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A Real Miss Hackney Speedway

Kate Mason speedway rider

Who in their right mind would want to travel across Africa on a motor bike! Oh and by the way that person is a female and a former Hackney rider! Well for certain I wouldn’t fancy it, but former Hackney Hawk Katie Mason who rode for the junior team in the late 1980’s had other ideas on completing this gruelling challenge which she successfully completed in 2012.
Kate has never really lost the bug for speedway and in the last few years has rebuilt her bike and is raring to go. In 2011 she’s been to ‘two fat ladies submarine’ day at Scunthorpe, showing ‘girl power’ as a female coach, [not the big ones that carry passengers either] along with five other male rider coaches. Make no mistake she’s an accomplished motor cycle rider and sport mad is Kate. She’s also done a 10k run in aid of the British Heart Foundation and another run recently in aid of breast cancer. We shouldn’t be surprised at any of this really should we! Kate reached national level at both BMX riding and motor cross in her teens and of course none of this is new to Kate. She competed in a very much male dominated sport.

Kate at the start of her Africa adventure

Katie Mason was one of very few female speedway riders. In a sport dominated by men, Kate had a desire to be a speedway rider and unlike many of us she succeeded against all the odds, by beating the boys, ask several riders at the time what it was like to be beaten by a girl! Kate has not quite given up here dream, she still has a speedway bike plus a motocross bike to and at every opportunity is out somewhere racing!

Earlybird Kate then and now

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