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Waterden Road, Carpenters Road, Rothbury Road and White Post Lane in June 2015

Rothbury Road, Hackney Wick, with The Eastway in the backgroind

The top end of Rothbury Road at Hackney Wick looking towards The Eastway and below looking towards Stratford and Carpenters Road

Looking Down Rothbury Road from Hackney Wick

Further down Rothbury Road looking towards the double bend where this becomes White Post Lane just before the bridge over the River Lea. The Lea Tavern was on the right by the double bend, but has like many other pubs, in this case either been demolished or turned into a supermarket.  

The site of the Lea Tavern now demolished

The building on the west side of White Post Lane, just before the bridge over the River Lea and next to the demolished Lea Tavern

Taken from the bridge over the River Lea looking down White Post Lane towards Rothbury Road and The Eastway.

The view from the bridge over river Lea where White Post Lane becomes Carpenters Road. This is looking south with the Olympic Stadium and WHU new ground for the start of the 2016 season.

Looking down Carpenters Road from the bridge over the River Lea. On the right hand side used to be Bow Industrial Park and on the left by the traffic lights the old Waterden Road. I wonder how many of us have walked up that road to watch Hackney Speedway.

The Waterden Road. The road layout almost the same, but set in rather different surroundings than we remember when the roar of speedway bikes would be heard on a Friday night and the smell from the Oxo factory. This is the actual Waterden Road [now called Clarnico Road] in front, with Carpenters Road running from left to right.

The original Waterden Road Bridge, one of the few original structures left standing! We’d have walked and driven over this many times walking either to the Stadium or back to Stratford or Hackney Wick.

The only sign anywhere that’s mentions Waterden Road

The view at Waterden Road Bridge over the railway. Probably the same view as it was 30 years ago. In the back ground the Copper Box Arena.

We’ve just walked over the railway bridge in what was Waterden Road. In front of us Hackney Stadium would have been further down on the left, with a night club before also on the left and Tibbett & Britton would have been further down on the right. Where the traffic lights are, the road running from right to left is the new Waterden Road.

Directly in front is what would have been Waterden Road. Now part of the Queen Elizabeth Park

This is looking down the new Waterden Road from the junction of the railways bridge and old Waterden Road. The building on the left was the media centre for the Olympics, now the headquarters of BT and where BT Sports are transmitted from. The nearest part of the building, right hand corner is on the site of the back straight at Hackney Stadium    

Looking at the original Waterden Road Railways Bridge from what was Waterden Road

Carpenters Road looking towards Stratford at the junction of the old Waterden Road. The bridge is pedestrian access to the Olympic stadium  

The railway bridge that was visible between the industrial units in Carpenters Road, looking exactly as it did 30 plus years ago

More new build flats, looking towards Westfield Shopping City from Carpenters Road

Heading down Carpenters Road. On the right is the Olympic Aquatic Centre on the right.  

Further down Carpenters Road with the Aquatics centre behind us. The flyover takes traffic to Warton Road, which many fans used to use when coming from the direction of Bow and cut the corner and save going up to the Green Man pub and turning into Carpenters Road. If you look under the flyover, the bridge under the railway that is the continuation of Carpenters road.

Carpenters Road Railway Bridge looking no different today as it did 30 years ago, perhaps a little cleaner

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