, even at Brandon, it seems to me that the riders get a better ride in the later heats when the entries to the bends are slick through the loose dirt being gradually shifted to the outside by the rear tyres.
The big question, naturally, is how to get this hard, smooth surface. I may be stating the obvious when I say that initially the base must be reasonably level-you'd be surprised how many are not! If you have 'holes or waves in the base, the depth of the top shale will vary and the result will be a 'patchy circuit' because when the track is watered, the thicker areas of shale will hold the water longer and create differences in the grip obtained by the rear tyres. The tyres will therefore move the dirt more from some places than in others, causing the patchy surface to be created. Alternatively, if the shale is laid at the same level all over then a bumpy circuit will be the result simply because of the base.
At Hackney we found the 'high' spots in the base simply by grading with a very long grader which had the effect of placing a straight edge over fairly large areas of track, thus showing up the high and low spots. We then pick-axed the high spots, removing the clinker, of which the base is composed, and roughly levelled off. Then we rolled the base with a 3 ton roller to compress the clinker tightly together. Finally a layer of shale went down as evenly as we could get it, using our tractor blades and grader for this purpose.
But how to make it hard and slick? First necessity is plenty of water, for water is the 'glue' of shale; so the track is flooded. We then allow it to dry out a little so that it is damp right through without being muddy. Now comes the simple and yet most effective way of obtaining the slick surface. It is what we call 'tyre packing'. All we do is to drive a couple of light cars or vans round and round the track using the tyres as rollers, compressing the shale tightly together, then, as it dries out, the surface shrinks together even tighter forming the slickness we require.
Strangely enough, no other form of rolling is as effective as 'tyre packing' and I think the reason is that all other rollers require a dry top surface, tyres do not.
Sounds simple, doesn't it? And it is, yet you'd be surprised how many tracks do not do it.
The track at Hackney is re-made every week, putting on new shale about every six weeks, not too much, about 10 ton each delivery. That way, even though we lose some over the safety fence from the riders spraying it into the wind, we gradually build up the depth of tight packed shale, and the deeper it gets the smoother it gets. That is why our track record will get broken at very regular intervals, in fact since I have been at Hackney it has been reduced by over 4 seconds-it doesn't sound much but, by Jimminey, it's a terrific amount of time to find. But a better testimony to our methods is the regular race times; track record, as I write, 66.0 seconds, always at least one race below 67.0 seconds and never a race, other than juniors, slower than 69 odd seconds. Testimonies from visiting riders would fill volumes, but it would give me the greatest pleasure in the world if EVERY track had the same praise.
'Au Revoir'
And all the best until next season

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